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  1. Hi folks! This is my blog, actually about 1/72 scale models, but also incl. articles about Battlelore and expansions. worldin172scale.blogspot.com/search/label/Battlelore Have a look and be my guest. Comments Welcome! Pom
  2. Hi folks! You can read a lot of articles and news in my blog about this fantastic boardgame. Thanks to Fantasy Flight Games for their permission for using their material! worldin172scale.blogspot.com/search/label/Battles%20of%20Westeros Have fun!
  3. In Battlelore have all units (green, blue and red) incl. infantry and cavalry different sculpts, so that you can notice them at the first look. BR
  4. From the interview on the 17. 03.10: "The second set up of the board is a standard horizontal configuration placed between the two players. When in this configuration, it is important to note that additional boards can be placed adjacent to the initial board to expand the battlefield and accommodate larger armies." I think, the answer to your question could be "YES!" .-)
  5. Mike! Did you read your new message? URGENT! BR
  6. Hi! There is another preview about unit types in BoW. Any comments? BR
  7. Hi! You wrote 16 times the same message! Need prompt answer or something wrong with your connections?! BR
  8. Hi! Roberto di Megliio annouced on the BBG forum on the 15 March: "May 2010 is a very safe guess at this point, as the production should be completed by the end of this month. With a little luck could be end of april instead." BR Pom
  9. Hi! These are very good news! I'll have a look! Thanks!
  10. RexGator said: Did you notice that the box describes 36 banner poles but 86 unit banners? Hi! Maybe, there will be not more than 36 units in any scenario! BR
  11. Hello! I lived for 6 months in Sao Paulo! What a pity that we didn't meet each other and played BL!! There is a link for a shop in Berlin, but to find an english game in Germany is hard!! http://www.spielbrett-berlin.de/willkommen/kreuzberg/ They have also another shop in Berlin; ask them! Good luck! Pom
  12. Hi! I think that Napoleon is the MASTER piece of the game. A Napoleonic game without Napoleon will be ... joke; impossible; something new!!??
  13. Hello! On the website of Nexus is the second Scenario ready to download as a pdf file! The new sample scenario is the 6th in the original game. The Road to Namur, the first of the Battle of Quatre Bras: Belgium June 16, 1815. Here: http://www.nexusgames.com/read.asp?id=3590 Have a look!
  14. Hi! The designer Robert A. Kouda presented a look at some basic combat mechanism! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1153 Why he decided on a eight-sided dice? How to define the differences between cavalry and infantry due to speed and additional combat force? And how flanking maneuver and engagement system works? Critics and ideas from the community? Pom
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