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  1. Cremate

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    Not on the aforementioned episode of the podcast, I didn't get to add to the chorus how great an idea it was. I still have my doubts about the +10 minute rule for finishing the last round after time has been called. I wonder if you ever got to trigger it or whether its mere presence got everyone to get their stuff done in a timely manner?
  2. Cremate

    Embrace Suffering

    The answer to everything under "Imperial Player" is yes. This also extends to any power tokens etc. The answer to everything under "Rebel player" is no; and not only that: In fact the Imperial Player also gets to do all those. For more check out the most recent FAQ, which includes an entry on what you can do when taking control of a figure to attack with it + an entry on how "after an attack resolves"/"after performing an attack"-abilities are considered part of the attack (and thus also under the control of the opponent/Imperial Player). I won - as the Empire - in our Heart of the Empire for one reason and one reason only: the rebels bought a blaster with Stun despite me having Embrace Suffering... Thumbs up for doing the service of linking to all the abilities you mentioned, making it much easier to answer your question! Thank you.
  3. Cremate

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    Isn't it inspired by similar structures used in large X-Wing events the last year or two?
  4. As for the state of Armada, I'm sure we've got stuff coming. Seems FFG shuffled around a lot of other prints around to fit in their rapid expansion with Legion and X-Wing 2nd products and both Armada and Imperial Assault were heavily delayed. This, btw, is even more apparant with IA, where we have already gotten alternate art cards from the Europeans from products that are not even in stores yet (or in the near future). And all this wasn't helped with their whole misnomed disaster of a Hypedspace Report that tintilated all the different communites as a general SW announcement. Nevertheless, I am sure we've got more stuff coming eventually; and in the meantime, while FFG fumbling around with their production capacity, it's great to see that the Armada scene around here is more vibrant than it has ever been.
  5. Well, when you put it that way I'm not sure if it's a sport or the script for an adult movie.
  6. Cremate

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    I met plenty of Iggys in the Swiss, probably making their prevalence one of trajectory. 😉 And as a clarification, the second time a mission was played in Swiss was actually on day two after the cut.
  7. Cremate

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    That, and it was part of tripping up my path through the Swiss as I lost to it when R2-D2 (!) ganged up on my Drokkatta all the way up in the middle of the Nal Hutta map (!) aided by J4X (!) managing to get exactly 1 damage and a stun through the wookies defences, effectively stopping cold my last great hail marry. The list went something like this: Jedi Luke Ahsoka Jerrod Gideon R2-D2 C-3PO Mak Smuggler Rebel High Command
  8. Cremate

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Top three after Swiss was, I believe: 1. Arviss (Lithuania) - Scum hunters with a Clawdite twist. 2. Wilfrid (France) - Spying Jedi with a touch of J4X. 3. Alistair (Canada/UK) - Vader & Friends.
  9. Cremate

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Diverse while some usual suspects.
  10. Excellent interview with Isaac. Something about double Parting Blow around 1.10.00 I didn't quite grasp.
  11. The Europeans are upon us again! The Boardwars will be there in greater numbers than last year, with both Stephan, Alistair, and myself (Jeppe) participating this year. We'll need the reinforcements, as Alistair and I were both struggling a bit last year. Save us @jacenatyou're our only hope. So who else will be there? Also, the Armada folks have a splendid tradition of doing breakfast before the larger tournaments and I had fun meeting up with them at Weatherspoons just outside the venue last year. Would anyone want to do something similar on Saturday? Stephan and I will both be arriving Thursday, myself particularly early (anyone for a game or two nearby the airport around noon or early afternoon tomorrow?), so meeting up with us Thursday night or Friday might be possible, if time allows. We might be looking to do some practice games, an interview or two, and - of course - browse the trade hall on Friday.
  12. Cremate

    Hiding Davith - Is it possible?

    Surges are spent during step 5 of the attack, but the effects of the surges only resolve later. Extra damage and pierce, for instance, are resolved during step 7, while others are only applied after the attack resolves, such as cleave, blast, and (almost) every condition. That allows Davith to shed his old Hidden before he gains a new Hidden - and the same goes for a number of other figures that can Hide or Focus.
  13. Cremate

    Spoilers: What Can Solo Bring to IA?

    Lots of great ideas above! Personally, I hope we get to see stuff from Rogue One before anything else, though.
  14. Cremate

    Nationals prizes

    The X-Wing Nationals in their current form are - to my knowledge - disappearing and it seems that the new format for X-Wing Worlds might no longer be co-hosted with all the other Star Wars games. If that's true, it may be sad, but might also spell less of a ticket restriction for Worlds 2019 (and explain why the runner-ups are now offered a reserved ticket as well). As for travelling to Worlds based on winning a Nationals, I'm not sure it's only about the game, but more about the number of attendees (and about whoever is hosting them). I seem to recall some non-X-Wing National Champions getting their travels reimbursed coming from countries with a larger number of players. Someone know more?
  15. First the premise: - We know that movement points from special actions (e.g. Vader's Finest or Hit and Run) behave differently than movement points in general. They don't go in your MP piggy bank as they usually would during your activation and instead have to be spent immediately (RRG p. 3). - That you cannot end you action in an illegal space. For instance you could not use the two movement points from Vader's Finest to move into a space with another figure, even if you still have other movement points in your regular piggy bank from other sources (like having performed a move earlier during your activation that would allow you to move on. This is because of your action having to be completed fully and not specifically about movement points. Then the question(s): But what it if you are not looking to move, but you want to spend the movement points on something else. For instance Raining Freight on the Nal Hutta Swamp skirmish map. If I get 3 movement points from Hit 'n' Run, could I then pick two crates, in case I had a spare movement point in my 'piggy bank' to add to that from the special action? And what about moving into difficult terrain using the last movement point from the special action + one from the 'piggy bank'? I'm moving into a space I can legally stay in, unlike if I were moving on top of another figure, which is what I presume is what usually prevents the blending of movement points from the special action and the bank.