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  1. I own the first edition of this expansion and was was considering getting the revised one for the new Exhibit Encounter mechanic. Is it worth it? Do the new patrol markers replace the barred cards, or can I still play with both? Are the Arkham encounters/Mythos cards exclusive to the revised edition, or are they duplicates of the former one?
  2. When playing with this herald, does gaining a unique item in a trade with another investigator result in sanity loss to the receiving party ? Or is it only when gaining unique items from draws?
  3. I disagree with Julia on the second item. Why should you roll for investigators who were devoured? Yig's plot attack targets only the living.
  4. Dam said: jgt7771 said: How does one join the Cult? One Encounter at the Cave, one at the Isle, two in the Woods. Let's be honest, corruption cards are the most common way IMO to get a membership. Houseruie it. Just give the membership to one of the investigators at setup.That's what I'll do at times. Corruptions and cult encounters are fun. Miskatonic Horror also adds a skill card that gives you a Cult Membership
  5. I just want a new pack of GOOs, (and their plot cards, if possible).Not that there aren't enough already, but you know, 12 more wouldn't hurt.
  6. Ghatanothoa is fun. Especially with Rex Murphy, hehe, Rhan Tegoth is not THAT hard actually. We defeated him in Epic Battle the last time we played. As luck would have it, though we hadn't drawn any Cultists or Children of the Goat during the game, and only once were tripped by one of his plot cards(draw 10 monsters from the cup, and add a doom token for every cultist drawn. We had drawn two). The hideous crab was banished although not without casualties on our side. Ursulla was devoured. She was our punching bag in a way, having accumulated 6 Stamina through the Vessel of the Mythos corruption card.
  7. Yay, even more cards. The addition of extra encounters for expansion locations and epic battle cards sounds like a nice idea Although to be honest, AH is bloated already. Well, I hope they print up all those missing heralds, as well as Daoloth.
  8. Yes, monsters that don't have a horror rating don't require horror checks.
  9. I always liked Sister Mary,(I get lucky with her on the team) and she got a considerable boon with her personal story. I'm not really a fan of Kate, though she can be quite useful on occasion. but her special ability is highly situational. Though when paired with the Arcane Insight spell, she's a game breaker.
  10. jscott991 said: Oops. We did not realize that you filled the doom track when you awakened an Ancient One by other means. That leads me to wonder what the point of the Massa di Requiem per Shuggay is. If you gain no advantage by summoning the Ancient One early, then why would you ever want to summon it? There are some Ancient Ones that will be progressively more difficult to defeat if they're not awakened early: for instance, Eihort, Shudde Mel, Glaaki, Hastur.
  11. An investigator that starts the game at an unstable location immediately gets the Clue token at that location. Yes, that means that Ursula will begin the game with 5 Clue tokens if she chooses an unstable location as her home.
  12. Ha, and here I thought you had special posting rights, or something.
  13. Revelation of the Script doesn't buff your Lore stat; it only gives a bonus to Lore checks. Had RoS said: gain "+3 to Lore until the end of this phase", then yes, the combo would've been valid.
  14. Losing your only item(unless it's protected) has been included in the FAQ to close an abusive loophole.
  15. If your sanity is reduced to zero while in Arkham, you are automatically transported to Arkham Asylum, you get 1 point of sanity healed(that is, you don't discard your last point of sanity when driven insane) and your turn ends. You lose half of your items and Clue tokens(rounded down). If your stamina is reduced to zero while in Arkham, you're transported to St. Mary's Hospital, get 1 point of Stamina back(that is, don't discard your last point of stamina when you're knocked unconscious), and lose half of your Clue tokens and items(rounded down) If you're reduced to 0 sanity or 0 stamina while in an Other World, you're transported to the Lost in Time and Space box, you are delayed and skip your next turn entirely(all phases) remaining in the LiTaS box(regaining one point of stamina or sanity back-that is don'ty lose your last point of stamina or sanity). You lose half of your Clue tokens and items(rounded down). At the movement phase of your skipped turn, simply put your investigator marker back up. Then at the Upkeep phase of the following turn, you may returnm to any location/street area in Arkham or another expansion board(if you're playing with any). Items= any spells, common, unique and exhibit items you have. Count the total amount of all of these combined and then lose half(rounded down) If you have only one Clue token, when your'e driven insane or knocked unconscious, you don't lose it. However, if you only have one item, you do lose it(unless the item is protected. For instance, the Derringer, Deputy's revolver, and a few others). Finn Edwards never has to discard items when he's driven insane or knocked unconscious. When you're reduced to 0 Sanity while in Arkham or an Other World, you may opt to take a Madness card. If you do, you avoid losing Clue tokens and items and your sanity is restored to maximum. You still have to move yourself to the LiTaS box/Arkham Asylum upon being driven insane, When you're reduced to 0 Stamina, you may opt to take an Injury card. If you do , you don't lose any items or Clue tokens and your Stamina is restored to maximum. You still have to move your investigator to St. Mary's Hospital/LiTaS box upon being knocked unconscious. If you're Lost in Time and Space NOT as a result of being reduced to 0 Stamina or Sanity while in an Other World, you're simply transported to the LiTaS box and skip your next turn entirely, but DON"T lose any items/Clue tokens. If you're reduced to 0 Stamina and 0 Sanity simultaneously(at the same time), you're devoured! This is rare, but it can happen. If you're arrested in Arkham, you're delayed at the Jail Cell, lose half of your money(rounded down). On the movement phase of your next turn, you put your investigator at the Police Station and have an encounter there. You're arrested in Innsmouth upon failing a Sneak check while trying to move out of any location/streeat area with a number underneath. The number is the modifer of the Sneak check you have to make upon leaving the location.Note that you only have to make these Sneak checks when Martial Law is declared(that is, when the AO's doom track is at least half full). Upon failing the Sneak check, you're transported to the Jail Cell area of the Innsmouth Jail and have encounters at the Jail Cell(not the Innsmouth Jail main area). The rules for drawing encounters at the Jail Cell are written at the text box of the Innsmouth Jail under Jail Break. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being delayed is the same as being told to stay at the location next turn. You simply skip your next movement phase and have an encounter at the same location(if possible).
  16. Note also that whenever Finn uses discardable Tomes, he must discard them if he gained the tome's benefit, (the same as all investigators). Because he discards them by choice. That is, getting the tome's benefit is conditioned by you passing the skill check on the tome and then discarding it. The same is true with all discardable items such as Holy Water,Whiskey, Food a and discardable spells as well. Because getting those items' benefit is conditioned by the item being discarded. Finn however, is immune to all sorts of forced discarding of items. Such as encounters that force you to lose items upon failing a certain skill check.
  17. Check the wording on the Bank Loan card. It says: Upkeep: Roll a die. On a 1-3, pay 1$ or discard all of your items along with this card. You cannot get another Bank Loan this game. Any Phase: Pay 10$ to pay off your Bank Loan and discard this card. YOu may choose tot take out a new Bank Loan later during this game. If Finn doesn't want to pay the 1$, he will have to discard the Bank Loan.(this is true with all investigators) But he is immune to the main penalty of this card: discarding all items. Normally, investigators do not lose the loan money upon refusing to pay the upkeep cost of 1$. They will , however, lose all of their items then (think of it as selling all your items to pay off the loan) and won't be able to get another Bank Loan during the same game. Only if an investigator pays off the loan, can he get another Bank Loan during the same game.
  18. Just to clarify Tibs' reply: if Finn rolls a 1-3 during his upkeep roll for the Bank Loan, he doesn't have to pay 1$ if he doesn't want to.In fact, no investigator has to.But if he doesn't pay, he will lose his Bank Loan card, and won't be able to take another during the game. Finn however is immune to losing all items upon defaulting on his Bank Loan. Yea, basically his Bank Loan is a money eater.It's actually somewhat of a detriment for him, since he doesn't even get the 10$ extra at setup.Supposedly, he spent some of that loan money before the game started.
  19. Only players with explored markers may close gates. Players without explored markers will be drawn through the gate during the Arkham Encounters Phase. If both inestigators emerged from the same gate after finishing their Other World exploration, both get an explored marker, and the investigator who goes first may try to close the gate. If he doesn't want to/fails to close the gate, the other investigator at the gate location may try to close it. But both investigators must've explored the Other World to be able to do this.
  20. Okay, as far as you probably know, each time an investigator is driven insane or knocked uncouncious, he must discard half of his items and Clue tokens(rounded down). 1)Finn however doesn't have to discard items when that happens. In fact he never has to discard items, if forced. The drawing of the Madness/Injury card not only allows an investigator to bypass the item/clue tokens loss, but lets him heal his Stamina/Sanity to maximum. So Finn may still be interested in drawing a Madness/Injury, since otherwise he won't heal his Stamina/Sanity to maximum during the turn he was knocked out, and he will still lose half of his Clue tokens. Finn's starting money already takes into account his starting Bank Loan(that is, he doesn't start with 18$,) but only with the printed 8$ and a Bank Loan which he must pay off like any other investigator(that's why it says he must still pay costs as usual) The Slippery ability allows Finn to move like a regular moon monster during the Mythos phase ignoring all monsters in his current location(if the moon symbol comes up on the Mythos card.) Passing his personal story will allow him to move like a circle monster as well(you must choose either of the two symbols to move. You can't move as both). 2) Zhar's attack was worded this way to simply determine who gets the Zhar token first. YOu can't get the token before final battle begins. And yes, that means the investigator who gets attacked by Zhar will only survive two turns. 3) Investigators found in Devil's Reef or Y'hanthelei(or any other aquatic location) can be rescued by their teammates, if one of them goes to Falcon Point and charters a boat for that investigator. Otherwise, they may be rescued by a lucky encounter.
  21. Well, you can view it this way. If conquest tokens are equivalent to taxes collected from the enslaved townsfok, then Vynevale is probably not a city per se. I.e. there's no population to collect taxes from. So all instances of conquest gain from Vynevale are negated.
  22. Yea, Innsmouth is a blast through and through. And it adds some of the most interesting encounters(in Arkham and Other Worlds).
  23. Yes, Steve_O is right And more specifically about white on black icons: That doesn't mean you can't heal stamina via an encounter in St. Mary's Hospital, or get a blessing via an encounter in South Church., or get money from an encounter in Bank of Arkham, etc., because you can. But triggering the location's special ability(instead of having an encounter) will always grant you the resource depicted on the white on black icon.
  24. Or more precisely, upon triggering the special text of the new environment, discard the old environment from play. Sometimes it makes a difference.
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