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  1. Wow, none of us thought about that bank loan thing with Finn. Ha, we were just getting rid of the loan right off the bat. It all makes sense now, and him even more powerful. Dude, killer, I figured all these things, but I needed some insight. Thanks.
  2. After playing last night, I discovered many rules that need clarification. Ok, first of all, at Falcon Point, it says "During the movement phase... move to any aquatic location and have an encounter there..." Does this mean you will move to another aquatic location, have an encounter during movement, and then have another encounter during Arkham encounters phase? Alright, second, Silas Marsh has his special aquatic movement ability. Is he the only character that can move to Yha' nthlei without having to go through Devil Reef? It seems logical since he's on a ship, but Yha' nthlei does have that "regardless of other game effects" rule... Finally, (for now), Finn Edwards has that holdout ability. Does that mean he doesn't have to discard items when using them (i.e. Holy Water, Dynamite, Food, Tomes, etc..)? I really doubt this because that would make him extremely powerful, but I need clarification. For now, that's it. Thank you all who answer my questions. :-) ~kriiz
  3. Is it the same then for Holy water and Dynamite? One combat check, then discard?
  4. If you're using a weapon that exhausts when used (like the flamethrower), and you don't kill the monster in the first round, do you keep the weapon's bonus for the following round of combat or lose it because it's exhausted? I imagine you keep the bonus until you switch hands, but I'm not sure.
  5. What's been boggling me is the one sentence at the end of the gate burst explanation that says, "Also, this does not cause a monster surge." So, like, gate burst cards don't cause monster surges on already open gates? Cause that's how I interpret it.
  6. I need to to look at this darn FAQ. Doesn't Red Sign say "until the end of this combat?" Eh, I don't feel like looking. Thanks, guys!
  7. Hey, all. So... When playing against Shub Niggurath.... do monster trophies get the +1 to toughness bonus???
  8. Well... flying monsters just got a littler cooler.
  9. Awesome! Thanks guys. I was mostly confused about #2 because it wants you to take them from the outskirts. Ok, I'll probably have more questions somewhere down the line. ~ Kriiz
  10. Hey, everybody, I'm new here, but I've been playing Arkham since summer '08. I've gotten the rules and gameplay down to almost a science... but there are some things that just aren't clarified in the rulebook. Here are the ones that have been bugging me lately. 1. Elder signs say "any phase". So, after you explore the gate, can you wait til Mythos phase... or even movement phase of the next turn to use your elder sign? 2. There is a Mythos Card headline from Curse of the Dark Pharaoh that says, "Escape from Arkham Asylum! .... Collect up to 3 Maniacs, drawing them first from the monster cup, then from the Outskirts, then from those claimed as trophies. Place them all in the Downtown streets. Investigators who defeat all 3 Maniacs before the end of the mext turn may draw 1 Exhibit item. Leave this card in play until then to indicate this." Do these monsters count against the monster limit? Do they remain in play after the end of the next turn if nobody defeats them? There's at least one other Mythos headline like this.
  11. I'm pretty sure flying monsters only move toward investigators in adjacent connected street areas only (i.e. Rivertown to Merchent District, Downtown to Northside). I've always played it where if a flying monster is in a location and there are no investigators in the street area connected to that location the monster first moves into the street. Then, if there are no investigators in a connected street area when it moves again, that monster moves to the sky. Check Arkham Horror rulebook, pg. 11, Flying Monsters diagram, rule C.
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