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  1. The_Warlock said: Velhart said: I hope that we get a Barbarian character in the next expansion. A sort of Conan theme, with berserkers, evil mages,dark knights on horses etc Really? We're sharing the same hope this time my friend Ok for the evil mages, they often show up in Conan novels, but what do you think about 1) some Events/Strangers/Places that make you lose Spells or punish you for having Spells (something like lose 1 Life if you have at least 1 Spell, just as a Storm Caller for Armour) 2) some Object/Followers that protect you from Spells and/or prevent you from casting Spells? 3) some additional "counterspells"? Not that I'm saying that mages and warlocks are less powerful in a Conan-like setting, but they usually get crushed by "brutish" characters like the Barbarian. Now that we have the City expansion, everyone can become a wizard if they buy spell books, and they can sell their spells too. 1) events such as magical vortex is always welcome so that players can;t hold the spell cards too long in their hand. A stranger that let you lose 1 life if you have a spell is a nice idea 2) I am thinking about a object (trinket) that prevent you against one spell for one use. I think that's fair enough. Maybe it can be included in the forest expansion, because it's a magical place with spirits etc 3) To be honest, i don;t like to see the counterspells again.
  2. I saw the scribe card too. This card can become a big problem for the game. You only need a second spell to get this to work. But you can buy spell books, or visit the waterfall in the highlands to gain more spells. If someone has the random spell, then they have won the game, unless he lose the scribe follower But there are enough other spells that you want to keep. Temporal warp, strength and craft spell, and many others.
  3. The next region board should be the Forest. A place where spirits are living, and a lot of animals, fairies, and other forest creatures. I think it should be a middle level board. The same as the highland, I hope that we get a Barbarian character in the next expansion. A sort of Conan theme, with berserkers, evil mages,dark knights on horses etc
  4. I have receive the city expansion 2 days ago! I like the artwork from the board very much, and the cards too. Especially the Potion and Pet deck is a nice idea. The City cards are looking very good! I want to play it soon
  5. Velhart

    One Stables Deck?

    0beron said: Well I missed your inciteful commentary and ideas, friend! We did get the City, but we've only played one game, and… as usual, it ended up in a draw… neither of us got to the Inner and it took almost 3 hours for us to decide to quit. My wife got the Bounty Hunter and eventually went into the City where she bought a flail. She was pretty awesome and unstoppable. I was the Valkyie and I did okay, didn't buy much of anything in the City, but it was fun anyway. I kept waiting for her to buy a pet… in the hopes that once she lost it, as Valkrie I could resurrect it for myself. LOL! We hope to play this weekend again. Thank you oberon. I am glad you enjoy the City expansion. The City expansion looks fun to me. You can buy a lot of goodies there I think that i will go into the Highlands, as soon as the game begins
  6. Nidhögg said: About the Tinkerer. You use the automated followers as usual as if they still where objects. The limit is still only one armour and weapon in each fight. It´s a very good character then, together with his ability that he can discard automated followers to discard adventure cards, and draw some new ones.
  7. Velhart

    One Stables Deck?

    0beron said: Velhart said: I think that i will combine the stable cards too. I agree with Azoic, that the cards are the same. The stable adventure card gives you a choice to buy horses etc there. There is no reason to make a separate deck for that. Hi Velhart! Where you been? Probably playing a lot with the City? Hi Oberon, I am still waiting for the City expansion. My local shop has not receive it yet. I hope i will get it soon I am also playing other boardgames such as Descent, Dungeon quest etc But Talisman is my first choice of course
  8. Razum said: I have played another game with the City expansion which forced me to reconsider some of my initial analysis. Yes it is true that "The Scribe" is too good and the City is a very safe place to score some of the best items in the game early on. However the downsides of staying in the city for more than one or two loops become apparent. Having been blinded by the promise of easy loot within the city all six of players in my latest game beelined for it and remained there for most of the game. Of course we all got great items fairly quickly as both gold and freebies are easy to come by. However around two hours into the game we noticed something: our characters were pretty weak. Sure we had spellbooks and flails and pets but not one charactre had more than 3 strenght tokens to augment their base, and some had not gained srenght/craft counters at all. Something like that would have been unheard of in previous games where comparatively by that poin in time a 5-10+ Str token count would be standard. The lack of enemies within the city also leads to a lack of trophies, and its a severe one which stunts your character's development. Therefore I would not recomend staying in the city for long, even early on. Go in to try your luck, but leave once you get 1-2 items or you risk falling behind a player that never went there, despite your shiny flail or platemail. The City is meant to buy only stuff and goodies there. I agree that characters should not stay there for long. I think that one loop (walk) around the city is enough. i am glad that there are not many enemies in the city
  9. Thernand said: The Assassin is a Stranger card where: You may pay up to 3 gold; then choose a character to lose 1 life for each gold you paid. Once a character has chosen to do so, discard this card. This is one of those game changing cards I mension earlier. This is a very nasty card then!
  10. jd3 said: Bounty Hunter (Str 5, Cra 2, Fate 2, Life 4; Evil)… *Whenever you defeat a character that does not match your current alignment in battle or psychic combat, you may gain 1 gold (from the gold stockpile) in addition to your normal reward. *Whenever you kill an Enemy you may gain 1 gold. *If you have a stand-off during battle or psychic combat, you win the attack instead. *You may take 1 trophy of your choice from a character that you land on. Tinkerer (Str 2, Cra 4, Fate 3, Life 4; Good)… *You start the game with 3 objects of your choice from the Purchase deck. *You may turn any Objects you have into automated Followers: You may use the abilities and effects of automated Followers as normal (Weapon and Armour limits still apply). Automated Followers are no longer considered Objects and do not count towards your carrying capacity. After you encounter a space and have drawn the required number of cards, you may discard an automated Follower to discard any number of cards on the space and draw new cards to replace them, which you must encounter. *Whenever you encounter a Construct, you may take it as an automated Follower instead of attacking it. However, while a Construct is an automated follower, you cannot use its ability. Elementalist (Str 1, Cra 1, Fate 3, Life 4; Neutral)… *At the start of the game, place 1 fate token on your character card as an elemental marker: Once during your turn, you may flip your elemental marker to its light or dark side. As long as your elemental marker has its light side faceup, add 4 to your Strength. As long as your elemental marker has its dark side faceup, add 4 to your Craft. *You automatically kill Enemy Elementals without resorting to battle or psychic combat (you keep killed Elementals as trophies as normal). The Bounty Hunter, Tinkerer and elementalist are very good characters! About the tinkerer: I wonder what it means with: you may use the abilities and effects of automated followers. If you turn a armour into a automated follower, can you still use it as a armour then? hmm Elementalist has finally a dark/light fate token rule. Nice!
  11. Velhart

    One Stables Deck?

    I think that i will combine the stable cards too. I agree with Azoic, that the cards are the same. The stable adventure card gives you a choice to buy horses etc there. There is no reason to make a separate deck for that.
  12. I don't think that there are printing errors. I am sure that FFG knows what they are doing. If they have decided that the Crystal sceptre is not a trinket, then we must accept that..
  13. I like it, that the bow is not to be used as a weapon You fire it before the battle begins by rolling a die, and adding it to the attack score
  14. You can combine the Sacred Pool ending, with a endboss ending for example
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