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  1. I didn't read this thread, because I honestly am very interested in getting Tomb of Ice right now, and don't want it spoiled. But if you found some balancing issues, you can always bar/restrict the broken combination via houserules There are some options in the game that favor one side too much; for instance, dark glyphs are pretty **** powerful and can be annoying for heroes. Depending on the setup of the dungeon, we sometimes bar them from play to give each side a more even shot at victory. We also view hand-picking treachery cards as being unfair and limiting, so we always choose them in random. What makes the game fun is that there's a great diversity of tactical options That some are more effective than others is obvious, but it doesn't mean you have to exploit them constantly for easier wins.
  2. Ghatanothoa is interesting and nasty. We are yet to beat him(in final battle or via sealing). Last time we played against Ghatanothoa I drew Rex Murphy That's like the worst investigator to play against him. Rex was the first to go, obviously. Glaak is not so hard really. We defeated him in Epic battle a few times.
  3. An expansion pack that only adds new investigators and Ancient Ones? It will be cool if they included more Mythos cards for the three expansions boards. Then again, the Mythos deck is huge already. I told myself I won't buy another expansion pack for AH before Lurker was released, but well, it's become habitual.
  4. The thing is: The OL's sources of conquest are practically limitless.(hero death, deck cycling, overland map turns, bonus conquest from razed cities). while the heroes' are fixed and limited and they need to play really well in order not to fall far behind
  5. @gran_orco: I recall asking the same question. Yes, you can, although there's nothing in the rules about that. This applies only to Advanced Campaigns though, since there's no limit on the number of power cards in play in vanilla dungeons. Do note though that you won't receive the power card's discard value upon removing it from play, because you don't discard it from your hand.
  6. Nope, that only happens when you're arrested.
  7. More uses for Call friend: since it's cast during the movement phases , it's good for for trading purposes, when the target investigator is too far away, or in general, for quick travel of one of your teammates. In the latter case, it can be effective when dealing with rumors.
  8. Oops, right you are. I didn't have the card in front of me when I posted that. I stand corrected.
  9. Call Friend might be useful for pulling an investigator out of an Other World with no open gates on the board, or into an other world when the target investigator has at least 5 clue tokens and the casting investigator doesn't have enough clues to seal the gate he's about to emerge from. Also, saving an investigator from a nasty critter (or rescuing him from a dangerous location) if he's too remote to reach. It's a highly situational spell, but it has its uses, and once even won the game for us.
  10. You must buy one. If you want a thematic explanation for that: Time is your enemy in the game. If your investigator has decided to go shopping, he won't leave empty-handed(unless he has no money to buy any of the items drawn ) and is pressured by time constraints into purchasing at least one trinket, thinking it will prove useful later on. This applies to all shops in the game. As for the real reason: Tibs already mentioned it.
  11. Duplicate power cards in play do stack. Having two Doom! cards in play will give your monsters two extra power dice to roll. Having two Hordes of Things will let you spawn four extra monsters once a new area is revealed. , and having two Brilliant Commanders in play will let you upgrade two monsters to their master versions. Two trapmaster cards will stack trap damage and reduce threat cost, and so on. At least that's the way we've always played.
  12. This has never happened in our games. There are more than enough. Though we only play with 3 investigators. But yea, I guess forced devourment is the most sensible penalty.
  13. We play on the floor. (: The extra card components are worth the investment,(and you get more than just new encounters), and the expansion board is not needed to enjoy them though I understand your concern: paying for a game component that you won't be able to include due to space limitations. I dunno, you can always join tables, if you have more than one.
  14. If a monster would appear at a closed location(not via a gate), then it would remain there, in my opinion.Appear is not the same as enter in this case. I agree with what you've said previously: a monster may(hypothetically) lurk in a location indefinitely until it decides to make itself visible.
  15. Yep, pretty much. And if you're playing with Rita Young, there's no limit. I like Rita, because there are some Injuries and Madness cards that have limited impact, so she can always choose the lesser evil.
  16. Have the Pride power card in play. This way you'll at least have a steady extra source of threat each time she uses Guard. Maybe this will deter the heroes from abusing Tahlia's ability.
  17. True, but it's not needed to enjoy the extra cards(save for the the encounters in Dunwich).
  18. Dunwich doesn't take a lot of space, and it adds so much to the base game.
  19. Sorry, Rajamic already addressed this ruling issue
  20. Tibs: not unless you draw masks on every moster surge, and all monsters in encounters are masks.(part of my variant)
  21. I think the Shadowy Figure mask should steal all the clue tokens of the investigator it encountered. I included this rule in my Nyarlathotep variant(which I should make into a herald).
  22. Wait a minute, but doesn't the wording of the encounter matter in this case? Some encounters will say that a monster appears. Others will state that a monster attacks you. If an elusive monster attacks you, doesn't this bypass its obligatory evade check to initiate combat?
  23. Up until recently we played Eihort wrong. I thought that his Brood ability is only active during final battle.(due to its irregular position on the sheet).
  24. Well, I'm glad that TOI is finally in print. Gonna get this expansion soon. Our games need balancing; the treachery cards and monsters from Altar of Despair tip the game too much in the OL's favor.
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