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  1. Welcome to Descent1 it's good to see others enjoying this game so much. I'm so glad you have most other expansions, cuz it only gets better! Things to remember: Skeletons are great for making strong defense characters pin cushions with their pierce. The WoD shipped with fix cards for skellies and beastmen, the skellies have pierce, and the beastmen have + damage. This changes your strategy drastically, since you won't be wasting big damage beastmen on high armor dudes. Save 'em to smack the hell outta a mage or two. And yes, that FAQ is like gold, especially when you and your buddies will be debating rules for a long time...
  2. Just thought I'd offer my two cents: The hero retains possession of all of their abilities during the OL's turn, which is when DC is played. The OL cannot spend fatigues for a hero, period. AFAIK. The hero cannot use rapid fire during Dark Charm, since they are not making the attack, rather they are performing an attack for the OL - they do not have the initiative to do so; it's the OL's turn. So neither party can take advantage of Rapid Fire during a dark charm attack. At least that's how we play it. Makes the most sense to me, without trying to exploit rules.
  3. Marximus said: Also, heroes can only drink one potion per turn and can only use a glyph to go to town once per turn. We argued a little about the glyph issue. The heroes used activated glyphs to effectively "teleport" behind monsters (one of the heroes was the Runewitch). They claimed that since they were using different glyphs (enter one to go to town and come back through another), they weren't using "a glyph" more than once per turn. Absolutely ungh-ungh!
  4. Well, that will frustrate even the most seasoned OLs Are you playing with treachery? altar of Despair expansion? One great way to stop glyph abusing heroes are the cursed glyphs such as the "sundered" (green) glyph or the red spawn one. Also, treachery cards such as "dark servant" are great ways to keep your onslaught moving and crushing. I'd take much of the previous posted advice, and save cards for game changing moments that will impede the heroes' progress. Be one nasty mutha of an Overlord.
  5. What I would love to see is the descent edit as an app. Even as an ipad app. I would pay mucho bucks for it.
  6. I think we're missing something here. Some weapons have the ability: ~~: + 2 pierce - and some have, say: ~~ : Pierce 2 The former stacks, and from my understanding, the latter does not. I am not sure, since I am away from my game components at the moment, but I believe that is the case. I would await clarification from our peers though
  7. While I agree with you guys, we play that the OL can pool from their existing treachery to choose from any type of dark glyph. It is a costly move for the OL anyway, since that hinders the amount to purchase high cost treachery cards. I don't see a problem with it, but the rules specifically mention "appropriate color" which leads me to believe the consensus is correct.
  8. Big Remy said: No problem, though fully expect someone to come along and say I am wrong. LoL Not me. I say tell your heroes to shut up and eat Remy's Overlordish wisdom. Alternatively, you could invite me over and I'll hit them with the rulebook.
  9. I reside in Remy's camp. I'll state for the record that I am surprised no one has yet mentioned Laurel of Bloodwood taking full advantage of this skill. In fact, I am inclined to believe it was made for her. On another note, this skill is a killer in combination with others. And for one thing, it does wonders in outdoor encounters - Soaring Demon anyone? I think it is a very subjective question, but I would never refer to Lucky as a "worthless" skill. Not even mediocre. I would love to have my ranged companion running Lucky and Born to the Bow in my advanced campaign. We drew Trenloe, Mad Carthos, Laughing Buldar and Lord Hawthorne for our campaign against the Demon Prince. You know we stuck Trenloe with the ranged attacks and gave him these two skills. Him and Mad Carthos murdered Kar-Amog-Atoth's Demon in one turn at Diamond difficulty. I don't think I can come up with any useless skill since RtL came out. I feel they tied up some loose ends and tried to make everything useful. I mean, even Sir Valadir has a chance!
  10. Ahh, thanks guys. I guess it was just feelin' like a weak deck. I am excited to be playing again...found new dudes that are true gamers!
  11. Just a quick question, I haven't played in a while and last night my OL deck seemed a bit light. Playing RTL with All three expansions (WoD, AoD, ToI) How many cards deep is the OL's deck?
  12. Hey Remy, Long time no see. I agree with you on all points. I think it's also a good idea to mention that you can never exceed 5 power dice. Also, the limit referred to in the OP is only on upgrading power dice throughout campaign levels - not during combat. So you can drink a power potion and fatigue to wail on an ogre with 5 gold dice in the face!
  13. I started out this way, but as slev pointed out, it takes more time and doesn't mix well with ADD heroes. The way I see it, the heroes start off with a map, so why not just lay out the dungeon? I mean, they have a gist of what the outline is, the fun comes in where they choose to go and what's behind it. Sometimes laying out the dungeon causes heroes to choose paths that may be beneficial to the OL, revealing certain doom
  14. Rednek said: I know I'm going to get jumped on for saying this, but: I don't see a problem with balance at higher levels. Two reasons: 1. I don't think it needs to be balanced at all levels. If so, then the heroes need some more help at the very beginning. 2. The OL has 3 ways to win the game (raze Tamalir, achieve plot victory, or defeat players in the final battle) while the heroes have only one. Two of the OL paths to victory can be achieved before the heroes gain the upper hand. It seems that the OL has to win by one of the first two before mid-silver level because if it comes to the third, the heroes are most likely going to win. What is needed, in my opinion, is a way to concluded the campaign earlier (other than one side throwing in the towel). Not at all Rednek, I actually agree. I think the tide of play is heavily balanced in the heroes favor. The OL has to build up strategically in order to be able to win the game. The heroes really just need to aqure skills which mesh together in order to gain an advantage. At the end of it all, the OL has the chips stacked against him in the final battle, and the build up to that point will be the deciding factor. Usually the heroes will have the advantage, and that's why I believe the designers gave the OL alternate winning scenarios to compensate.
  15. Thanks guys. I've been looking for such a long time...feel useless!
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