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  1. The starting time has been changed to 1030am. Sorry for the last minute change.
  2. Dragon's Lair 7959 Fredericksburg Rd Suite #129 San Antonio, TX 78229 (210) 615-1229 Starting at 10:30 AM.
  3. You mean like the limited format from the Chinese championship?
  4. Store championship will be held on Feb 22, starting at noon sharp. Please arrive early to fill out decklists. Entry fees have not been discussed, but it will be no more than $10. Dragon's Lair 7959 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, TX 78229 (210) 615-1229
  5. I will be making twitter posts as I hit Tulsa, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio for the home stretch of the Plugged-In Tour, and while I am in Minnesota for the World Championships. You see my itinerary here, and follow me @ScottAwesome1.
  6. There's a few of us that meet Tuesdays at Dragon's Lair in San Antonio for all LCGs, but attendance for Star Wars has been on the decline.
  7. Sell them on ebay for big $$$. Those cards are rarer than the PSF or crypsis promos!
  8. If all of the feedback for this thing is negative, you can be **** sure FFG will never have something like this on a global scale. This is a test run, let them see how it goes on a small scale before getting so angry.
  9. Post here to let FFG know you want both identities, not one.
  10. I was thinking I was gonna come in here and find out about a third Jinteki ID.
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