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  1. Saldre said: Hey! Whats up, how is everybody? So I had a quick question for you guys, more versed in 40k fluff then I. I have been running another adventure (not Idyll heresies, even though that's still going rather well), which has a bunch of Acolytes intruding a Rogue Trader's mining colony to recover a rogue psyker who has accidently teleported himself there, only to be captured by a cult who has been developing secretly for a while now. As you can see, truth be told, the Mining part of the mission was so irrelevant, I did not think to fluff it. When asked about what they were mining that was so important (to justify the rogue trader buying the land, and nullifying any semblance of authority they had so that they don't walk in guns blazing killing everything and everybody (the tech-priest is rather zealous)). Now, they took a lot of hints I have given and expanded on them to make up quite a nice story. However, when they had asked about what exactly was being mined, I simply threw out "crystals" because well, I didn't think gold was that rare or worthwhile anymore in the 40k, as everything is made out of gold. Well, granted everything expensive, but still, not expensive enough to justify a rogue trader taking over. Now the group has a lot of theories of what could be causing craziness in the colony: mutations, warp infection, crazy cult, and last but not least... the crystals themselves. The tech-priest has seemingly figured out what these crystals are, and believes THEY are causing the mutations. Now i have looked up as much Info on crystals as I could possibly find, and I still couldn't find any hints of crystals causing mutation trough exposure. Perhaps he thinks its Kryptonite or something? I am not quite sure! So It seems the guy is better versed in the lore then I am, and I may have accidentally put my foot in my mouth by throwing out "crystals" as the "thing they were mining". Any ideas what cannon crystals cause mutations that could possibly be down there, or do I have free reign to make stuff up myself, based on the Tech's priest assumption, and develop it as another red-herring? One word: Warpstone.
  2. Do the botched escape, save the cloning for star wars and DND munchkinnery
  3. They didnt really have a choice, if they didnt hed just dump em into outer space, and I think the pcs knew that
  4. wI keep on asking my scum player to make a pact on his character but he keeps saying no hehe.. he might for psychic powers though, hes interestred in spook
  5. Ok, ill backtrack for everyone, we ran illumination succesfully, well.. even further than that My pary consists of my younger brother, playing as an undercovr orc "suicide special troop" ala highly trained killing machine that wont be missed, from a program from a semi-radical inquisitor, he wears full armour so people see him as hired muscle for my scum other member, played by my older brother, ok fast forward after 2 sessions of illumination, which the highlights were the first trip to the pittswhjere my brother spat out his soda and bent over laughing at the drunk man who said "iiiim da onlay buwwet buyaaah hheeeeear" in my stupidest voice, him throwing a fire bomb on the bomb the raiders were dragging up the cathedral steps (hehe) and other escapades Now then, the session after that was fairly short, which consisted of them delivering a small spherical package to a drop site a few miles away, on the way, they look up and see an imperial naavy size starcruiser above em, an alien drop pod fall down out of the sky, and my BBEG/ Party DMPC, (i say this because i tend to make an npc that i generally control and use as my *character* in a way) so then he throws a knock out gas grenade on their heads (was originally going to be a hallucinogen rpg, but then a hallucinogen bola, but i just hads him chuck a nade) they get knocked out, and taken aboard, they wake up in a cell with the alien (picture humanoid dragon/kobold thing in full body/fullface high tech power armour, but a hint of gothic design, and ya got it. also hes psychic) he greets them, i get a bit o' fun insulting my pcs (love saying imperial dogs hehe) but yada yada, fluff about his main planet was eaten by tyranids, blah blah and he proposes to let em live if they join his crew, which is sentient thanks to a dark-humored machine spirit inhabiting it, anyhow it ended with him showing the pcs the armory, which has plasma guns, bolters, xeno-tech lasers etc...keep in mind these ar 2-3 leveled pcs... is this a NoNo? P.S i plan to have them attack an imperial vessel, and need hint on what to do
  6. The tyrant star is where slaanesh entered into realspace, fluffwise
  7. Xathess Wolfe said: DocIII said: Having Sex isn't going to catch the eye of Slaneesh (even if its for personal reasons). Having sex with a three breasted mutant, two Grox, and a Ogryn probably will catch the eye of Slaneesh even if you didn't intend of calling him/her/it. eeerm... *twitch* oh god im gonna be sick
  8. *sigh* I think some people are getting definitions mixed up There are a couple types of mutation, warp, genetic, and psychic warp is the mutants, the chaos cultists, the oozing sores etc Now lets go into genetic. this is either natural or intended, theye meaning we have in our world, like ogryns and space marines, this is not warp related at all, just shares the same name finally, thetre are pschic ones, which i believe is a special gene, I think, that allows using pschic powers, once again, not daemon related, just harnessing natural warp energy, sometimes things go wrong and chaos f*cks it up, but normally not
  9. 40K and WFRP are linked by the warp, and eldar, when they where in almost every part of the galaxy, created slaanesh from their pure exctasy, and slaanesh/khaine fought khaine is hurt, and still is badly, which released the shard stuff that they use to become avatars. slaanesh entering tore open the eye of terror, and now the eldar are trying to create a new god of death to combat slaanesh
  10. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and critiques, I'll see how the session goes
  11. I would, if you have the books, start with doing wfrp, after a campaign or two, and after they've settled in, say that they are going to go futuristic, as the wfrp-40k jump is much smaller than just staight from DnD
  12. I plan on having him follow and superviuse the party, from a safe distance, of course, just close enough to keep his hand on the collar detonator and his eyes on the ork with it on
  13. Oh, I think you misunderstood, "guardsman" is just the class we're using to represent an ork, since they're all shooty, and the rest i'm using an unnoficial supplement for orks. thanks for the pointers, lets see if I can get some more
  14. Hey, just started really gming now, and we have the character sheets done, my big brothers a scum, while my little ones an ork guardsman, since he wanted to be a non-squishy humie, wearing an explosive collar, lol. Anyway, does anyone have some tips for a first time DH gm? still a little flunky, but we're doing some test runs tomorrow before starting the campaign
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