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  1. This was a game on its 5th or 6th session and the problem only surfaced today. Thanks for checking! It means I know the problem is likely on my end. A relief that the APIs are not at fault. I wonder how to sort it out, though.
  2. Have any of you experienced any issues with the dice and character sheets for Roll20 lately? Mine worked fine a week or so ago, but when I logged in to run tonight's session it no longer worked. I've tried to reboot the API, but it didn't help. Basically all the images and icons are gone. I'm new to Roll20 and I'm uncertain whether the problem is on my end, whether it's a fixable bug or whether it's because the image directionary it draws upon has been taken down somewhere (a lot of fan-made digitalisations of FFG games have been taken down lately). Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Anyone with a clue on how to fix it? It's a game I run for some of my primary school students currently isolated at home because of the pandemic. I'm not sure I'll be able to continue the sessions without the digital platform, given the current circumstances, and some of these are vulnerable kids for whom this game means the world (especially given the situation).
  3. You could also just challenge yourself with some less than sterling Heroes. Biv, Saska, and a few others spring to mind.
  4. As someone who've played the Sabs a fair bit lately, what they need isn't to get their bonkers blast back. To make them more viable they need something else. Reduce the deployment cost by one (which essentially gives them a needed reroll for the same price, TC, while reasonably denying them another attachment on top) and the figure cost by one or increase their health by one.
  5. Next chapter on the path to legendary glory for Biv & Buddies will be streamed tomorrow Wednesday at 14.00 GMT.
  6. We'll be recording the next episode tomorrow, Wednesday, at 14.00 GMT. Catch us live or watch the video later!
  7. Of course this was before the latest wave was out, but I do believe that the last Nordics (Nationals) was won by an Imperial MSU list.
  8. This was discussed at length on Facebook recently - probably in one of the groups you're not in, so we missed your expert input. The argument didn't rely on when the dice is spent, but on the fact that the Focused condition isn't removed when the die is spent and instead only when an attack is resolved - and since attacks start getting "put on pause" while secondary and tertiary attacks are nested within them without being resolved, leaving the condition on.
  9. I've been meaning to make some sort of graphical illustration of the Russian Doll-like nested attacks to disentangle the mess that is Greedo. Even so, I think the issue with Greedo is two-fold. A) that we miss additional clarifications of when and how an attack is aborted (and thus considered resolved even if it didn't make it through all the seven steps of the attack) beyond the rules clarification given by the developers in the context of Death-by-Relentless some years ago. B) and perhaps a FAQ entry is needed on Greedo as well, as it seems - to me - that played by the book, Greedo get an unfairly amount of benefit from being Focused. Especially when two Greedos face off.
  10. We'll try to give some advance warning, but with both our busy schedules it might happen somewhat impromptu when time allows.
  11. Voting will close shortly. And with luck we might already be recording the first chapter today.
  12. And I have no idea why most of that post is highlighted in grey and seem unable to remove the formatting.
  13. The sentence in the preview article "Signal Jammer is played at the start of a round, and can be discarded to cancel the effects of a command card of your choosing" is a misdirect. There is no choice and it is blunder on the part of whoever wrote the article (or the card would need to be worded differently). Now, the term "discard" usually does infer an element of choice regardless of whether there's a "may" or not in the sentence, but that's not the case here, as it is something that happens after-the-fact rather as something that triggers (and pays for) the effect. Also that would make the "any player" wording redundant as well. Finally, if this card actually did infer a choice, it would more or less instantly invalidate an entire trait: spies. Their cards are more expensive and/or have requirements in terms of figures on the map or actions spent.
  14. It's not rubbish, it just isn't the very best 1-point card in the game.
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