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  1. Agreed. The fact that monsters can retreat after attacking is one of the best survival tactics. When I first got the game I thought the heroes were pretty much unbeatable, but once you get into it, you see that killing two heroes is all the overlord needs to do at the start of a dungeon.A few well-placed spawns, traps and attacks is often all that separates the OL from victory, as long as the heroes are not overly cautious.Just focus on killing off the weaker characters.
  2. We've started a new campaign with me as the Overlord, carrying out the Ascension plot with the Spider Queen. A great avatar, actually. Trap treachery is sweet and she's got a good special ability(basically Trapmaster/2) and a cool special lieutenant. Playing against Kirga, Landrec the Wise, Grey Ker and Lyssa, all controlled by my brother(he's quite experienced with the heroes),I'm still ahead of him with 52 more conquest in my favor(101 to his 49).A pretty tense game, but it's lots of fun, as we've drawn some interesting dungeons. Frostgate is razed with Greyhaven and The Forge awaiting similar fate on my next overland turn, once we complete the current dungeon. Overall, I'm really pleased with RTL. I like the minor balancing that the developers had done for the creatures in the campaign. For instance: downgraded the Beastmen somewhat as they seemed fairly overpowered to me in the base game for such a frequently encountered monster, and improved Razorwings and Skeletons(Pierce is great). .
  3. I'm playing Road to Legend, combined with the Altar of Despair stuff (the only non-campaign expansion I own). As for why I think lieutenants are overpowered, the overlord may position his lieutenant close to one of the exit pieces and make the attacks from there and when he's low on health, simply flee after probably managing to kill two or more heroes. It seems like the party are at quite a disadvantage in these situations. They gain little(some gold) if the lieutenant flees and gain no conquest. Thanks for all the help.
  4. And I forgot to ask: what is the function of the spaces marked by arrows on location cards: are those the exit spaces for the purpose of a lieutenant's flight and monster reinforcement?
  5. Do you think lieutenants are significantly overpowered in encounters? They have the ability to run and flee from encounters whenever they want,reinforce monsters and can cover more ground than the heroes while moving on the adventure map(since they're greater in number) I guess my question is: is it even possible for heroes to kill a lieutenant without him fleeing first? I don't really want the game to fall into a "lieutenant chase" routine At least in dungeons the overlord and heroes are more or less equal in their potential to gain conquest. Encounters, however, in general feel unbalanced. I also wanted to ask: when there are several lieutenants in a city does each of them contribute to the city's siege in any way? And while unrelated, another query: are figures with the Shadowcloak ability affected by a Breath attack that originates from a space that is not adjacent to them? My guess is that they are, since it's an AOE attack;, but I just want to make sure.
  6. Wouldn't Andira simply inflict Pierce 2 on the adjacent enemy while all other monsters under the breath template receive normal damage as per the attack roll?I don't see what's the problem with this situation. You could argue that the hero has some sort of armor-piercing aura when she attacks,regardless of the weapon she uses, and only adjacent figures are affected by it.
  7. Exactly. Think of it as a piece of collapsing ceiling.
  8. Thanks for clearing things up, guys. On page 18 of the Road to Legend rulebook, under the heading "The Third Level" it says that the heroes can choose to either leave their party marker on the defeated dungeon or place it in Tamalir, but I guess this was errated in the FAQ.
  9. When taking the train/recuperate action, can several heroes from the party enter/train in the training grounds during the same week? What is the difference between recuperating and visiting the temple during the training week? Can heroes who decided to return to Tamalir upon completing all levels of a dungeon, visit the various buildings in the city on the same week? Also, since Party Upgrade cards/items are added to the shop deck, does that mean that the heroes may purchase several party upgrades in one week if they have enough coins? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  10. Maybe you should count it as a free reinforcement spider and just put it off the board outside one of the exit spaces.
  11. Yea, you're right, the game doesn't make a lot of sense thematically, and the balance between mechanics and thematics is nowhere to be found, which is why house rules are needed. I wouldn't allow a figure to end its movement in a space occupied by a creature with Soar, simply because physically, it's not possible to position two plastic figures on the same space. For the same reason, I wouldn't, say let two figures be flung into the same one-space pit; since there's no way to represent that on the map. As for figures passing through a space containing a soaring creature, sure, why not; makes sense to me-it's hovering above ground at a considerable altitude(4 range is required to reach it). The rule regarding figures inside pits would have made more sense had it been true that some part of the body is sticking out and visible to others, but since the hero in the pit only has LOS to figures adjacent to him and he can't be killed by a boulder rolling over the pit, then the rules shouldn't suggest him as such an easy target for a remote sniping monster. There are definitely many thematic inconsistencies in the game, allowing for a myriad of housemade micro-rules and exceptions for every conceivable situation, but these would only complicate and bog down gameplay had they been put in writing and made official by the developer.
  12. Umm, okay,thanks, I was wrong; Rapid Fire doesn't specify the timing of the attack, but it does say immediately to spend 2 fatigue to make another attack. Thematically, I wouldn't allow it. Let's put it this way; A Dark Charmed hero is controlled by the overlord, so he attacks involuntarily, and after the spell wears off has no recollection of what he has done(think of it as mind control or hypnosis). Thus he can't access that skill; he is not aware of the triggering condition. Just my interpretation.
  13. I don't get it. Dark Charm can only be cast by the overlord on his turn, whilst Rapid Fire may only be activated on the hero's turn,(by spending fatigue, which is something a DCed hero can't do),so I don't understand how the two effects/attacks can be combined.
  14. I've recently started the Advanced Campaign(there's only two of us playing, I control all the heroes) vs. The Demon Prince OL, and I gotta say, playing rather sloppily with the heroes ends up with them being at a huge disadvantage. Once the OL upgraded his Eldritch to Silver, dungesons have becom e a whole lot dangerous and some nigh impassable, so I have to flee several. Eldritch are the most common monsters in dungeons; silver skeletons and sorcerers are annoying , not to mention demons(yikes).
  15. As far as I remember, if your initial attack roll against a monster with Fear doesn't yield any surges, it automatically misses; it's equivalent to rolling an X on one of the dice, so additional power dice won't help you. That's how I play it, anyway.
  16. Hi, I've recently started the advanced campaign in Road to Legend and I was wondering about the correlation between the amount of conquest gained by heroes and their XP. If say, during the first dungeon the heroes' group gained a total of 21 conquest tokens, does that mean that each hero now has 21 XP to spend on upgrades/leveling up, or is that just the XP pool from which heroes get to spend XP on individual upgrades and such?
  17. Thanks for the reply, Steve-O. I guess since the game lends itself easier to modding/adding new content, the developers just wanted to cover all bases with that chart. As for the "mis-abbreviation" thingie, I was just mimicking others. I also wanted to know: when the trapmaster power card is in play, do trap cards grant the heroes additional power dice to negate the extra damage that is inflicted on them?
  18. Hey, guys. I own the base game along with the Altar of Despair and Road to Legend expansions. On page 16 of the ROTL rulebook there's a chart detailing the threat cost of reinforcing the various monsters in the game. My question is: there are several monsters listed in that table that don't make appearance in any of the encounters(Chaos Beasts, for instance.) Does it mean that the overlord can never use/summon them in encounters? What about lieutenants without minions- can they ever call monsters to their aid? Additionally, I wanted to ask about the movement of large lieutenants in encounters. How do they move exactly? Thanks in advance for your help
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