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  1. I count as one, would like to see Disney support
  2. How would you like this: My Dragon Maleficent Lv.9 SRU and Winnie the Pooh Lv.1 SR for one King Triton Lv.2?
  3. Would you be willing to trade your Soul Eater R and Disney Castle Lv.1 R for my Ursula Lv.8 SR and Clayton Lv.8 SR? Two rares for two super rares, let me know!
  4. Very well, what kind of rares would you need?
  5. Porcupine, would you be interested in Dragon Maleficent Lv.9? I am interested in Cloud Lv.4, let me know!
  6. Hey Thirroxin, can you name your price for a Cloud Lv.4?
  7. I hear you, it really is shocking to hear what's going on at your shop. Sorry to have you leave the game, but wish you well in the future! And great trading with you too
  8. Yeah, I pulled two promos so far, from a L&D Kairi non foil and ADA Tigger non foil. Pleasant surprise, because the ADA Tigger did not substitute for the rare!
  9. Just recieved your cards Admiral, many thanks! Yours should be arriving anytime within a week!
  10. Hey Thirroxin, would you willing to trade a SRU Cloud for my SR Goofy Lv.3, SR Maleficent Lv.8, SR Destiny Islands Lv.1, and SR Hercules Lv.3? Let me know what you think!
  11. The Tigger was mailed before I got your Lv.1 Sora in the mail. It should've reached you already or will very soon
  12. This is a strange kind of way to play, but its been working so far, and I want to know what can help improve it. It's size is 45 cards. Please let me know any constructive criticism! Sora Lv.1 promo: first turn is imperative to kill opponent's hand FRIENDS Tidus Lv.0 x2: Owl, Alice, Duck brothers, Sebastian Jiminy Cricket Lv.0 x1: fast caster, preemptive draw Abu Lv.0 x2: for Pinocchio preemptive Jasmine Lv.0 x1: fast Aladding fetch -->Destiny Islands -->Jasmine --> Aladdin Geppetto Lv.0 x1: fast Pinocchio fetch -->Destiny Islands --> Gepetto --> Pinocchio Aladdin Lv.1 x1 Pinocchio Lv.1 x3: Wizard, Invisible, Behemoth, Parasite Cage, Jafar, Owl, Phil, etc. Moogle Lv.1 x1: fast Aladdin play -->Moogle +Destiny Islands--> Jasmine --> Aladdin Lv.4 --> Genie Lv.4 --> any magic Fairy Godmother Lv.2 x1 -->auxilliary caster, magic/friend fetcher Aladdin Lv.2 x2 Donald Duck Lv.3 (L&D) x2 -->draw, magic Lv. of 4 only needed Aladdin Lv.3 x1 Aladdin Lv.4 x1: Genie fetch Number: 19 MAGIC/FRIEND Genie Lv.1 x1: draw Genie Lv.2 x1 Genie Lv.4 x1: magic fetch (or magic/friend) Dumbo Lv.2 x2: Gargoyle kill, Stealth Sneak kill Bambi Lv.3 x2: draw Simba Lv.3 x1: Phil hate MAGIC Aero Lv.2 x3: hand hate Aerora Lv.4 x2: Disney Castle, Hundred Acre Wood, Olympus Coliseum or Destiny Islands put on top Blizzaga Lv.4 x2: Invisible hate EQUIPMENT Magic Carpet x1: Aladdin boost, escape and still keep Aladdin WORLD Hundred Acre Wood Lv.0: hand hate, no darks allowed Destiny Islands Lv.1 x2: fetch Disney Castle Lv.1: draw, no darks allowed Deep Jungle Lv.2 x2: blizzard boost Agrabah Lv.1: Aladdin fetch Agrabah Lv.3: magic boost Atlantica Lv.3: friend fodder Olympus Coliseum Lv.1: attack boost Number: 10
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