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  1. Missions that require you to collect a character token on a space , or those that instruct you to resolve a Text box ability on a particular corner space, need to be completed during the Engagement phase. If you're teleported to the Middle Tier via any of the corner spaces, you end your Engagement phase, and cannot encounter the space on the same turn. You must always move on your next turn. You cannot choose to remain on the same spot.(unless you're targeted by an opponent's Test of Honor power card, when he shares your space. A rare occurrence!) The Power card Strategic Planning can teleport you to any space in the same tier. Since you activate it at the start of your Movement Phase, you get to have your Engagement phase on the destination space during the same turn. Note however, that if a a threat card is moved to a corner space, it negates that space's text ability, and must be moved/ removed/resolved before the special text can be used again during future visits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you lose a battle against any Enemy, your Engagement phase immediately ends, and you cannot encounter any other enemies,strangers, places or collect any tokens/assets, etc. YOu cannot choose to fight the enemy again during the same turn, and you can't choose to remain on the same spot to encounter it again next turn.
  2. Dam is correct. Also, whenever you're required to draw more than one Corruption card, you draw one card at a time, and check against your current Corruption status, if it activates, then draw the next one. There's one interesting Corruption card, called The Lost and the Damned(with activation number 3). It instructs you upon activation to discard all your facedown/flipped down corruption cards, and draw the same number of cards from the Corruption deck. I believe what that means is that your Corruption status is temporarily reduced/reset to the number of faceup Corruption you currectly have(including The Lost and the Damned), and you draw new cards one at a time, checking if they activate against your escalating Corruption.
  3. zealot12

    2 players relic

    Yes, The Rogue Trader can be a real party trasher with his PVP ability and great movement perk.
  4. zealot12

    2 players relic

    It's perfect with just two.
  5. zealot12

    Relic or Talisman

    Relic is more concise and compact, for one, Gone are the cones for the various stats, replaced by the dials which save you lots of space. Talisman has fiddlier bits, Relic is overall much sharper in design than Talisman.
  6. Battle rolls pertain only to resolving combat with monsters, whilst skill tests are of the type Test Attribute X(with x being the target number you need to reach to pass the test) For instance, if you're required to pass Willpower 14(like in the Garden of Nurgle in the Inner Tier), you need to roll high enough to reach or exceed 14. Your skill score is comprised of current tested Attribute value+die roll Whenever the Cannoness rolls for skill tests, her dice explode on both 5s and 6s. Cannoness' battle rolls do not explode on 5s! Also, note that rolling a 1 on a skill test(before explosion) results in automatic failure regardless of score. Not so with battle rolls.
  7. Slithering Shadows ALWAYS comes into play immediately before Midnight or so... :laughter: The card is awesome, though. Very often while playing ES you spot out some adventure cards that could be difficult and totally useless for your game (no ES, no Allies, no OW granted, and maybe some horrible penality like adding a doomer) and you put there a monster sayin' "I'll never do this adventure, so screw it, let's make it even worse". And Slithering Shadow punishes this tactic and I love it Actually. that could be a sound risk management strategy. If you have something better to do at 9 o'clock( on the game clock) ,or if there are Other World cards in play that you think you can resolve, it's better to try and resolve them rather than a regular Adventure upon completing which you risk to pull out a new one with a nasty Midnight effect which will then activate immeditately.
  8. zealot12

    Relic or Talisman

    Talisman is better with the expansions, especially small-box, like Reaper and Blood Moon. You get Alternative endings, lots and lots of Adventure cards and spells, and if you acquire all the expansions, you'll have 52 playable characters. Relic is an overall tighter package in terms of mechanics and has lots of replay value with the base game alone. Which is all there is right now.
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    The Dragon

    I posted my variant of the game with the Dragon expansion. It's quite streamlined. Check it out on BGG http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/861423/our-optimal-setup-for-the-dragon-expansion-plus-a
  10. Sorry, if my response appeared rude or inconsiderate in contrast. I'm surely not an official source on anything related to FFG. We're all just going to wait and see what comes along.
  11. I'm only guessing, based on release pattern. For instance, FFG has announced Eldtrich Horror, which is supposed to be a cleaned up version of Arkham Horror. It would be weird then for them to be planning expansions for Arkham Horror simultaneously, since it feels like a re-theme.
  12. Well, with the release of Relic I'm not sure there will be another expansion for Talisman. Hopefully, we'll get a Relic expansion sooner or later. Relic rocks! Note that Relic and the City expansion are only what- two months apart in terms of release date. That may be telling that they're starting a new leaf with Relic.
  13. I posted a very simple variant that powers down gold-geared characters and negates abusive, cherry-picking shopping, while allowing you to plan your purchases in advance.Let me know what you think -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1)In the beginning of the game, create an item offer for each of the Shop decks in the City: Take the top card from each and every City shop deck, and place it faceup on the corresponding shop. 2)Any player who wishes to buy an item at a shop must buy the one on display.You may not buy more than one item per shopping visit, regardless of the instructions on the shop. 3)When you've finished the transaction, flip the next card in the corresponding deck faceup and put it on display at the shop. 4)Adventure cards in the City that target Shop items are tweaked in accordance to what's on display at the various shops. For instance, rolling high on the Wishing Well may only net you one of the items on display at the shops, not any item of your choice form the deck. 5)Exception to 4: Broken items like Broken Armor can be discarded at the Armory to net you the item at a reduced cost, regardless of what's on display at the moment. But if Full Plate is on display at the moment of cashing in the Broken Armor, you get the Full Plate from the display, and then change the item offer at the Armory. 6) To avoid needless clutter and confusion, objects ditched at shops are discarded instead.
  14. It's a cross-like white sign that appears on many Threat cards. Check for it on cards like Howling Banshee(yellow Threat -Eldar enemy), or Possessed Psyker(blue threat card-Stranger Encounter)
  15. Okay, I've found the answer! Read the Timing Language box on page 19. The keyword is "during". Players can resolve abilities that use the word "during" at any time (of the player's choice) or step to which "during" is referring. The Web's Gun ability calls for discarding a charge token to change the enemy's die roll to 1. Since the card's description contains the word "during", it can be activated at any time, that is after the Enemy has rolled the dice.
  16. The only weapons that are applied before the enemy rolls, are those that give direct bonuses to your battle score. Any asset that is used for its reroll ability can be selected at a later stage. See page 12 of the rulebook under section 2: Prepare for Battle and section 5: Determine Battle Scores. I would say that a weapon that affects an enemy's die roll can be applied at stage 5. You're still limited to only one weapon per battle. If you have chosen the Storm Bolter during the Prepare Battle stage, you cannot choose the Web Gun at a later stage of the same battle. (Unless you have a corruption card that lets you use 2 weapons at once)
  17. The only two balance tweaks we've found necessary are: a) in a game against Rogue Trader, the Tech Priest gets to go first, so as not to lose his starting Wargear b) limiting Psyker's special ability to draw Power cards. He can only draw a new Power card using his ability, if it wouldn't cause him to exceed his Limit. Also, he cannot discard Power cards voluntarily(unless another game effect has him drawing Power cards above his current limit) He must use up Power cards validly, in order to gain a new Power card with his ability. For instance, if his Power limit is 2, and he has Pilfer and Zealous Faith in his hand, he cannot simply discard them to make room for other cards. He must play them correctly-either use them for a battle/skill roll or play them for their special effect after winning a battle. This puts some necessary strain on the Psyker and encourages correct management of available Power cards, preventing senseless burning through the Power deck Personally, I think the movement in Relic, is fine as is, as there are many abilities/ways that allow you to modify movement freely. Adopting more flexible movement rules will devalue Power cards, and reduce the risk of getting into unwanted encounters.
  18. On a slightly related note, there's a tricky situation with Threat cards on spaces with text boxes(like Antian Shrine World, for instance.). Note that if you evade all Enemies on such spaces, you still cannot resolve the text box, since you are forced to interact/engage with the Threat cards. Evasion is considered part of that engagement.
  19. The key expression is here is "at the start of your Engagement phase" which occurs before the start of battle, so you can take a corruption card to immediately defeat the Daemonette and take her as a trophy and then proceed to battle the remaining cards.
  20. It's permanent. They're basically stat pools that help you improve your attributes faster, each turn you encounter one. Once a player discards the last charge token on the card, it is discarded from play.
  21. Just to address something you've posted prior about difficulties in getting a new mission count, especially if you're powerless. Let's say you've gotten a mission that tells you to obtain two of your character tokens by moving to two particular spaces on the board. Sounds hard, if you're devoid of movement abilities or power cards? Not really. Just put the tokens on the strip between the Grey Knight Envoy and the Emmissary. This way you're incrasing your chances to gain either a) a useful Power card b) a replacement mission There are so many instances in this game where you can increase your chances at succeeding at something.Or at manipulating your rival. In one of our last sessions, my opponent used the Litany of Hate card to move Typhus(a nasty Corruption monster with a Cunning Attribute of 9) to one of the corner spaces( Sanctuary) to impede my Ultramarine Captain's progress. I had only two influence tokens, and a poor cunning trait of 2, and 4 Corruption cards. This way, he blocked a healing space, and my only possible exit at that point from the Outer Tier. Via the help of one of the Threat cards(a 7 Strength demon) I was able to get rid of Typhus, but it took me valuable time, and my Captain was totally wining level-wise, but I lost eventually. The biggest fun in this game for us has been using whichever resources we've got available to obtain our goals, and between the 5 scenarios, the 10 characters available, the multitude of missions, Power cards and situational threat cards, there are so many ways of doing that.
  22. Doubling posting. This forum is laggy.
  23. I agree with Dam. Battle is separate for those monsters regardless of shared attribute.
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    To avoid deck dilution in future expansions, they should retain the drawing chance of a particular type of Threat card. For instance, introducing too many Encounter threat cards would overpower the Commissar. I wouldn't mind if they dilute the Power deck. Iron Discipline cards should be made scarcer.
  25. To expand somewhat on the power gap between characters in larger gaming groups. One player is bound to draw a character who has a better starting edge than the rest, since there are only 10 characters to choose from. This powerful character gets a great asset in the beginnig and runs away with it. I can certainly see this happening. In Talisman this was mitigated by the rest of the group being able to gang up on the leader via PVP. Time between turns is also longer, so each player who feels at a disadvantage gets to boil in his frustration longer. Until a PVP expansion comes out, I don't see how this game can support a full complement of players without there being grievances about power gap. Maybe I'm wrong though.
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