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  1. Good night, and big balls. Nice talk guys. Really enjoy expanding my understanding of the cards.
  2. Update on my pervious post. Games Plus has already 7 or so people on the facebook page looking to join up for a Netrunner night. Glad to see the store is taking an interest in this matter. https://www.facebook.com/GamesPlus
  3. Picked up my copy during Table Top Day. Made sure to ask about getting a group running at Games Plus. Currently on the facebook page for the store for getting people to organize. See ya there.
  4. Ahem, I believe this line not only has potential for expansions, but also deserves them for the fact that to honor the source material by giving us at least POD team packs or another box with more teams. We have more than 6 teams, and each has a story of victory among the other teams. We already have iconic teams for each race possible, and it would be a shame not to include them later on.
  5. Most of the time guard is on a cheap throwdown card you want to lose, but in a few cases where the card actually gains better stats or abilities it makes sense to use as soon as possible, rather than just a defense for MVP players and ball carriers. Honestly I feel that guard is has more potential later on, like with an undead team being tackled with an effect that causes the blocking player to be injured or at least pulled down with the guarding.
  6. That looks pretty convincing and helpful indeed. Sorry to say I don't really have an android device. I am currently working with the Dicenomicon program to try and code it out for use in that system. But even a Java based or web based roller could be handy.
  7. Been tossing this around the net a bit and figured this was the best place to ask. I never really have felt that a dice roller app would be a need in any roleplaying as most of my players are very good at math. Though I do have a few slower players who really like to get open rolls in Anima. Not to mention the time spend just figuring out attacks and counter attacks tends to make the head spin. I have been working with an app call the Dicenomicon and have been experimenting with the open roll mechs of Anima but to little gain. As a humble request, I would like a program where I can input at least one number and add the full dice roll of Anima and can understand the +1 or infinite on 100 rolls. This would make skills and battle so much easier. But to have the ability to input two numbers (Attack and Defense) and have two sets of dice be rolled would be a wonder. Anyone working with good dice roller app and has a formula please post, and if you are developer of apps I would not mind paying a few extra dollars to help along my slower gamers. ~Benji
  8. Mostly because if you don't have a weapon that can rid yourself of supernatural beings between worlds, you might as well sit there for the five turns and get a decent roll to try and take care of that problem. Slash slash! No it went right through! You need magical weapons to damage them....Start charging a banish.
  9. Been having a happy chat with my wife and GM for the longest time this week, all about if you MA really comes into place as a summoner for anything besides paying to maintain a Bind. Here is a quick list of situations we argue on. 1. (Zeon in summoning is built up), In order to use any summoning ability you save up MA during a ritual, as if casting a normal spell. Or... 2. (Zeon is a well, just take a bucket per skill), if you use a summoning skill and have the zeon it can be instantly used regardless of MA (-100 but instant) Basically we have been up over this for a while now and would like some rule clarifications. Thinks known about summoning - It is a mystic ability, but not sure if you need to use the MA to built Zeon for it. (Also if you have a disadvantage such as Oral Requirement if it comes into play as well) Someone without "The Gift" can be a summoner, best cases are for the Paladin classes.(Unless you want to try and cast spells too) Summoning is more based on gambles than normal magic, in other words a spell is almost always going to work. (Hence why the argument of MA, since spells are built up in combat but also almost always work the way you want them too.) Thank you for you time, please help me stop this argument! ~Tigbun
  10. Well no doubt we would still buy the books, and if the people converting are even decent FFG could put a much smaller team onto the finishing project of refining and layout. (Quality Control) It is nice to know that there are options at least, just an issue if they are not jumped on. I know a lot of people are sitting on their hands and being polite, but are very angry and willing to do a lot for an English copy of the books.
  11. Honestly with the matter of new books. It can't be helped that Edge isn't helping in the effort to help make an English Version of the books (I believe), and FFG has people spread thin enough as it is.(So many games!) I honestly would like to see them keep up with the product line, but lets look at the reality of it. The books would not only be expensive to print, sell, and send. But paying people for a refined English volume might not outweigh the profits. Not sure how the sales are doing, but I doubt it is enough to rush out new books and pour staff into. The only option is to have a third party try and help. Some one who works for peanuts, to retype the pdf files and convert the system. The only bad thing is that we the community can't be the ones to do it, mostly because it would mean us getting the PDFs for cheap or free (which is risky as we could leak, sell, or do worse), and then trying to sell an unprofessional copy of something that is strictly copyrighted. Best to just sit back and keep buying products and trying to drive sales of the game to help get the attention we need. Get some friends into it, throw a game day with people at your campus/work/school. It is a good system and we need to show it off to the English speaking people. I already have a done a good share of that and had friends buy at least 2 or 3 copies, and had a few strangers in a game store buy one as well. That on top of a GM Toolkit and Gaia book, I know I have bought my share as well. Best of luck ~Tigbun
  12. I really did see some of the similar ideas behind this game and some Lovecraft stories. I liked the fact that it seemed like everything in the game could change based off your sanity, and also the fact that creatures were hoardish or solo encounters, a few faceless ghouls or a massive mage of ancent power. :3
  13. I think the system would highly benifit from a Javascript or other program for Players to make and update characters, also some sort of encounter maker for the GM's. I know my GM takes a lot of time figuring out the numbers and stats of monsters and some thing that could calulate the final numbers automaticlly would make a huge difference.
  14. I highly agree on this point, many other RPG's use the odd powers as a sponge to keep the charcter balanced with the person next to him. Ex, a stright out fighter will have more stats or skills based on the fact he has more build points, thus making up for the fact he can not attempt magic or mental powers. Where as a mage has spent time working out his or her magic and thus suffers from lack of skills or attributes. This also works out will for the Min-Max players or the players who want a well rounded character.
  15. For a while now before FF took on the UFS cardgame, the Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids area has been trying to set up events for a weekly if not monthly event. Due to the size of the area, it is possible to set up anywhere from a small group to meet up at the many game shops, to making a large event area for many players to gather and play. The current area of play is around Critical Hit Games, in Coralville. A few players and myself can be found there on a normal basis playing other FF games as well as UFS. If you are interested in setting something up, talk with the store owner or contact me via email. ~Benji
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