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  1. Thanks for all the great input thus far, everyone! See, when it comes to Legion, the Empire is my jam, that's the faction I focus on. The Rebels, as far as a build goes, it doesn't have to set the world on fire, it just has to work. You guys got me well on my way to that!
  2. Not yet, no. Just the troopers that came in the Core Set. I DO gotta track down one trooper..........one of my Core Set troopers came with no arms LOL
  3. Yeah, like I said.....VERY rough hehe. It was basically a case of having this stuff and seeing if I could actually get to an 800 point build. The good news is that I can......but boy, does it need work lol.
  4. I'm just now getting to the Rebels for Legion, and I have juuuuuuuuuust enough to get an 800 point build. When I put in the title that it's a rough build, I definitely mean ROUGH lol. Anyhow, with my meager purchases for the Rebels, here it is: Han Solo (120 + 14 = 134)--Aggressive Tactics (10), Duck and Cover (4)Leia Organa (90 + 15 = 105)--Esteemed Leader (5), Improvised Orders (10)Chewbacca (95 + 18 = 113)--Hunter (6), Emergency Stims (12)Luke Skywalker (Operative) (200 + 31 = 231)--Saber Throw (5), Force Guidance (10), Force Reflexes (10), Endurance (6)Rebel Veterans (48 + 42 = 90)--CM-O93 Trooper (26), Rebel Veteran (12), Targeting Scopes (4)Rebel Veterans (48 + 0 = 48)Rebel Troopers (40 + 34 = 74)--MPL-57 Ion Trooper (24), Rebel Trooper (10) Commands: Sabotaged Communications (1), Sorry About the Mess (1), My Ally Is the Force (2), Brains and Brawn (2), Return of the Jedi (3), Somebody Has to Save Our Skins (3), Standing Orders (4)Deployments: Major Offensive, Disarray, Battle Lines, The Long MarchObjectives: Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Key Positions, Intercept the Transmissions, BreakthroughConditions: Rapid Reinforcements, Limited Visibility, Clear Conditions, Fortified Positions The Command Cards and Battle Plans are also very roughly planned (if at all). But yeah, like I said, it's a very very rough draft. If you guys and gals can think of any tweaks (bonus points if I don't have to go out and buy anything else hehe), that'd be great!
  5. Sooooooo in addition to my Empire build, I'm also considering this one for Store Championships. Give it a read, lemme know what you all think! (The event is Hyperspace) M3-A Interceptor - Cartel Spacer - 28 Cartel Spacer - (25) Autoblasters (3) Fang Fighter - •Fenn Rau - 71 •Fenn Rau - Skull Leader (68) Fearless (3) Firespray-class Patrol Craft - •Boba Fett - 101 •Boba Fett - Notorious Bounty Hunter (85) Fearless (3) •Maul (12) •Slave I (1) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Pretty much your basic Boba Fenn build. Debating whether to drop the Spicer in favor of beefing up either Boba or Fenn, or leaving the Spicer in as a 3rd attacker. Thoughts?
  6. My bad, I shoulda specified that the format for the event IS Hyperspace
  7. The title says it all, folks. Later this month I'll be playing in what is not only my first Store Championships, but my first OP event of ANY kind. Other than a very rare casual game, I don't get much flight time in. Soooooooo, I'm working on a build that will be a good mix of getting my feet wet in an OP event, yet still being at least somewhat competitive, yet not embarrassing myself all at the same time. This is what I've come up with so far. I'll probably change my mind once or twice....or ten times.....before the event lol. Anyhow, here goes: TIE Advanced x1 - •Darth Vader - 69 •Darth Vader - Black Leader (67) Fire-Control System (2) VT-49 Decimator - •Rear Admiral Chiraneau - 89 •Rear Admiral Chiraneau - Advisor to Admiral Piett (76) •Grand Inquisitor (13) TIE/sk Striker - •“Duchess” - 42 •“Duchess” - Urbane Ace (42) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I like the idea of Darth and RAC together on paper thus far. The real question mark is Duchess. Do I stay with a totally vanilla Duchess, or maybe drop Duchess for a lower point ship or some upgrades for Darth/RAC and maybe a bid? Any input is appreciated!
  8. With the pickups I got today, I was fiddling around, and I am able to build an almost 800 point Imperial build. With only very few purchases (Core, Boba, Scout Troops, Shoretroopers, and Upgrade pack) it's probably VERY vanilla, but it's something to build upon anyway. Here goes: 791/800 points Darth Vader (190 + 30 = 220)--Force Push (10), Force Reflexes (10), Force Guidance (10)Boba Fett (140 + 19 = 159)--Endurance (6), Hunter (6), Targeting Scopes (4), Grappling Hooks (3)Stormtroopers (44 + 39 = 83)--DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24), Stormtrooper (11), Targeting Scopes (4)Shoretroopers (52 + 8 = 60)--Offensive Push (4), Targeting Scopes (4)Stormtroopers (44 + 44 = 88)--DLT-19 Stormtrooper (24), Stormtrooper (11), Targeting Scopes (4), Impact Grenades (5)Scout Troopers (60 + 46 = 106)--DLT-19x Sniper (28), Duck and Cover (4), HQ Uplink (10), Targeting Scopes (4)74-Z Speeder Bikes (75 + 0 = 75) Commands: Whipcord Launcher (1), Vaders Might (1), New Ways to Motivate Them (2), ZX Flame Projector (2), Master of Evil (3), Z-6 Jetpack Rocket (3), Standing Orders (4) Like I said, very vanilla, but it's something to start with and build upon. Lemme know what you all think! Now, to work on Rebels.....then get Clone Wars.....
  9. Hi folks, been thinking of doing a list with 2 Defenders. I've been tinkering around online with the Squad builder, and it looks like it could be fun. Does anyone have any decent builds running two Defenders? Or is the Defender too pricey to run two of?
  10. Great stuff guys. Thanks for the input this far! Also working on a couple of other builds (Dengar/Fett for Scum, and I'm not sure yet on an Imperial build, I may try a double TIE Defender build).
  11. I have mine preordered. I WAS going to try getting one at GenCon, but I figured I'd get the guaranteed score and have it delivered to my door instead of HOPING I got one AND having to lug that sucker through the con!
  12. FINALLY bought into 2nd Edition and got caught up (yeah, it only took me a year), and some time to read up on 2nd and get the hang of things. My first goal was to get Miranda flying again! Anyhow, here's my K-Wing List: BTL-S8 K-wing - •Miranda Doni - 83 •Miranda Doni - Heavy Hitter (43) Cluster Missiles (5) Proton Rockets (7) •Leia Organa (6) Bomblet Generator (5) Advanced SLAM (3) •Han Solo (14) RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 41 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (34) Intimidation (3) Ion Missiles (4) T-65 X-wing - •Luke Skywalker - 76 •Luke Skywalker - Red Five (62) •R2-D2 (5) Afterburners (6) Heightened Perception (3) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Just lemme know what you guys think!
  13. Thrawn Boba Fett At-At (Not necessarily in that order)
  14. -Well, if you just happen to have a buttload of Heroscape (4 Master Set 1's, 2 Master Set 2's, the fortress, lava, tundra, among others......yeah, I have a problem! LOL) *I have a Master Set 3 which I haven't opened, and a couple of Marvel Master Sets too*, the potential is there to make something massive enough for a full sized board. In hindsight, the problem I see is actually the texture of the tiles and it might make placement of the figs clunky if they happen to rest on the juuuuuust right spot. -IIRC there were some outdoor maps for WotC Star Wars (didn't the AT-AT and Battle of Hoth sets come with outdoor maps? I'll have to dig mine out) that might work -AT-43 had both indoor and outdoor map tiles (that aren't gridded like WotC SW) that may work as well. AT-43 also has stuff like the containers and bunkers and obstacles that might help. -I'll have to check out Starship Troopers. I have some stuff from it, but not that map boxed set Like I said, definitely NOT for OP in any way, but for those people (like myself) that aren't that artistically talented enough to make a custom board/buildings/etc, thinking of some possible alternatives for "grings and giggles" casual games!
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