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  1. Not every chapter has something missing, but nearly all of them have something wrong with them. Look at the Blood Angels, all their stuff works, but they have the Red Thirst and Black Fury to contend with, which is way worse than being unable to spit acid.
  2. Alasseo said: Errant said: If you intend to keep the crew member alive, put him in a space suit and weld it to the outer hull. Plus maybe a volitor implant/hypnagogic suggestion, so he has something to say: "I am ablative armour! Life is boring, then briefly exciting, then over! I am ablative armour! Life is boring, then briefly exciting, then over! I am ablative..." I fell off my chair when I read this. >D
  3. Direach said: It seems to me that people fuss about the plasma and melta weapons without really looking at what they can do. Plasma weapons automatically confirm Righteous Fury on any damage die roll of 10, and add +2 Pen, +1d10 damage, and +10m range when fired on Maximal. Melta weapons do an additional d10 damage at short range (which is what they're designed for). These considerations make plasma and melta weapons quite destructive, with the inferno pistol being the most damaging pistol by a wide margin. Also, these are specialized weapons, not general weapons like boltguns. The bolter is intended to be the go-to choice for Astartes; it has been their signature weapon for over 10,000 years. It's meant to be a superb death-dealer, and it is. In some situations, however, alternatives might be more useful to have on hand. Whoa, wait, what?! Where are those rules for Melta and Plasma? Those would change things dramatically in my game... or are those Astartes weapons only?
  4. We've actually abstracted something a little different: As a Rogue Trader I only have 1 front-line, customized, navigator-equipped vessel that I run around in. However, my Dynasty (i.e. Me) has a number of trade agreements and routes that are constantly in use. How? Well, I also have dozens of chartist or single-navigator traders that I either control directly, or more often have under contract. Remember, without a warrant of trade, a trading vessel has to work for someone with authority to give them work. So I make a deal, then I hire a trading vessel to run the new route and bring in a tidy profit.
  5. Ugh, this stupid interface won't let me cut and paste... Anyway... when I received the "honor" of a Deathwatch Detachment being assigned to my ship, we used a souped up version of best-quality Storm Troopers for when they are used "off screen": +20 to relevant opposed command tests +1d5 Crew and Morale Damage during boarding actions X2 Hull Damage during hit and run attacks That might look a little minor for a team of marines, but these are just 5-10 dudes in a battle involving hundreds or thousands of people. They can only do so much, no matter how awesome they are.
  6. Personally, I don't like to use hordes for anything that could pose a threat individually (except for certain horde-oriented groups such as the orks and 'nids). So one pack of raving cultists isn't too much different from another, which is fine by me, but 20 fire warriors are still 20 fire warriors, and WAY more dangerous than a fire-warrior "horde" of any given magnitude, especially when they work together. (Drones, on the other hand, are about the only Tau horde I'd use).
  7. Bilateralrope said: How do you handle players who deliberately try to engineer a Time Travel effect? Advice on running Time Travelling campaigns? If the players are lucky, the attempt simply fails. If not, it fails badly. This would be my take. In the game I'm currently playing, we frequently arrive before we leave (we have a tempermental warp engine and otherwise tend to make good time), but the ruling was simply that any attempt to backtrack will always result in our having been gone at least as long as our relative time, the warp just doesn't allow easy time travel. Any attempt at astropathic messaging just gets "temporally adjusted" by the warp, in a similar fashion.
  8. crisaron said: moslty everything is based on the depth of space, or the shadow side of things where humans would be and where you would technically suffer freezing temperature close to absolute 0. When facing the sun any unprotected flesh will be burnt instantly by radiations, heat, etc. Dense clouds of matter could refract light a bit but it would need to be pretty dense... So basically if you're in LOS of a nearby star, replace cold damage with heat damage... but really, either you're going to get saved from hard vacuum by plot or you're going to die painfully from exposure. So the details aren't likely to matter in most cases.
  9. I would refer you all to this to resolve your FSM issues: javascript:void(0);/*1285976067938*/
  10. Aureus2

    Black Shields

    Kage2020 said: Aureus has offered the "Alpha Legion has done it" idea... To be fair, that's my answer for every mysterious space marine event that's ever occured. Unmarked Astartes fleet that restocked at Footfall? Alpha Legion Mysterious Black Astartes Ships that assisted during the Crusade in Calixis? Alpha Legion. Black Shielded Astartes showing up for Deathwatch? Alpha Legion. Wait a minute, I just realized that in every case the descriptions been more or less similar, and all around the same region. There have been a few (frequently bizarre IIRC) Alpha Legion encounters in and around Calixis too. Maybe it's not such a crazy theory after all...
  11. Siranna said: Or... just let her play a female Space Marine. And before someone goes off and starts calling me out (I've read the rants, no reason to reiterate yourselves), let me say this; it doesn't matter. Honestly people I don't see what the big deal is. People generally get annoyed with the attempt to justify FSMs within cannon, not with people who say "Screw it, I'm just gonna hand wave an FSM into the game for the sake of a good time." The main thing that makes me twitch are the ridiculous hack-jobs some people want to do on the setting to make an FSM "possible", rather than just say "You know what, in my game there are a small number of women who make the cut, and survive the implantation process to become a marine." House rule whatever you like, change things to suit your game, just don't try to sell a bizarre story about missing female primarchs, transgendered mutant marines, or the like and try to say it falls within the bounds of cannon. That's where the more reasonable folk start making a big deal out of it.
  12. Aureus2

    Black Shields

    I'm running with the wild conspiracy theory that these are agents of Alpha Legion. I don't expect to see much support for this theory, but it's the one I'm running with none the less.
  13. Aureus2

    "odd" question

    Lightbringer said: Direach said: Skippy the Termagant Who Thinks He's A Boy There we have it, GW: the title for the next straight-to-DVD Dan Abnett scripted CGI movie! I'd rather watch this than a movie about the least interesting SM chapter (with the dumbest name to boot).
  14. Erich said: And if your player still wants to be cybered out, well THAT can be handeled with a few judicious profit factor checks. I think this is the most elegant solution.
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