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  1. What do you put in the Profundity?

    And lose the game at the end of the first round for not having anything but Eggs in play?
  2. I've recently become aware of different interpretations on how the Pursuant-title and Flight Commander interact and figuring out that interaction might tell us something about commands in general and Flight Commander specifically. The subject has come up - briefly - on the forums before here, but that is about all I could find. The main question is whether Flight Commander merely shifts the effect (resolving) of the squadron command or whether it also shifts the trigger. The Rule Reference isn't particularly helpful in that regard, as there doesn't seem to be much of a distinction between the spending (trigger) and resolving aspects of a command. RULES REFERENCE p.3: Command Dials "[...] can be spent at the appropriate time to resolve that command." Command tokens "Command tokens can be spent at the appropriate time to resolve the lesser effect of that command." Commands "A ship can resolve the effect of a command by spending a command dial or command token with the matching icon at the appropriate time" and "Squadron: Resolve after revealing the ship’s command dial". Basically, spending and resolving are either intrinsically linked - and cannot be separated - or they aren't and can happen at two different times so that it is triggered at one point (by spending) and resolved at another. If they are linked, it would mean that you spend the dial and/or token at the time when you resolve the command and that you resolve the effect the moment you paid the price (spending the dial/token); for FC that would mean after step 3 (execute maneuver) of the ship's activation. It also means that you cannot use FC the round you discarded the Pursuant-title, as its trigger is 'locked in' at a different timing window. If they are not linked, it would mean that you always spend the dial and/or token at a specific time (after having revealed the dial and having chosen whether to spend the dial for a token), only to resolve it later. This would allow for postponing the resolution of a squadron command from Pursuant if also having FC. It would also mean that squadron commands always have to be declared at the same time (after revealing the ship's dial), regardless of whether you resolve it immediately or postpone it with FC, and that you have missed your opportunity to resolve a squadron command with FC if you didn't declare it before attacking and executing your maneuvre. In other words, if you get to the moment you would resolve the effect, it would have been too late to declare it. Thoughts? How do you play it?
  3. Starting 1st Campaign as Imperial- Need Tips

    The most important thing missing from the Learn to Play / campaign rules, is a suggestion that you have a talk with your Rebel players before the die has been cast, aligning your expectations to the campaign. Are they looking for a thinky game with heavy strategising of every choice and an opponent Imperial Player, that pulls no punches? Or would they prefer an Imperial Player more akin to a gamemaster in a roleplaying game - the custodian of a fun experience, that might challenge them, but never enough to break them, not really playing to "win" in the traditional sense?
  4. Regional Etiquette

  5. Regional Etiquette

    Yeah, didn't mean to suggest it was played against better knowledge. It's a common mistake for players to make - anything related to "while attacking" really - and just wanted to point it out. A1bert has made an excellent guide for those effects found here on BGG. And good spirit to just take it as a learning moment. The same goes for how to deal with ups and downs in tournament matches in you initial post: being invested is understandable, but I consider it part of good sportmanship to not make your opponent feel miserable because you are doing poorly. I have, in one of the other FFG tournament games, seen chairs - if not tables - being flipped in frustation. That's obviously unacceptable, but other than that, it can be difficult as a judge when to step in, if someone are getting too heated. For most part it's about the players adhering to common curtesy towards their fellow players.
  6. Regional Etiquette

    Out of interest, you thought you had him killed, but then Stealth Tactics was played. As in you expected to be able to kill him with that attack before doing the attack; or as in Stealth Tactics was played after the dice was rolled and you thought you had killed him..?
  7. Regional Etiquette

    I don't think you guys can settle it here - or help it by continuing it. Transcend it. Have a great worlds (none of this is sarcasm).
  8. Regional Etiquette

    This subject tended to rear its head much more often during those dark times of the Intentionally Draw and a consideration at the time - at least in some of the FFG games - were that you should not discuss anything before having called over a judge to ensure perfect transparency. I think that is a pretty good rule of thumb, still, if you want to concede and if your opponent stands to gain enough of a benefit from it to progress in the tournament. I'm not saying this as comment or a judgement call on what should or shouldn't have been done in this situation - I don't think anyone not there can do that here (and those that were there, probably shouldn't settle that here) - but as a general take-away from the discussion.
  9. Regional Etiquette

    Conceding is indeed in the rules, collusion is difficult to prove and something I would be very vary of disqualifying someone for as a judge - and even less reading about it online.
  10. Regional Etiquette

    This happened in the 3rd of 5 rounds of Swiss, at a moment when none of them were certain to make the cut?
  11. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    He is the one exception to my firm belief that the game needs no more weequays! He is one of my favorite underestimated cards in Armada, actually, where he is the only named/unique card that can be used by all factions.
  12. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    It's my understanding that the remaining three episodes will run back to back on Monday, basically making it the length of a feature film.
  13. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    Double post
  14. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    And "briefly" is now 15 hrs ago. I wonder if they're now rushing a preview article or if they're going to sit on it quietly until after the Star Wars Rebel's finale on Monday (in case something is related somehow).
  15. Worlds prizes posted *article back up

    The Internet Remembers! Here's a cached version of the article. &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us