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  1. Thrawn Boba Fett At-At (Not necessarily in that order)
  2. -Well, if you just happen to have a buttload of Heroscape (4 Master Set 1's, 2 Master Set 2's, the fortress, lava, tundra, among others......yeah, I have a problem! LOL) *I have a Master Set 3 which I haven't opened, and a couple of Marvel Master Sets too*, the potential is there to make something massive enough for a full sized board. In hindsight, the problem I see is actually the texture of the tiles and it might make placement of the figs clunky if they happen to rest on the juuuuuust right spot. -IIRC there were some outdoor maps for WotC Star Wars (didn't the AT-AT and Battle of Hoth sets come with outdoor maps? I'll have to dig mine out) that might work -AT-43 had both indoor and outdoor map tiles (that aren't gridded like WotC SW) that may work as well. AT-43 also has stuff like the containers and bunkers and obstacles that might help. -I'll have to check out Starship Troopers. I have some stuff from it, but not that map boxed set Like I said, definitely NOT for OP in any way, but for those people (like myself) that aren't that artistically talented enough to make a custom board/buildings/etc, thinking of some possible alternatives for "grings and giggles" casual games!
  3. deogg

    Core Set Issues

    Turns out mine had two: -AT-RT had a missing handle (eh, no biggie) -One Rebel Trooper is missing his arms
  4. LOLOLOL Well played sir!
  5. As I was assembling my Core Set today, it got me thinking about other games out there and using maps or tiles as maps/terrain for Legion. I came up with some potential ideas: -Heroscape: Great for elevation and cover. With enough of the tiles from that, the possibilities are beyond endless. -AT-43: The game had all sorts of map tiles -Imperial Assault/Doom/Star Wars minis/etc: Tiles, boards........maybe? Now, I know, not usable in Organized Play, but in friendly pickup games, why not?
  6. Got my copy of Legion today. Okay, great, getting stuff assembled.....I WASN'T gonna paint them, but after getting them assembled.....I might. Aaaaaanyway, one of my Rebel troops (1 of the SWL_0011) has NO arms! The other fig in that baggie had its arms, but one fig is armless! yeah, I'll shoot an email to customer support and all that, but of all the things to be missing......a dude's freaking ARMS! lol
  7. deogg

    Thanks For All The Fish

    More like 42
  8. Fraid not. Once this game was done and dusted, so was I.
  9. Now that I think about it, that's actually how I mostly built decks back in the day. Decks that I made to be competitive, sure, but decks that were just a blast to play against each other.
  10. Seeing all those boxes made me drool. Especially those Japanese boxes! Back in the day when I got boxes of Reflections 2, I pulled a Japanese Premier Darth Vader. Last time I looked, that card alone hit $200+ (yeah, I darn near passed out when I saw that!) This thread has had me looking thru my bindered sets (Premier thru DS II; Endor and DS II not complete, but darn close), and thru my decks.......fun times!
  11. I was a volunteer for Decipher for several years. Some of the most fun times I've ever had as a gamer! I still have my Gold Squadron bag....and polo shirt too. And as I look over at my binders of cards.......and the factory set (that was at the time only given out to Lucasfilm and Decipher execs).....and my Ultra Pro deck bag which has 3 sets of decks in it.....all I have to say to FFG is this (which most of you have echoed): DO IT. PLEASE. Then shut up and take my money!
  12. Okay guys and girls, tell me what you think of this build. Keep in mind that I'm basing this ONLY on what I actually have on hand. Basically, I want to see what kind of build I can do WITHOUT having to go out and go shopping for more stuff (though I am sure that will come later on). Here's my current inventory: 2x Core Set 1x ISD 2x Arquetins 1X CR 90 1x Rogues and Villains 1X Liberty -1 extra Enhanced Armament -4 extra TRC's The Fleet looks like this: ISD-II (Flagship) -Relentless -Darth Vader -Veteran Gunners -Leading Shots -Spinal Armament Arquetins Command Cruiser -Yularen -Enhanced Armament Arquetins Command Cruiser -Needa -Enhanced Armament SQUADRONS -Bossk -Boba Fett *I AM 27 points short, so any input on filling out those points would be great. I also haven't looked at the FAQ (yet) to see if anything has been nerfed (I DO know that TRC has)* THE BASIC PREMISE: -The ISD hunkers through being all big and bad, with plenty of chances to re-roll attacks. 9 dice of doom coming out the front arc, with three ways to re-roll. -The Arquetins run around the edge of the battlefield. With Concentrate Fire tokens, each one has 5 dice coming out the side, all the way out to long range, and a re-roll from Darth. Yularen there to keep the Concentrated Fire tokens coming, and Needa to give a ship the 2nd Evade token. -The 2 bounty hunter squadrons are there for filler mostly, though I do like the idea of moving and firing during the Squadron phase. Sooooo what can I do to help this list along?
  13. deogg

    Pilot Packs (like baseball cards but sans bubblegum)

    Blue Milk Gum. Start printing the money!
  14. deogg

    Pilot Packs (like baseball cards but sans bubblegum)

    THIS. "Do you have any more gum? More gum. More gum. More gum. Do you have any more gum?" (bonus points if you get the reference)