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  1. i have it working now but one problem. when i start it up i have the floor tiles loaded and if i use some to make a new campaign i cant switch to another tile because it misses the tiles that i used.
  2. I live in the Netherlands the game is not out here yet, sure i can buy it online but i wait till it arrives at my game store. I got all the other expansions included the Midnight expansion i noticed that most people dont like it but our game group loves it
  3. Bishop084 said: You are correct. There is no limit on items that are not armor or weapons. [/quote this is correct, but there is a limit on how many items you can activate in every phase of the game. you can activate 1 item during movement, 1 item during before combat and 1 item in each combat phase. so if you activate an item to reroll your combat roll in melee phase and you fail it again you cant activate an armour too cancel the wounds since you allready activated on item in that phase.
  4. Lohmare said: My opinion is that the Frozen Wastes expansion is awesome, but it is also quite easy comparing to the basic game. i totaly agree on this... its easy to play and its very fun and the artwork is very good. it is my favorite
  5. well we use the optional rule so we throw a dice 1 no cards 2 t/m 5 1 card 6 t/m 9 2 cards 10 3 cards in general i like the expansion only i do agree on the easy green and yellow part. island of the dread is ok to do because some monsters give bonuses so i do not agree on that part with you
  6. ok you can have one armour item and 2 weapons... today i received walkers of the wild and saw an weapon that is two weapons weapon sword and weapon dagger i believe. if i have this item does it count as 2 ? there are also items that are armour and weapon ofc they count as a armour and a weapon but about the double weapon i am not 100% sure
  7. Django said: I´ve just got an idea: What about drawing two heroes, but you are only allowed to look at one of these two. Then you have the decision: Play with the Char you just looked at (and KNOW what he is) or play with the other one you don´t know... but then you HAVE to play with the second one... (Sorry, i´m not a native speaker. I hope you can understand it anyway...) me neither but i understand you perfectly sounds good too
  8. I came to the idea for an optional rule with base characters. several in fact i noticed in the game we use a diffrent char but some will hardly be used (not because there bad or something) to change this and give the game a twist you can do one of the following 1. you pick a character for the player on your left/right 2. you get a random character 4. you get to choose a character but from a random small pool, so for instance you play with 3 people and 3 characters are randomly selected and all trow dices highest roll chooses first... 5. if you play this game a lot you can also choose a character and keep notes next time you cant choose that one till you had them all i think this can be fun
  9. sounds ok... i did not play this one yet, but rules should be worked out a bit more i think.
  10. nobody can tell me where to find that contact form on the website ? or is it realy gone?
  11. Hi boys and girls, I contacted FFG before on a contact form and i want to do it again, but i cant find it anywhere i have multiple things i am not happy with it all concerns stuff you cant get i mailed the person that answered my first mail but no reply yet. my previous problem was solved perfectly so i wanted to fill in the contact form like before but cant find it anywhere and i was happy with the solution. but i saw multiple things that i dont like. 1. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=42&efcid=1&efidt=39604 4 promo hero`s that i dont have 2. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=42&efcid=1&efidt=28136 i want those rants (all of them) 3. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Runebound/captain_mad_danny.pdf i want that captain 4. i recently bought the Island of the dread and now noticed that there are 6 cards that are misprints in some boxes well i hit the jackpot again all 6 are misprints and i like to get the correct versions guys at FFG dont you guys understand that loads of people want it ALL ???
  12. Torbal said: Kallisto said: Ronan had woman trouble? I must have missed that... Apparently, you're very new here! WTF is ronan (dont ask YES i am VERY new)
  13. i saw it today in the shop... so dont worry you can still get it. its a pretty drastic change in game (never played it and dont own it YET) but i will soon
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