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  1. Fraid not. Once this game was done and dusted, so was I.
  2. Now that I think about it, that's actually how I mostly built decks back in the day. Decks that I made to be competitive, sure, but decks that were just a blast to play against each other.
  3. Seeing all those boxes made me drool. Especially those Japanese boxes! Back in the day when I got boxes of Reflections 2, I pulled a Japanese Premier Darth Vader. Last time I looked, that card alone hit $200+ (yeah, I darn near passed out when I saw that!) This thread has had me looking thru my bindered sets (Premier thru DS II; Endor and DS II not complete, but darn close), and thru my times!
  4. I was a volunteer for Decipher for several years. Some of the most fun times I've ever had as a gamer! I still have my Gold Squadron bag....and polo shirt too. And as I look over at my binders of cards.......and the factory set (that was at the time only given out to Lucasfilm and Decipher execs).....and my Ultra Pro deck bag which has 3 sets of decks in it.....all I have to say to FFG is this (which most of you have echoed): DO IT. PLEASE. Then shut up and take my money!
  5. Okay guys and girls, tell me what you think of this build. Keep in mind that I'm basing this ONLY on what I actually have on hand. Basically, I want to see what kind of build I can do WITHOUT having to go out and go shopping for more stuff (though I am sure that will come later on). Here's my current inventory: 2x Core Set 1x ISD 2x Arquetins 1X CR 90 1x Rogues and Villains 1X Liberty -1 extra Enhanced Armament -4 extra TRC's The Fleet looks like this: ISD-II (Flagship) -Relentless -Darth Vader -Veteran Gunners -Leading Shots -Spinal Armament Arquetins Command Cruiser -Yularen -Enhanced Armament Arquetins Command Cruiser -Needa -Enhanced Armament SQUADRONS -Bossk -Boba Fett *I AM 27 points short, so any input on filling out those points would be great. I also haven't looked at the FAQ (yet) to see if anything has been nerfed (I DO know that TRC has)* THE BASIC PREMISE: -The ISD hunkers through being all big and bad, with plenty of chances to re-roll attacks. 9 dice of doom coming out the front arc, with three ways to re-roll. -The Arquetins run around the edge of the battlefield. With Concentrate Fire tokens, each one has 5 dice coming out the side, all the way out to long range, and a re-roll from Darth. Yularen there to keep the Concentrated Fire tokens coming, and Needa to give a ship the 2nd Evade token. -The 2 bounty hunter squadrons are there for filler mostly, though I do like the idea of moving and firing during the Squadron phase. Sooooo what can I do to help this list along?
  6. Pilot Packs (like baseball cards but sans bubblegum)

    Blue Milk Gum. Start printing the money!
  7. Pilot Packs (like baseball cards but sans bubblegum)

    THIS. "Do you have any more gum? More gum. More gum. More gum. Do you have any more gum?" (bonus points if you get the reference)
  8. @Vergilius Now, see, that was one thing I was hoping to avoid: netlist-ing! See, I played Pokemon for several years, and people that net-decked were NOT very well liked among the masses, and I was hoping to NOT be "that guy". At least now, with YouTube MUCH more prevalent, people can not only see the fleet lists, but actually see them in action how the original list-maker intended. Shoot, it's how I've learned to play several games (Armada, X-Wing, Rebellion, Legendary Encounters, Ascendancy). The local meta is basically whatever I (along with maybe one other person) bring to the table. Not a really strong local following for Armada in my parts (but I know places within driving distance that DO have a following). X-Wing fares a little better, but again, let's just say that I don't bust out the Miranda/Nym build very often!
  9. And in an update: I'm a terrible son in law! In preparing for December, I decided at minimum to add another set of dice and a maneuver tool to my shopping list (just for good stuff to have around) and some upgrade cards here and there. Then, with how much I would've spent on this "other" stuff, it happened: I found a used Core Set for $51 shipped on eBay. 100% complete, and without any of the legwork of popping out all that cardboard! There's the dice set (about 10 bucks), the maneuver tool (another 10 bucks), and knocks a CR-90 off my shopping list (another 20 bucks). I hated to just buy the Core Set on my own, but figuring in what I was going to get anyways, and with what it woulda cost, AND the cost of this Core Set, it woulda been stupid not to. Just means that in less than 3 months, I'll happily accept the new additions to the Deogg Shipyards! In the meantime I'm gonna fill in some holes: -The squadron packs I for both sides are a definite -I wasn't initially gonna get a Nebulon B, and even though I will end up with 3 by the time the dust settles, I'm thinking of getting one so I can get the cards -I'll probably get an MC-30 (mainly for the cards) -I'm done with CR-90's. After Christmas, I'll have three (2 cores, 1 retail), so I think I'm good there. ...................and THEN there's the Chimaera!
  10. What Expansion pack is essential for Imps?

    ISD is always a solid start. Combined with what you already have (which it looks like you're on a good start as it is), the ISD would get you to a 400 point build very, IT'S THE FREAKING ISD! Before I even had a Core Set, I had the ISD. The Squadron packs are also good as well. With the Imp ships you already have plus the various upgrades from other ships, you're sitting really good as it is, just the ISD would definitely put you up over the top.
  11. Why the heck not?

    That list...........................looks like fun!
  12. Gotta love Armada Warlords for fleet building! As Lando said in ROTJ "here goes nothing!" CR90-A Dodonna's Pride Redundant Shields TRC CR90-A Jaina's Light Raymus Antilles TRC MC80 Battle Cruiser Liberty Dodonna Veteran Gunners Leading Shots Spinal Armament XI7 SQUADRONS Luke Wedge Han Biggs Nym Keyan Farlander THE BASIC PREMISE: -The CR90's fly around using TRC to help blast stuff (even with it being nerfed). COULD use Concentrate Fire commands to help that out, especially from longer range. -The MC80......God help anyone that gets in its front firing arc! 5 dice minimum at long range (6 if I use Concentrate Fire) with a reroll, 8-9 dice total with a reroll from short-medium. -The squadrons: I already see something I potentially did wrong here (I did it with my Imperial list too): I went with all named squadrons to more easily fill up the points. That aside, I went more for the bomber route with my squadrons. Dunno how well that will pan out though
  13. Definitely a lot of stuff to take into consideration and tweak and playtest around with, that's for sure! Now I just have to get a preliminary fleet list for the Rebels. See, for Empire (which is my faction of choice), after doing a lot of homework, I had an idea in mind for their fleet list (long range sniping by Arqs).......and even that is gonna get wrecked once Thrawn arrives! The Rebels, on the other hand, are NOT gonna be the faction I play a lot, BUT I still want to at least have a halfway decent 400-point build for. So, for the Rebels, I'm still kinda stumbling in the dark. But hey, it's progress!
  14. (NOTE: IMO this list looks so dang light) ISD II Darth Vader Devastator Captain Needa Redundant Shields Turbolaser Reroute Circuits ARQUITEN LIGHT CRUISER Centicore Reinforced Blast Doors Enhanced Armament ARQUITEN LIGHT CRUISER Hand of Justice Reinforced Blast Doors Enhanced Armament SQUADRONS IG-88 Boba Fett Bossk THE BASIC PREMISE: -Have the Arquitens running around broadside-ing everything with 5 red dice from long range (via EA and using Concentrated Fire), with Reinforced Blast Doors to help keep them each alive a little longer -Darth just being all big and bad Darth aboard the Devastator (and of course to provide rerolls for the Arqs). Needa is there to convert a defense token to fuel the TRC. If I use the Concentrated Fire command, I could have 5 shots coming out the front of the ISD at long range. -The bounty hunte......I mean, squadrons: I could probably do SO much better on this front. The thing is, with only 72 points available for Squardons, I doubt I have enough to drop in the stuff necessary for the Fireball engine. NOTE: I am already debating changing at least one of the Arqs to the Command Cruiser. Then if/when I have to fire from my front arc, I'm still at least firing with 3 dice until I get to long range.