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  1. I found a mention of travel times in the book. The heavy freighter talks about the new engines it has and says it can make it to Heinlein in a matter of days. So if the newest engine on the market takes days to get to Luna, then I suspect our travel time is still pretty accurate.
  2. Wow, this is all very useful. I had envisioned a stop over at Mars for resupply. That novel saying it took months to get to Mars does provide a bit of an issue. Mars is about 1.5 AU from the Sun Now, I could be nice and say it was nearly on the other side of the Sun from the Earth during the time of the novel which would put it at something like 2.5 AU from Earth, especially since the ship would have to swing wide around the sun. So, assuming months is, say...3 months. Then I do get a rough travel time to Jupiter ranging from 6 months to a year depending on relative positions in orbit. I'm sort of doing this off the top of my head so am probably missing something. I can easily turn this into 2-4 sessions or more or a side tangent in the campaign which gives things on Earth time to naturally progress and also gives a change of pace to the game. One of my players is mechanically inclined, another can pilot almost anything and another is a Loony, so I think they might enjoy a trip in space anyway!
  3. I'm definitely trying to get a feel for things space-wise, hence my topic. I feel like Android is on the cusp of a technological breakthrough in space travel. My understanding is that is Jack Weyland's entire focus, trying to make interstellar travel possible. The 1g thing is basically how the Expanse does it, though in the books they rarely go that fast during trips, usually going at something more akin to 1/3rd of a g even with their Epstein drive if memory serves. I'm not concerned with collision risks simply because, it's a game, I don't want to get bogged down too much in those details unless it has a dramatic purpose. I do think I'll be using constant acceleration and if the players ask about fuel I'll handwave it by mentioning the He3 fusion. I do think, even with that, fuel would still be a limiting factor as far as these kinds of engines go. But I haven't run the numbers obviously. You pretty much got where I was going with it. Heck, the Genesis core book has a "Xenomorph" in it already. And it's not a big leap to equate the Protomolecule with that goo from the Alien prequels. (Ironically, I don't care for Prometheus or Covenant as Alien prequels but do like the concept of the goo as its own science fiction thing.) This is all inspired by one of my players owing Weyland a big favor from the start of the game and declaring he liked his contact I'd made. "Peter Snow" who looks just like Guy Pierce and keeps stepping in to help their problems go away. He even took a rogue Nissei clone off of their hands, assuring them he had the perfect job for her. Of course, hopefully this telepathic clone doesn't get exposed to some kind of ... goo. That'd be a shame.
  4. I was also going to mention the Expanse when I saw Saint's post but you beat me to it. His description is basically the Expanse but ignoring fuel factors. I may settle on something like 3 months each way for this trip to Jupiter I have in mind. I want some time to pass because there are events kicking off that are fallout from a previous session and I'd like to let the world get some changes in without just starting a session and going "so 6 months have passed and..." I think it'll be more interesting if we have a few sessions and I go "You saw on news reports that blah happened back on Earth." and spread this out over 3-4 sessions. (If you're curious, they inadvertently helped steal data that will make it easy to assassinate the chairman of Jinntekki and make it look like a stroke or heart attack. This is part of my plan to gradually change Jintekki into a whole new company from another franchise. *coughs*Yutani*coughs*YoumightknowwhereImgoingwiththis*coughs* Ironically, I was going to weave in a bit of the Expanse into my campaign anyway, with a sort of protomolecule analogue being studied by Weyland.
  5. I was thinking of running a short tangent in my campaign where the PCs are hired to guard a cargo going from the moon to one of the moons of Jupiter which houses a secret corporate lab. But I'm curious about travel times. Is there a mention somewhere that I've missed that covers this? It looks like in real life it takes around 600 days or so. That seems like a long tangent for my game!
  6. I was thinking of making some handouts and wondered if anyone had font suggestions? Obviously, I'd prefer free fonts since paid fonts can be super expensive. I'm thinking things like Net printouts, mission briefings and the like. I also want to do a Setting printout sort of like you'd see in the text at the start of a movie. "The year is Blahblahblah. Your characters live in New Angeles and have been working for blahblahblah. " that kind of thing.
  7. That's what they explained to me on the phone. I was able to work things out with them to my satisfaction though so it's all good.
  8. For the main book, a free copy of the Novella. For the card packs if you bought one, you got the other two free. It was all in my cart but doesn't seem to have registered in my account or something. I hadn't preordered before so I figured it just wasn't showing or something.
  9. I wish I knew. I had to leave a message with support.
  10. Mine arrived yesterday but as I feared my preorder bonuses weren't in the packages. I called support. *sighs*
  11. Is it allowed for you to tell us what careers are in the game Any chance you could tell us what careers are available? My copy arrives tomorrow and I start an Adroid campaign a week from Saturday. So far my players want to play: A hacker A quote "Xplosion punchy face type" A rigger or macguyver mr. fix it type And a "rogue"
  12. Same here. I notice it only shows the book and one card deck and doesn't show the promo items. Is that normal?
  13. The d6 versions of Star Wars are arguably the best Star Wars RPG ever made. They have balance problems at higher levels but they flow fast and to this day I clutch on to my original copies while I've sold other RPG books much newer than this. Seriously, it cannot be overstated how much this game influenced Star Wars. It predates the EU but so much of it had a massive impact on the EU and even on the canon as others have said.
  14. I just might do that! As for the news about the book, I told my players we were looking at probably a 4-6 weeks before I had the book and we could do a game. If it's shipping now I'm way off!
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