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  1. @OggDude A Feature Request for the Data Editor: List items from selected source(s). For an example: You have just bought your first Core / Sourcebook(s) and want to enter the new weapon data to the Editor. But there are lots of weapons, in no particular order, and it will take some time to wade through all the weapons and their sources. It would be nice to able to just select your book(s) from available sources list and voilà—only the relevant items are listed in the Editor. I think that would speed up finding and editing things a lot. = Sergen =
  2. Does anyone else have problems with printing the droid features? = Sergen =
  3. Thanks for the quick response! And I’m sorry if the problem has been reported earlier, I tried to search the forums for this bug report but going through over 200 pages were too much. And I have a feature request: Would it be possible to print a list of different kinds of gear and items? For an example, you could print a list of starships, armor, weapons etc. The list could be in a basic table format like on the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook's Ranged Weapons table on page 160. Oh, and the source book and page need to be listed, too.
  4. A friend of mine ran into a possible glitch with his character. Seems like the CharGen doesn't calculate Encumbrance correctly if the character has multiple Burly talents and a really heavy gun. How to recreate the situation: First create a character with Brawn of 4 and add 3 Burly talents from Hired Gun / Heavy Talent Tree. Then add a Heavy Repeating Blaster and equip it. Now the character sheet says the Weapon has Encumbrance 6 and Cumbersome 2. These are correct. (3 ranks of Burly reduces the weapon's Encumbrance from 9 to 6 and Cumbersome from 5 to 2.) The character sheet says Encumbrance Value is 6, Encumbrance Threshold is 9 and 'You are unencumbered.' These are correct, too. But why is the Total Carried Encumbrance 9? Also, on the front page of the character sheet, just under the skills there’s a note that says ‘Cumbersome Penalty: Due to Cumbersome items, all skill checks will have their difficulty increased by 1.’ There should be no problems because the weapon has Cumbersome 2 and the character has Brawn 4. So, is this a glitch or am I seriously missing something?
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