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  1. BJaffe01 said: it depends on how you want to do the plastic. some folks really want us marine figures. yeah the number of tanks is low but that's okay by me BJaffe01 Definitely Marine figures, & think more scenarios, not less-the more the merrier
  2. Of course its a challenge, all great things are. Put good minds to the task & we'll have another whopper of an expansion! Pacific I think would be much more intricate w/ alot of twists & turns, but thats what would make it fun, but only w/ alot of realism mixed in for those of us that like it more "Like it really was". Happy gaming
  3. when a squad attacks a tank are the only types of attacks available "close range & long range"? Based on the combined fire example on page 31 & the reference sheet stats on the squads vs vehicles thats the way I read it, is this right?
  4. Great cards, but all I could find on the site was labled "Commonwealth" w/ US tanks. Do you have more ready or are more coming for the rest of the units & nationalities? I'd like a full set. They would make it much better, in my opinion for both sides. Kind of sets it up like the Memoir-44 cards with all the data you need for particular units I think better than just looking on a stat sheet. I like the cards for easier/quicker reference. Please post back to let me know whats going on with your make ups.
  5. Plus there's a ton of different scenarios & map set-ups on line to download & print!


    Ya, I play both games & like the way Memoir 44 does it. Its a risk for the attacker, just like it was realistically, but also a gamble for the defender hoping the mine is actually hit & detonates. I was also thinking of putting a twist on it. Normally mine fields were not marked, if you wanted to catch the enemy by surprize, which is usually the case. So therefore why not allow the defender to make a hidden map beforehand of the spaces he will lay mines on a separate sheet of paper & only reveal that a minefield space has been entered when the attacker actually enters the space. Then it could play out w/a roll of the dice 1-6, whether the mine actually goes off & how much damage is done. I'm still working on the details to make it fair, yet realistic. But I'm going to try it like that.
  8. The A&A map you refer to has better detail than the original TOI map board, what are you referring to & where are the available at?
  9. My son & I are in the middle of playing this one. He's pretty good against the "ole man", & a pretty good strategist. He's playing the americans. He's keeping his tanks in the rear w/the gear & lobbing shells. Plus the americans get so many more units to start with. He's pretty aggressive w/his play & its going to be anyones game @ this point?????????????????????????? Actually seems like a pretty fair scenario depending on how its played w/the knowledge that the germans get the big help in round 4.
  10. RMCBRIDE01


    The problem w/not having all the small terrain tiles to make up the different battlefields from the base maps is that if FFG did away w/ the terrain tiles & just supplied enough map boards to cover the whole European theater they would have to have a game box 5+ times the size of the current one to hold all the map boards needed. Probably wouldn't be realistic in terms of cost effectiveness, size, etc. I agree its kind of a pain when you bump the map board, if thats the issue? I ended up taping my map boards to the game table for that scenario & then double back taping the terrain tiles in place respectively. Seems to work fine. Plus I like the idea of less boards & customizable terrain. Also you've got to be able to build &/or remove entrenchments, razor wire etc. Thats my opinion.
  11. I too am eagerly awaiting additional expansions for the all the theaters of WW2. I have all the expansions thus far. Hope something is in the works! Rod
  12. Just got done w/silence the guns too. Had a problem understanding LOS & all the hills. Q1--If your on Level 2 hill, with Level 1 hill in frt of you, do you have LOS to enemy unit @ base of hill on Level 0 terrain, or does it follow the 2 or 3 space LOS behind blocking terrain rule? & visa versa for the unit @ L0 space to have LOS to the L2 space? Q2--Plateau rule-- If your on the 2nd space from the edge if the hill (L1) you have a plateau in frt of you. The example says you have no LOS! Does that mean for every space beyond the Plateau to the end of the game board if there is no adtl blocking terrain except the one plateau space in frt of you, or does it follow the LOS after the third space as if the plateau space in frt of you is just blocking terrain like a forest tile would? Q3--If you are on either an L2 or L1 hill, there are 2-3 spaces of L0, then 1-2 spaces of an L1 hill & your enemy is on the other side of the L1 hill, is it possible to have direct LOS if he is on the 3rd space beyond the second hill or is it blocking terrain no matter how many spaces behind the second hill he is? I guess this is the 1st scenario I've played w/this type of hill arrangement & both of us playing really searched the rules & had trouble coming up w/ good answers! Can any of you help me & give some like scenario positions & /or easy to understand LOS rules in these situations? Thanx, Rod
  13. Thanx, thought thats how it went but wasn't sure. I guess I was hoping you got to pick & choose, but where's the excitement &/or anguish on getting the card you need @ the time. The not knowing is more like real battle situations, you never know exactly how its going to go! Thanx again. Rod
  14. When drawing strategy cards or op cards--etc, do you draw from the pile sight unseen or can you look @ the pile & decide to draw the ones you want?
  15. RMCBRIDE01

    Tide of Iron

    I have a question on drawing strategy cards. Is this the right venue? Rod
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