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  1. I am curious as to how many folks out there are planning on buying this, if you have already heavily invested in Imperial Assault are you planning on purchasing this? Would you be more inclined to purchase this if the minis were compatible? Is there simply too much overlap between IA and Legions for some of you out there? Who is planning on purchasing both? I will say that I am perfectly happy with IA and have ALOT of money and time invested in my IA minis and really enjoy the game, at present I have no real plas to purchase this as I see too much overlap and just not enough bang for my buck compared to putting those funds into more IA expansions and minis.
  2. I have noticed that my local hobby shop is completely out of X-Wing ships and has been for quite a while, when I go to Coolstuff inc, virtually EVERYTHING is either pre-order or out of stock. Not only X-Wing, but new releases and re-print items for Imperial Assault and Edge of The Empire are nowhere to be found. I refuse to pay inflated prices on E-Bay, so where is all the new stuff?
  3. Thanks, so the more failures rolled on the purple dice the more severe the crit injury is? how does this translate to hit points being subtracted from the character?
  4. I am more or less starting out and had a question regarding critical injuries. I understand that once you roll enough advantages on a combat check to trigger a weapon's critical ability that you get to roll for critical injury in addition to any other damage the weapon inflicts (assuming you overcome the target's soak value and actually score a hit) on a D100 and consult the chart to determine what type of injury. My question is: do you then roll the number of purple die beside the d100 result to determine..... what exactly? whether the critical injury is a hit and the effects are applies? Does any one failure symbol on any of the purple die cancel out the entire critical injury? Thanks in advance.
  5. Agreed. They have some of the best (if not THE best) component quality in the industry, terrific customer support, and are great at supporting the products they release. More than that, though, they actually LISTEN to their customers. Example: In terms of balance, (not counting FAQs and errata, which they also do a great job with) one of the major complaints about the game was that the overlord was underpowered over a long campaign. (some people also complained about the overlord being overpowered, but considering that the person who owns the game is far more likely to play as overlord, I think they made the right call addressing the former issue first.) One of the reasons the community came up with for the power difference was that heroes gained persistent effects that were always available, while overlords could only gain effects that were available to them at random times. The plot decks that come with the lieutenant miniatures seem to be a response to this, since they give the overlord access to persistently available effects. I agree completely, I spend a good deal of my gaming time play testing for FF games, (and writing the associated lengthy reports afterward) I do this because they have some of the best products in the industry and I want to contribute to keeping them that way. I also attend conventions and for over a decade have demo'ed in an official capacity for FF games, I do this because I want to help spread the word about their products. I personally know ALOT of the crew from FF games and they are all carefully chosen by Christian because of their love of gaming and excellent people skills, every person I have ever met or dealt with from FF games is really great, approachable and will bend over backwards to insure that you are enjoying their games. I wish I could say the same of some other companies I have dealt with in the past, I could rattle off a list of companies with very noticeable QC issues and very poor customer support most are no longer in business. I consider FF Games, hands down, the best overall company in the industry. I only recently got into Descent (I honestly can't figure out why it took so long, busy with other games I guess) and was initially really put off by how lop sided some of the victories for the OL were in the encounters (hence the post).... then... over the last few days I my group discovered that: 1. after running an encounter a couple of times back to back we were able to figure it out and devise strategies that worked well against the OL and 2. by tweaking our items and changing out some characters we were better able to deal with some of the OL's attacks making for some very close games. While I think the balance in this game CAN swing wildly from one side to another it is a game that the players, whether OL or heroes, can study and craft a solution to. However on first blush some of the encounters do seem un-winnable. BTW we played "The Cardinal's Plight" as part of a campaign last night and the heroes won a narrow and hard fought victory against the OL this only because we had a strategy to deny him of Zombies during the first encounter to attack the cardinal with and the heroes had an incredible streak of good luck vs the OL who at the same time had an incredible run of bad luck (something like 5 misses in row!). It was great fun, which is the main reason anyone should sit at a gaming table in the first place.
  6. I have only recently started playing Descent after my friend demoed a pair of encounters for my group. We ran "A Fat Goblin" and beat the OL (it was very close). To insure that we were getting the rules down correctly we set up and ran "A Fat Goblin" again with nearly identical results. Recently our group played "A Cardinal's Plight" using epic rules and it is impossible for the players to win the second encounter. During the first encounter the OL was able to raise and move 3 zombies off the board, when we entered the second encounter the OL was able to kill the cardinal in three turns using the 3 zombies, the players had not even been able to leave the first room on the map by then. We played both encounters again, carefully reading the setup and rules to insure that we had not missed anything but we got (again) nearly identical results. Most recently we played "The Masquerade Ball" and the OL was able to ID and get three guest out of the ball, using dash cards, before the heros had even left the first room, from there in the second act the OL was able to get Lady Eliza Farrow off the map and win in about 4 turns. Both of these quests seem terribly lopsided in favor of the OL, I mean it literally took longer to set the board up than for the OL to win each of the second encounters! So far running them again has yielded identical results, I want to like this game and was really drawn to it at first but if each encounter is pre-determined to be a big win for the OL or heros what is the point of playing?
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