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  1. And this can cut both ways, in not trying to take down the Villain, when that is the best tactical choice.
  2. I experimented with a 3-activation (3-4 figures in total!) list to test the new scoring rules in the extreme. It was very swingy and not something I would recommend anyone for doing if they want to do well. It was fun, though.
  3. Arc Blasters on Hired Guns is amongst one of the most annoying value-per-points in the game. Experimental Arms not only increase your chance of getting a stun in (and you can even use it on their Parting Shot), it might even allow you to attack a second time if it kills you off. Hidden Detonators and you can do even more damage and grief. fact the strength of this combination is so strong that it can create a negative play experience you don't want in the first place, so the best advice might even be to not use this, the most lethal combination with Technological Superiority.
  4. And you can also deploy it out of reach of them - either in the direction they eventually have to move in or by using the extra movement points and/or stalling mechanics from some of the other class upgrade cards to be able to strike at them when the Villain is ready.
  5. Yes, it is all or none. Except if some of them have already been rerolled; then those dice cannot be rerolled by another ability (but I assume the ability can still be used to reroll the other dice).
  6. Which severely handicaps some lists during timed matches and makes some objectives almost insignificant.
  7. I did appreciate how strong the new cards are and they are entertaining for now, but I do wonder if we will get a bit weary of them eventually.
  8. Closest to become viable when used with Troopers that tend to have an excess of surges, such as the Jet Trooper. It can be very much a case of hit and miss, though if it hits it can cripple certain enemy lists, particularly those dependent on melee damage (range too, if you do hit and runs dodging out of line of sight after attacking - like the Jets tend to do).
  9. But no to this one. The Salacious does not get readied when you use Son of Skywalker, even if Indentured Servant is otherwise attached to Luke. It's unclear if you could chose not to activate Salacious the first time you activate Luke in a round - instead doing it the second time you get to activate Luke, through having played Son of Skywalker. Btw, notice how the Junk Droid works very differently and it can lead to confusion regarding other companions, because the Junk Droid was the first one to arrive. This is due to the wording of the Tinkerers.
  10. And only when you deploy, I presume (and not from Reinforcing)?
  11. This part was actually not new, it has been discussed at length here before, and there have been previous rules clarifications on it. The new bit, is that at least we don't have to keep track of what kind of points (figure kills or objective) when loosing or spending points during the game.
  12. There are contingency rules, though, for how to handle if you move through a different figure and other game elements then suddenly make you unable to move off them again. I would have preferred that the last movement could be used with Overrun, with this as a way out if the figure somehow found a way to survive. But they're sticking to RAW and intend us to, so that's what we'll have to do even if we prefer the alternative.
  13. It's paper for me as well - I would just love to have one of those acrylic ones that's in some of the tournament kits.
  14. This is not a question as much as an answer (from FFG). I guess the question could be something like: The movement section in the RRG tells us that a figure cannot spend its last movement point to move on top of (through) another figure - is this also the case if you have played Overrun and that doing so would kill that figure?