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  1. Force Surge and Luke

    I don't think you can infer from a completely different part of the rules to another to settle this question. Also "until the end of the this round" and "during this round" are two distinctly different effects.
  2. Provoked

    Aww, there goes the most spectacular and most undervalued command card down a notch. Still an amazing card, though, and probably of the most value early in a round anyway.
  3. Dutch Nationals 2017

    Ah, yes the toils of us double-National winners - and the tolerance of our significant others. My Armada trophies have colonised the piano in the living room, which leaves plenty of surface area yet to conquer. Unfortunately I'm in an arms race against my 1-year old who recently acquired climbing-grade skills.
  4. Force Surge and Luke

    I think that by the time you are triggering "End of activation"-abilities, the only thing you can still do are other end-of-activation abilities. The same goes for start of round-abilities.
  5. Dutch Nationals 2017

    You're welcome. Someone had to host it, so I sat this one out, instead travelling to Copenhagen in October to get my own Nationals kick at the Nordics.
  6. Dutch Nationals 2017

    I was thrilled to see the Empire back and able to compete, no doubt because of the release of Heart of the Empire, and while a couple of lists were clearly takes on the same archetype, I was pleasantly surprised to not see any duplicate lists.
  7. Dutch Nationals 2017

    Ah, some odd stuff happened when I copied it in from a text document. Thank you for the head's up; fixed!
  8. I had the pleasure of hosting the first Dutch Nationals this past weekend and knowing that there's an appetite for more results to be made available, I thought I would share the results here. I've omitted the command card decks, being tools of the trade, and will leave it up to the participants to add them here if they want to share them. A warm thank you to the players, who braved the snow - a rare event in the Netherlands - to be there and to make it a sterling experience to marshal. Location: De Tafelridder, Leiden. Structure: 4 rounds of Swiss + Top 8 Participants: 13 (of five Nationalities!) Fun fact: Sebastian Bialek, who took home the trophy, is also currently holder of the German National Championship title and I wonder if there are anyone else who are, or have been, sitting on two different Nationals titles at the same time? Champion (#1) 2x eWeequay Pirate Greedo C-3PO Gideon Onar Vinto Ugnaught Tinkerer Black Market Temporary Alliance Devious Scheme Runner-Up (#7) Darth Vader + Driven by Hatred Emperor Palpatine eJet Trooper Riot Trooper 2x Imperial Officer Zillo Technique Rule by Fear Unshakable Top 4 (#4) IG-88 + Focused on the Kill 2x eWeequay Pirate Hired Gun C-3PO Gideon Ugnaught Tinkerer Temporary Alliance Devious Scheme Top 4 (#6) Han Solo + Rogue Smuggler eAlliance Ranger Drokkatta Hera Gideon C-3PO Top 8 (#2) IG-88 + Focused on the Kill eWeequay Pirate Onar eJawa Hera Gideon C-3PO Temporary Alliance Black Market Devious Scheme Top 8 (#3) Han Solo + Rogue Smuggler eAlliance Ranger Ko-Tun Hera Gideon Alliance Smuggler C-3PO Top 8 (#5) IG-88 + Focused on the Kill eWeequay Pirate Onar eClawdite Shapeshifter Jawa Gideon C-3PO Devious Scheme Temporary Alliance Top 8 (#8) Emperor Palpatine BT-1 The Grand Inquisitor Imperial Officer Vinto eClawdite Shapshifter Motivation Zillo Technique Temporary Alliance Targeting Computer #9 Jabba the Hutt eWeequay Pirate eJawa eUgnaught C-3PO C1-10P BT-1 Vinto Black Market Indentured Jester Devious Scheme #10 Han Solo + Rogue Smuggler eAlliance Ranger Ahsika Tano Hera Gideon C3-PO On A Diplomatic Mission #11 Darth Vader + Driven by Hatred Emperor Palpatine The Grand Inquisitor Maul Temporary Alliance Motivation Zillo Technique #12 Darth Vader + Driven by Hatred Agent Blaise Sentry Droid BT-1 Stormtrooper Cross-Training Trusted Ally Survivalist #13 eWeequay eClawdite Shapeshifter Maul Vinto Greedo Jawa 2x Nexu Beast Tamer
  9. Drokkatta is a he.

    Scary thought! Now imaging a Wookie in the storm drain painted as a clown and holding a balloon...
  10. Drokkatta is a he.

    Just Union raging at the 21st century. Best leave it be.
  11. Drokkatta is a he.

    There may not be a separate word, but they has many hundred of years of usage in its place.
  12. Brace for Impact Timing

    Also, do figures that doesn't have a set set of dice for their attacks (such as IG-88 and General Weiss) have to settle on their choice of dice immediately before step 2 (as Brace for Impact) or only once you are in step 2. Because if they have the same timing as these cards, then conflict resolution becomes important and can lead to intersting twists).
  13. Drokkatta is a he.

    And there's always "they" if not sure whether to use "he" or "she".
  14. Podcast Thread

    Not being in the same room - or even the same country for that matter - can sometimes cause timing issues when recording, making conversation a little bit less fluid than if actually were in the same room. However, something that long is likely the result of one of us talking, and being recorded, and one or more of the others not hearing it through the voice chat room, because it is either not being transmitted or not being recieved (something that can happen with hiccups in the internet connection, with discord having gone iddle, or if forgetting to click push-to-talk). @jacenatis good at catching that in editing, though sometimes they can slip through.
  15. I would like to see the command card filters tweaked a bit, so that all command cards directly relevant to a trait appears when I use that trait as a filter, regardless of whether that trait is only on the headline of the command card or in the main text itself.