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  1. Well, I had a long row of decision, where anyone of them would have stopped them cold from winning. It got so evident that they couldn't avoid picking up on my "manipulation", to paraphrase a different thread at the moment. But that doesn't matter, it wasn't the balance of the mission that they were struggling with, but 2/3 of them being new to the game.
  2. Force Ghost'ing this back to life. Ever got a resolution? Also, seems clear that using the term "spend" over that of "exhaust" is not about the intent of whether it also triggers the normal effect, but that exhausting is more restricted than spending.
  3. I really really - REALLY - hope they'll not set Provoke to fizzle at the end of the round instead of carrying on to that player's next activation. Provoke is such a wonderful card; and far too overlooked for what it does. I've found it missing from several squad builders for ages without anyone noticing; it is surprisingly overlooked for what it does.
  4. Played the first mission and I - as the Empire - had to work fairly hard to "help" the Rebels to victory. I'm hesitant to make any call on the threat level, as it was a laid-back game introducing a couple of new players (under the tutelage of a more experienced one). They made some bad calls on their initial shopping (never start a mini-campaign without upgrading any weapons), had some terrible die rolls, and I was more focused on creating a narrative and soft intro than beating them down. Did almost see the light die in their eyes a couple of times, but got a perfect ending with them getting the last objective in the nick of time. Either way, no conclusion on the threat level from me. The lower threat level had me concerned, but clearly didn't matter in our context. I liked the picth and the epilogue quite a bit - and know from experience how difficult it can be to get those right - and the Heroes playing Diala, Onar, and Shyla, made it a befitting combination of a true Rebel and a couple of hired mercenaries. Good stuff.
  5. Not giving the full briefing is house rule territory and I have a hard time imaging any house rule that would make it more difficult on the rebels. If you like it, tho, go with it, but make sure that your group agrees to it.
  6. At long last hitting a lul in published material and will be cracking into this pearl later this week. Prepping for running it, only one questioned popped up: what prompted the decision of setting the threat level at one level lower than the two official mini-campaigns?
  7. Yeah, I was wondering at first if this was intentionally, as it certainly makes it harder on investigator(s) that depend on Duke or similar. We soldiered on and only barely made it. On linked question, though. We had the Obscuring Fog come up on the Base of the Hill as early as in the second round, which basically made it theoretical impossible for anyone to succesfully use the special Investigate action there (considering that neither Duke nor Flashlights could be used). The only way to get rid of the Fog was basically to investigate the location even if it has no clues for the sole purpose of getting rid of it - and here Duke finally lept into action. My question, is whether you think that anything prevents you from investigating even if there are no clue tokens nor any other mechanical reason to do so (such as Burglary). Thematically it made sense to me that Duke could at least help you through the fog, even if he was otherwise useless at tracking down the paths. But does it make sense, rules-wise?
  8. Having "lost" - typically by resigning in the nick of time - the last couple of scenarios previous to this one, we ended up completing this one very handily.
  9. Towering Beasts in Undimensioned and Unseen.
  10. Can several identical cards be attached to a single enemy?
  11. Ha! I'll just pop back over to the Netherlands and get those! Well, at least we're getting some information now. Or rather, those happening to be in that FB group. Anyway, arrived in Birmingham, my plastic bits seem to have survived the flight, and now looking into where and how to meet you fine gents for breakfast tomorrow.
  12. Was just coming back to this thread after actually reading the wording, to fix my response, but see that it's already sorted.
  13. Also, if I may add, nice move.
  14. I think there is a presidence that the order of effects is up to the one using it, if an ability doesn't specify otherwise (e.g. Jundland Terror or Call the Vanguard), so a case could be made that you could do those three in any order, allowing you to move the figure, make it focused, only to take the fatal damage last.
  15. I haven't even gotten to make a fleet, myself...