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  1. Heh, I get it.... I'm a dork. We were confused because it doesn't explicitly state that you only get one action per action phase. They used a definite article in the wording to get this meaning across, but that wasn't something I noticed when reading through all the rules. Thanks folks!
  2. Okay, I know I have to be missing something, but I can't see it. What rule is in place to stop the Imperial Player from placing all his orders to the strategic map, drawing more orders, placing more orders, etc, and ending up at the initiative victory at the end of the track? He has over thirty cards, and the way I'm seeing this now, he can potentially advance it over 60 spaces on his turn without fighting a single battle. Like I said, I know I'm missing something - what is it?
  3. J-Tech said: ...this story may not conclude until a dozen or so books... which is far beyond my patience at the moment. I'll wait for a compilation. I think this is the strength. We've been reading the codex books with the short summary for two decades now, and I am personally ready for a more complete story. I'm heavily into the TTG and Dark Heresy, and the stories on the periphery really have impact on them in the 41st millennium in ways I hadn't expected.
  4. I have plenty of 3 or more player boardgames, but I would be bummed if I could never play this game with more than one other person. I was thinking perhaps of splitting each side into an Imperial Army player and an Astartes player, but I'm not sure how this will work. Any thoughts? Does anyone know of a way to meaningfully involve more players in this game?
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