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  1. HappyDaze said: Arnstinium said: And that is why I have issues with the Adeptus Mechanicus. If they weren't so zealous and tried to examine and reverse-engineer Xenotech such as the Dark Eldar Darklight weapons, the Imperium's borders would be much larger. Or they could fail and catastrophically release dark matter (antimatter) sufficient to cripple or destroy a Forge World - crippling the waning resources of the Imperium. In their eyes, it's not worth the risk. This may be one of the few instances where they are shown as being reasonable. Actually that is the exact reason you have isolated research outposts (which are very cannon). It is just that it is not grimdark enough if mankind is capable of learning and advancing. As to the adventure, it is fine for what it is. As has been noted it is (or meant to be) pretty much all 'legwork'. I will not even deduct points for having the players have been captured part (which normally means it is an auto fail in my book) because it specifically talks about the problems involved with that. Still it feels like a standard adventure and not a RT adventure, or at least what I would expect of one (see frozen reaches for my idea of a good RT adventure). For the supplement part all I can say is whoever wrote those stats REALLY likes Dark Eldar…. …. A LOT. I especially love how they can be as good as 10x their number of orks in a boarding action, all while spending a good chunk of their time capturing and running off with large chunks of your crew. To name just one thing…
  2. ROF83 said: The dress was low cut, exposing shoulders and some leg (No breasts or bottom showing…) And with sown in small mirrors. Xin's reasoning was to allude to people seing themselves for what they are, and her defense when the Inquisitor asked was that it was protection; mirrors reflecting things away. Ok there must be more to it here, as based on fluff (or cannon if you consider other FFG 40k adventures) that dress would not have even raised anyones notice. Based on other adventures from FFG such as Purge the Unclean that dress would be seen as VERY conservative.
  3. Well as you are the astropath you can tell the RT almost anything and have him believe it. In other words you can tell him you got a message saying X when it really said Y or just make up a message out of whole cloth. Super easy to set him up that way, exactly what you want to do to him is entirely up to you and your imagination. But unless he has extra astropaths around that outrank you, you can feed him whatever story you want, you control all interstellar communications.
  4. The attacker gets to choose what weapon to shoot first and damage is applied first come first serve. Raising and lowering the shields happens at the beginning of the turn iirc. So yah he can use the macrobattery to drop your shields. If you have the Hostile acquisitions book there is a upgrade called overload shield capacitors or some such, which lets you bring your shields back up to strength after they have been dropped. That might help.
  5. Another option would be to use a servitor crew, rules are in "Into the Storm" IIRC. That would get your crew numbers down.
  6. There are no rule or cannon reasons for penalties for having a lot of implants. In fact as has already been mentioned there is a alternate careen path for someone who wants to do just that. Your best bet if you want to limit it is the implantation and recovery rules in the Inquisitors Handbook (modified to taste of course). The players will of course usually have the best stuff, facilities and doctors but it will still put them out of the action for awhile. This will put a realistic limitation on it in that the players will have to devote time to it. Their player will be sidelined for a while as they recover and or learn how to use their new implants. Sure they don't have to learn how to use black bone bracing but to install it think for a minute what you have to do, flay the person down to the bone and then put him back together so a decent amount of recovery time is justified. In other cases like say a MIU, sure the recovery time would be a lot less but they then have to learn how to use it, feel free to withhold bonuses until you feel they have.
  7. By the rules the rarity given is for an infinite supply. This works out just fine for most games. If you are playing it where the RT and group does not have nearly the wealth level represented in the books, you would need to rewrite many of the availability ratings. In addition I submit to you that firing a single macrocannon shell from one of the many guns your ship is liekly to have would cost more than a heaping pile of special ammo for personnel weapons. So you might want to keep track of that as well.
  8. It is perfectly legitimate for players who develop a mutation to attempt to mitigate it through whatever means are available. Considering the consequences of having a mutation I would actually accuse them of poor roleplay if they did not take steps to hide, mitigate or eliminate those mutations. In this case I would suggest major reconstructive surgery, with black bone bracing (on the spine), and a few selectively chosen vat grown muscles added to the spine area. I would rule this would straighten and keep strait the spine. There would be possible complications depending on the quality of the parts and the skill in which they were implanted.
  9. Coldshard said: Now, I haven't been playing for all that long, could you explain how and why these powers are any good? I'll give my thoughts on why I skipped over them to begin with below. Tracks in the stars allows for tracking another ship through real space in between jumps through the warp if they have a warp drive. So, local movements of ships that can jump through the warp and only fairly recently at the first rank. It sounds like something that could be duplicated to some degree using ships augers though or perhaps even a psyiscience check if the other ship had powerful enough psychic people on board. I'm not sure how this would come in handy all that often even if those other options didn't work though. It doesn't let you follow a ship through the warp, ships augers should be able to do something equivalent pretty often, and I'd imagine in high traffic areas it wouldn't do anything at all. Have you had a lot of use with this power? If so, in what way? Void watcher is entirely subsumed by a simple auger scan by the ship. Since an active augury has a range of 20 VU's the range of void watcher could be longer at master level, which is a plus. However, a perception +30 from my character would be worse than the check for whoever we had taking the active augury action (generally because of aid the machine spirit). So, if I maxed it out it could potentially be better on some occasions than an ability someone else picked up for a lesser cost and that is good for quite a bit more. It seems I should just leave the detection to the pro here. Now, if I could use it to cancel the penalty of having our auger array damaged that would be something but that seems like a stretch and unlikely to be a given. Am I missing something here?? I'm not trying to be difficult, this is just how I am currently viewing the situation. If I've missed something obvious please let me know. Well first lets look at tracks in the stars. Is almost breaks the game setting in all ways not involving combat... Remember no only does it let you follow vessels through the secret "safe" route through minefileds and asteriod fields, follow them where ever they are going, etc. It also would let you go where they had been.. Basically all the secrets of the expanse are a roll away, want to find out where the rok'gol come from.. easy as pie (for a master anyway) as a single example. One of your rivals bragging about a huge find he made? Go and claim jump it. Etc Etc. Next is void watcher, I admit this one is based on how good you play the normal scanners. If you play them around star trek levels then other than stealth uses it is only good for not being very hard to interfere with. Because basically that is what it is, even tells you what other ships crews are (which is invaluable). The lunar cruiser that is hailing you and wants to negotiate some trade? Check it out what makes up its crew will tell you a lot. Mostly mutants, probably chaos, got a mix of races probably pirates, etc. Awesome for finding hidden infestations of genestealers. Think on how differently the introductory adventure would go if you had an adept or master to scan the bounty? Bunch of mostly human crew hiding in the bilges and a single thing/something/mutant/navigator on the bridge... do the math. Also this power is pure Profit, lets you know what stuff is made of, finding valuable resources is a snap. In battle it can act as a second set of sensors, always good. As you can see the 2 I believe are the best powers are information powers. First I think this fits a navigator better than combat ones, but that is purely opinion. Second unless your game is very combat focused, knowing really is half the battle, knowledge is power, etc.
  10. Well since you did not mention what type of power you are looking for or what type of personality your character has I can only recommend the 2 most useful powers. Tracks in the stars and void watcher. Get them both and level them up.
  11. Couple of things. If you go by BFG both its weapon mounts would be dorsal both have the forward/port/starboard arcs, yes with its lance too. I would lower the armor few points 20 seems high. Also might want to add in the servitor crew trait, though I guess it could be replaced. But yes a Nova would be very impressive, it was one of if not the most expensive escort in BFG.
  12. As Errant said FFG is the first one to ever really nail down specifics on ships. Almost everything else is highly contradictory material from novels and speculation based on a few know factors such as the size of torpedoes. The ship mass thing is only a major issue with the larger ships, smaller ship masses are not too bad (maybe kinda sorta). But yes I did some math using iron and a grand cruiser... it was bad.. really bad. at which point I started to wonder if the air inside the ship massed more than the ship itself... never did the math though and just decided not to think about it to much. Much of it can be traced back to the frigate centric build of RT the game. It is fairly obvious that components and their specifics are created by the developers to fit in the frame work of a "escort/frigate" class ship. The larger ships are obviously given stats so that they do not completely overshadow the smaller ships. That having been said I do not see anything wrong with the given sizes as they jive fairly well and are mostly middle of the road as far as the fan estimates go. If you want outliers even in FFG there are examples of smaller ships, the smallest I remember is the 100meter mechanicus one from... lure of the expanse (IIRC).
  13. HeavensThunderHammer said: Hey Guys, what would be a good ratio of Infantry to Mechanized Infantry to Armour for the amount of space a barracks can handle? i.e. I have decided that barracks do scale (space being relative to the volume of a ship and the crew size) and that a Grand Cruiser with 2 barracks probably has room for 200k "infantry". So if it does that have much room, how many Mech Infantry could it have instead? How much armour? Artillery? thanks. Those numbers are similar to the ones I use. I use 1 mechanized inf equals 2 infantry. Support is 1 to 3 (arty, anti air, engineers). Armor is 1 to 4. Adjust as needed for special cases such as if they have a leviathan or some such.
  14. It is an innovative way to limit acquisition rolls. The 2 main problems I see are it could promote players sitting around waiting for for their money to pile up. Also it assumes the modifier to the acquisition roll is equal to the cost.. not so.. which do you think costs more a common drive system for your cruiser -10 or -1 PF, or a single best quality boltgun, which has a -20 to the roll or -2PF? The way I do it is take the players PF and give them 1 roll for every 10 points (or fraction thereof) for large scale acquisitions, and double that in small scale acquisitions per time period (usually a month but this is variable based on the stories need). Small scale is equal to about a couple hundred thousand thrones or less, large is anything over that. Or for a real world example say anything under a million US dollars is small scale. As a note this is how many rolls they get not successful rolls. It takes time to do all the searching (or have their minions do it) for items and do the negotiating, successful or not. So for example a group with 53 PF would get 6 large and 12 small scale acquisition rolls per month. I also find it useful for situations where it is not worth the time to do out all the rolls. For instance they want to buy a gift/bribe for the station master, unless they wish to drag it out, perhaps doing research on his likes and whatnot to get the perfect gift for him, I just say ok it costs you a small scale acquisition and move on.
  15. Justinian said: I thought I made it clear that the 2 Barracks (the heart of the ship) were integral to the ship and could not be removed or modified... should I re-write those to make them less ambiguous? It was clear to me. Or anyway the way I read it was 2 integral barracks plus 2 more supplemental ones for a total of 4. I was agreeing with you that 100k troops in a 4 barracks set up on a cruiser sized ship was reasonable. That part of my comment was directed to some other comments that were made. I apologize for not making that clear.
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