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  1. No, if you succeed, you can cross over to the other side of the pit on your next turn. Without the houserule, there's no way a character can survive the pit by failing, which is why I clarified this scenario. Instead of falling to his death, a character simply inflicts wounds on himself equal to the sum of 2 dice, and gains a determination token normally. Since he failed, he didn't make the jump, so he can't cross over, and must attempt the Luck test again, or go back the way he came. For Swinging Blade, similarily, gain a determination token for failing and rol 2 dice to inflict wounds For Lingering Shade, if you rolled 2-3, roll 2 dice, inflict wounds on yourself instead of death, and discard the card.
  2. I've published these on the Geek, but just had to mention again what an incredibly fun game this is. This edition of Dungeonquest has been our go-to casual game since the day it hit the table a few months ago. Here are our houserules that make for an even funner experience: 1. We use the solo rules for inflicting wounds in combat , as we've found using the combat cards fairly redundant and fussy. 2. Whenever a character is instructed to die from an instant death effect, roll 2 dice instead and suffer wounds equal to the sum of the roll. Thus, characters who fail a fatal Attribute test, gain determination tokens normally. If you fail the attribute test at the Bottomless pit, you cannot cross over to the hall on the other side of the chamber.You must go back or make the Luck test again. 3. Characters only die from suffering wounds equal to their health value, by getting stuck in a chamber with no recourse and no other actions to take, or from the dungeon closing at sunset. 4. Characters must work their way into the Treasure Chamber in order to win the game. However, once the sun track is halfway through, characters may begin planning their escape route from the dungeon, even if they haven't acquired a Treasure. The character with the highest value of Loot cards in the end still wins the game. 5. Corpse and Crypt cards: Whenever a character is given a choice to explore a crypt or to search a corpse, he must always accept, unless he's at 50% of his health or lower, in which case he may decline. 6. Whenever a character fails to open a door, his turn is not over. He may try to open any other doors in his current chamber, perform a search, or leave through any hall. 7. Tattiana starts the game with 2 determination tokens 8. Whenever you want to cross the Bridge, roll the dice before discarding any Loot. After making the roll, you may discard any loot and determination tokens to decrease the score on the test. 9. We play an eliminator campaign where the survivors' loot total is tracked across a number of sessions. Thus, any heroes that made it out alive are put back into rotation for character selection, until only one remains. --------------------------------------- Feel free to share your houserules. and provide feedback on ours.
  3. Steam is currently having a Summer sale on Talisman DE along with all currently released expansions.(Forstmarch and Reaper) I got the whole package for 13$. It's nice. I don't really have time to break out the physical copy along with all the extra footage, especially now that I've switched to Relic, but the Digital Edition is a very nice diversion since I can play it anytime. It's compact and light as an electronic package. Works great as a filler.
  4. I wonder when it's available in UK since I buy most FFG games from Book Depository. Otherwise, it costs double with shipping.
  5. It's in stock at BookDepository now http://www.bookdepository.com/Wiz-War/9781616616526
  6. That naughty Assassin. What has she been doing to deserve such a cruel fate? Or should I say who?
  7. It's been a month since the expansion was released, and still no sign of it on BookDepository. At other retailers it's also in limited stock. Is FFG having distribution issues with Malefic Curses in Europe? I'd love to get it from the FFG store, but it'll cost double with the shipping to Israel. Any idea where to get it with affordable shipping?
  8. It looks fantastic. Can't wait!
  9. You need to gain Relics and Assets that generate Power cards. This way you'll have more control over the power deck.If you hold on to the highest numbered cards, Kiaros, will be left scraping the bottom. Kairos managed to vanquish a player in 3 games of the many we played. We also had two odd losses to him. Basically, both of us came not fully prepared to face him, and there was nothing we could do to match his escalating prowess. So, we admitted defeat. Double post.
  10. You need to gain Relics and Assets that generate Power cards. This way you'll have more control over the power deck.If you hold on to the highest numbered cards, Kiaros, will be left scraping the bottom. Kairos managed to vanquish a player in 3 games of the many we played
  11. The Chaos Spawn is very nice. Love it. We use similar special rules for the Mystery Beyond scenario, minus the boss fight. 1)you must encounter every square in the Inner Tier. 2) The difference is: The first player to enter the Inner Tier may use the Warp Rift for skipping The other players are summoned to the Inner Tier automatically once the leader has entered the Scenario space. Those who don't have relics at this time are eliminated; the rest proceed to encounter every space in order. Turns are resolved simultaneously. 3) Those who were at the Inner Tier, when the leader reached the Scenario space, are returned to the Warp Rift again, and must encounter every space like the rest(they're checked for relic possession again as well) Players who manage to pass the Inner Tier without getting Corrupted or Vanquished, share the victory with the leader.
  12. I used to be an Arkham fan. But after buying Miskatonic,(the completionist in me), I took a critical sanity hit after witnessing the sheer number of cards that the game now had , and the major dilution issues that ensued from incorporating them. The problem is: I want to play with: Relationship cards, Personal stories, Reckoning cards, Epic Battle cards, etc., but it's impossible to play with everything, and the huge volume of content made things hard to separate and contain. Even before,small-box expansions would simply disappear whole into the towering stacks of everything, and the game just became flavorless for us, and too **** long to set up. There just comes a time when you realize that having too much is bad. Of course, I'm just sharing my personal experience with the game.
  13. This enmity thing is stupid.It;s just the battle of the nerds, sorry. Many people like classic Simpsons, the other half love the new Simpsons.(I love the new seasons, for the record (: ) I bring this as an example since the golden era has become the intellectual property of Comic Book Guy types worldwide(i.e. angry nerds) Eldritch Horror is praised becuase it's a cleaned up, streamlined AH. Eldritch Horror is being hated by the other group because they're opposed to the cult of the new. A sequel to their beloved favorite makes AH feel old and dated in comparison. What basically EH did is offer an alternative to all those players who have grown tired of AH with all its expansions. It also gave people who wanted to buy AH, but were intimidated by the mountains of chrome and rules something more accessible. The same thing happened with Relic and Talisman. Relic simply replaced Talisman for us, since it's the more efficient, cleaner and quicker game.
  14. I don't see why games should be thus dissected. Shouldn't it be more fun to discover all those things yourself than have them spoiled and put on a spreadsheet? Here's a thought: erase all the flavor text on Encounter cards in both AH and EH, and just roll dice for 2-4 hours straight. Of course, everything can be stripped down to probabilty, and simple mechanics. In AH you test a random attribute, lose a random amount of resource X and gain a random amount of resource Y. That's not as interesting as the stories behind the system.
  15. Yea, I agree. It's better to expand the current AOs- Research Encounters, Special Encounters, mysteries than to add too much new, but with limited card count.
  16. zealot12

    Corner spaces

    The corners are spaces, and you have to end your Movement on the corner space to use its ability. Note: if a threat card is moved to a corner space, you must encounter the threat card instead.
  17. zealot12

    House rules

    1)Any character who starts the game within 6 spaces of the Rogue Trader goes first 2)Psyker cannot gain a Power card using his special ability, if that would bring him over his limit, nor can he voluntarily discard Power cards unless they exceed his limit; he must use Power cards validly(for a battle/skill roll or special property) 3)A variant of the Mystery Beyond scenario: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1005755/warp-rift-malfunction-a-less-deterministic-defaul
  18. Umm, I don't that that getting devoured from a Terror effect triggers the penalty. You haven't actually failed the adventure, since you haven't run out of dice. The investigator just died trying. So, you only add one doom token for the devoured investigator(or 3, if it's Glaaki) If Shudde Mell were the AO, and you died from a Terror effect on an Adventure card, you haven't failed it either. So the card stays in play.
  19. Eldritch Horror is still new and we still haven't beaten the base game, nor are close to exploring it fully, so that can wait. Wiz War is getting an expansion which is great. But there are two games for which I will buy expansions on sight- Relic and Elder Sign.
  20. I think people are missing the point. Each Ancient One in Eldritch Horror is a commpletely separate scenario, and the goals are far more varied. (not just seal gates or gear up for the final battle) So, instead of creating redundancy by packing the game with four more Ancient Ones who could've been only slight variants of each other, they presented us with four unique scenarios. I have faith in FFG that the first expansion will give us the four missing AO's from Arkham' base package,bringing a unique flavor to each, while supplementing the thin decks with extra cards.
  21. I did order POD products before from here. I snatched all the POD expansions for Space Hulk:Death Angel the Card game. But for just one mini-expansion, the shipping cost is too steep
  22. If it were a regular expansion, I could get it on BookDepository. They're unlikely to stock POD products, though. The shipping cost in FFG's store is too high for just one item.
  23. You can bet on on an Eldritch Horror expansion. Probably a whole factory line of them.
  24. Yes, you then proceed to the next phase. After your Engagement phase ends, you still get to have your Experience phase during which you can manage your missions , level up, and play any other cards and abilities relevant to this phase. The only times you don't get to have all the phases in your turn is when you're instructed to miss/ lose a turn, or when a game effect forces you to immediately end your turn(such as when rolling a 5 or 6 after playing the Lucrative Contacts Power card).
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