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  1. On a related note, are we talking two by two different ships or four different ships?
  2. Remaining two Nordics Top 4 were double Rangers and Luke/Rangers, respectively.
  3. Nordics was won by Iggy, eWeequay, BT-1, Vinto, eJawa, C-3PO, Chopper (Headhunter), and Devious. Runner-up was Luke, eRangers, Davith, Hera, Gideon, C-3PO, and Balance of the Force.
  4. Indeed. I'm not even sure there were a single ugnaught either.
  5. So you would be perfectly fine with your opponent missing their use of Slow on the Draw when you are attacking with Greedo? I know the discussion shifted from compulsory to optional abilities while I've been away over the weekend, but considering that Greedo's ability is on my own card, when playing with him, I would never ever try to have my opponent miss their use of it, even if it is only an optional ability.
  6. A very enjoyable listen, thanks! Preaching for the choir here all the way through and you hit a lot af very important pointers on the competitive side of the game, both in terms of rules and the general interaction. I would like to add, to the bit on forgotten abilities and bonuses, that there's a reason you should feel bad about not speaking up if your opponent forgets about an automatic ability (like Luke's +1 damage, as mentioned on the podcast, or things such as the Hidden from Blaise, previously discussed at length on this forum, etc). Because if you know and notice in the situation, that your opponent forgets one of those automatic triggers, and you don't point it out, then you're technically cheating. Both players are responsible for playing the game by the rules, and that includes automatic triggers. Now, I'm not suggesting that you should call your opponent a cheater, if you are sitting across from them and something like this slips past. The thing is, no one can know what they actually notices or why they neglected to remind you of the effect - and at the end of the day, whoever benefits the most from an ability, should be on their toes to not miss it. In other words it is not something I suggest be 'policed' or much less made a conflict of in the situation. However, it is something that ought to inform every player's own actions, that if they notice an opponent forgetting an automatic trigger, reminding them isn't just appropriate fair play; it's refraining from knowingly cheating.
  7. I actually think that Return to Hoth is the most interesting campaign, in terms of mechanics. That being said, MHD does make some of the missions very tough on the Imperial Player.
  8. Had the same on my phone. Works on my pc.
  9. Isn't the current usage in the errata?
  10. 1) Ah-a! Now we know the true meaning of the Rule of Two! It wasn't for the Sith, but for the Junk Droids! It might work as a nerf, but I don't like fixes that fiddle with an universal rule of the game (here how many identical deployment cards you can field). 2) Might be worthwhile, but I'm not sure how much of a difference it'll make. If might, similarily, be worthwhile to consider rolling back the current errata on the Spot Weld, preventing new/respawned droids from entering the game unactivated. 3) I like this one the best, especially because it makes something universal that already existed - and needed to be remembered - namely that some select companions do not count for control. Will it be enough to curtail the swarm? I don't know, but it is subtle enough that it might help push things a little bit in the direction (with an even great push coming in the form of the new content about to release.
  11. Hope you had a great event - and another splendid breakfast! I couldn't make it this time, living in the Netherlands, but maybe I'll some of you in Copenhagen for the Nordic Championships in three weeks? The X-Wing'ers have a strong tradition and of the Scandinavians and the British stealing each other's trophies and I don't see why the same might not become the case for Armada.
  12. Well, I had a long row of decision, where anyone of them would have stopped them cold from winning. It got so evident that they couldn't avoid picking up on my "manipulation", to paraphrase a different thread at the moment. But that doesn't matter, it wasn't the balance of the mission that they were struggling with, but 2/3 of them being new to the game.
  13. Force Ghost'ing this back to life. Ever got a resolution? Also, seems clear that using the term "spend" over that of "exhaust" is not about the intent of whether it also triggers the normal effect, but that exhausting is more restricted than spending.
  14. I really really - REALLY - hope they'll not set Provoke to fizzle at the end of the round instead of carrying on to that player's next activation. Provoke is such a wonderful card; and far too overlooked for what it does. I've found it missing from several squad builders for ages without anyone noticing; it is surprisingly overlooked for what it does.