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  1. Steve-O said: Incendax said: All monsters gain one black power die for every character over 4 in the game. This means that all monsters are rolling 2 black power die in addition to their normal amount if you are playing with 6 people. This makes combat faster (as opposed to slower if you simply added more health to the enemies) and offers a good balance to the increased abilities of the players since conquest tokens are a finite supply. Interesting idea, but it misses countering the primary benefits of two extra heroes: more attacks and more LOS coverage. Even with 4 heroes it's not uncommon to clear a new area of the monsters that started there once the heroes get up to silver and gold gear. With 5 or 6 I imagine they could do the same in copper gear. And with the extra LOS coverage afforded by 6 well positioned heroes, it will be next to impossible to get a spawn in within striking distance of the party. Hell, depending on the distribution of hero types, they could afford to split up into two groups of 3 if they had to to cover all the spawn locations. Sure, any monsters that get a shot off will do more damage, great, but the fact that the heroes can prevent monsters from having the chance to attack is the main problem here. I doubt an extra one or two damage from the odd monster that survives long enough to strike will make up for all the lost damage from monsters that get killed before they have a chance. This is the big problem. Having 5 hero's is tough enough on the OL. By the time a 6th hero is added there will be no good places to spawn on almost all of the quests. The easiest counter to this is two part. Part one is to dissalow the familiar Boggs the Rat. Part two is to allow the OL to pay 3-5 extra threat when summoning to restrict the hero's line of site to 5 squares. The other idea that I have used a couple of times is to increase the number of monsters each spawn card gets. Add one normal monster to all spawns. This gives more monsters to kill and forces the hero's to be a little more carefull about where they place themselves as well. Brian
  2. Of the 5 expansions however, only three add cards to the OL deck: Well of Darkness, Altair of Despair, and the newest is Tomb of Ice (TOI). The other two are the advanced campaigns: Sea of Blood and Road to Legend (SOB and RTL). The advanced campaigns do not add cards to the OL deck. Depending on the printing of your original game you may also have a couple of cards that were changed. For Vanilla Descent the Skelaton and Beast Man description cards were changed. Make sure which one's you are using. The skelatons should have pierce and the beastmen should have extra damage. Aside from those cards each expansion adds a few (3-4) new cards to the OL deck. These cards just get added in to the deck and are treated for all purposes as the original cards. You then have the treachery cards which are substitued for cards from the original deck. People usually remove cards that they don't like and replace them with the treachery cards to make a more powerfull deck. A good example is the spawn card for bane spiders is really hard to use as it has 3 monsters each with a four square base. It is hard to find that many squares that are not in line of sight of some hero so it is a rarely used card. You can remove it and substitute any of the cards you are buying with your treachery. This probably makes for a stronger OL deck right there. If you are playing the advanced campaign then my favorite is to remove the summon cards for a catagory of monster that is not going to be upgraded. As these monsters are going to tend not to be used in the first place I would rather have a usefull card in it's place. For example, I am playing the Sorcerer King I might remove both Bane Spider Swarms and replace them the Legion of the Dead treachery cards. I have just taken two cards that are hard to bring into play and for each 3 spiders I now have a spawn with 4 regular and 2 master skeletons. The 6 skeletons are a lot easier to bring onto the board as they are all 1 space monsters. If however I was playing the Spider Queen I would not remove the spider summons, but instead pull a humanoid summon card. While the spiders are hard to play, with the Spider Queen they are much more effective (She has an upgrade that gives +2 pierce and burn to all of the spiders attacks). You get the idea. Brian
  3. I think the main reason that they nerfed his skill in SOB was because it allowed for the party as a whole to be much more heavily armoured in general. Without him you could only have 1 hero with very heavy armour, and probably a reduced speed to go allong with that. With him there is still the same posibility plus Nanok who is not slowed down but still has the heavy armour. This also lets the other hero's have a wider selection of armour as well, just because only three hero's are going to need armour. With the reduction he is still pretty tough, but not over the top the same way as before. Brian
  4. Unless this was a rumor or legendary dungeon then I wouldn't have actually ejected them. Instead I think it would probably have been to my benifit to wait untill the deck was almost cycled through and killed Zyla then. Yes I am giving up 2 conquest in the short term, but I now have it set up so that the hero's have only 1 cycle of the deck to get through the next level of the dungeon. In addition I should have a huge amount of threat and the choice cards from the deck in hand. In addition I will have 2 power cards of my choice out by this point also. Chances are with that sort of an advantage I can manage to kill several of the hero's before they get through the dungeon. Obviously if this is some sort of specail dungeon then it is better to just eject the hero's without them getting to finish the special quest on the bottom level. Brian
  5. One thing to remember with the ideas I had above. I have not played SOB, just RTL. You might find them to restrictive, or you might find that they are two easy on the hero's. Evaluate after the first couple of dungeons and see where your ct is at that point. If you are actually getting to finish an entire dungeon (3 levels) and are still ahead of the OL then the rules mod's are probably not enough. If instead you are pretty close or the OL is slightly ahead then they are probably about right. Also take another look when the campaign level reaches silver and gold. A lot changes with this and you do want to pay attention. There is an excellent after action report at this site that you might want to read.(http://www.compoundeye.net/descent/copper1.html) They had 5 custom made characters for this campaign. Brian
  6. I would actually disagree with the spawns being the biggest change. The extra hero represents an additional set of actions. This translates to extra attacks and fewer monsters getting a chance to attack in their turn. It also means that the hero's will be getting about 20% more xp in effect (1CT now equals 5xp instead of 4xp) I would suggest a few things. 1.) Have spawn cards give 1 extra monster if there are at least 3 monsters already on the card. Monster availability does still require that there be enough monsters to get this. Ie a lone Medusa will still only be 1 Medusa while a beastman spawn will be 3 regular and 1 master. 2.) Have the cost to flip the eyes go down by 5 points, and give the OL the choice of paying an additional 5 threat to reduce line of sight from the hero's to 5 squares (ie the gust of wind card). But only for spawning purposes and only on the turn that the eyes are flipped. 3.) Eliminate Boggs the Rat. 4.) Do not let there be any extra tokens for fatigue/health upgrades or orders. This will help with the number of actions and how far the hero's can be upgraded. It will also require a little more stratagy for the players. 5.)Do not give out extra treasure/coins from chests and 6.)Allow the OL an extra 5 points to buy upgrades at the start of the game and give him an extra point to spend for every 5 points that he makes. Do not have this raise the CT count on the game however. This is to balance the extra xp that the hero's will be getting from having a 5th hero in the party and the extra skill that the party starts with. 7.) Do not give the hero's any more choices in picking the hero's than they normally would. 4 sets of 3 cards choose one from each set and then pick one other hero from the remainder. Also to reduce to chances of having an overpowered party. Also do not allow any of the make a hero specail abilities that mimic a skill. (this can cause a lot of problems as the game deliberately restricts access to skills so there are no duplicates.) Items 1-3 are to help with the spawning problem. This should make it easier to spawn and have the spawns do something usefull. 4-7 are more from play balance and you can change them around if you find they are to much, or need more help. Mostly they restrict to cash income to keep the hero's from having more money to buy equipment/skills faster. As buying better skills/dice/equipment earlier will have a major effect on how effective the party is, you will want to prevent this. Brian
  7. I would actually go the other way. In general the consensus has been that when two things happen at the same time the owning player gets to choose the order that they reslove in. To me that would indicate the choice is up to the Overlord. Check the FAQ for confirmation if you want as well. As far as the question of using monsters spawned by a previous horde of things as a base for the next horde, that is a totally different question. My gut reaction would be as they are on the board before resolving the second horde's card that they could be used, but I do not have any rules basis for this interpretation. Brian
  8. The Sorcerer King said: I gave up on D&D back when they came out with 4th edition. Literally grew up with the game (my parents were big fans, which meant I was playing before I could talk). But 4th edition took the story and freedom right out of the game (not to mention the money right out of our pockets). Cutting half the game out and repackaging some of the most basic content in about four times the ammount of books is NOT a new edition. Whereas previous editions enhanced the game, I felt 4th edition dumbed it down to a point that I asked myself "Why Bother?" Just look at the source books. While the old ones have magnificent drawings and enough text to fill a small dictionary, the new editions look like a panicked high schooler came around triple spacing and shrinking the margins the night before his essay was due. But I digress. I, for one, see this as further simplification of a game that stood for years at the forefront of RPGs, only to topple fantastically. Descent has taken an entirely different approach, and though not always successful, has balanced intricate gameplay into (relatively) simple dungeon crawls; even expanding and linking these excursions into a growth-focused campaign. The fact D&D is now creating such a game just disappoints. The Heroscape units were embarrassing enough. I always loved Ravenloft, but fear this hackneyed rendition will simply cement the fact that 3.5 was the last I’ll ever see of D&D… Sorry for the rant-ish nature of the post, but just had to get all that off my chest. In summation- Descent has proven to me it can at least learn from its errors and improve the game with innovative ideas (Sea of Blood, for example) and generally wonderful gameplay. As for D&D… Ah, well… We’ll always have Neverwinter Nights to remember you by… Look up Pathfinder by Paizo. Thier web site is Paizo.com, they are an open source version of D&D 3.5 and they are doing a nice job of supporting it.
  9. Does your tactic work when all of the hero's start the level on the level. According to the rules for RTL it does not matter if a hero went to town, or through the portal. When they start a new level they all start next to the glyph. As you can see from the quote below, none of the hero's get to stay in town. This would result in no hero can come through the glyph near the boss untill the second turn. The first turn any hero that is going to do this has to go back to town. They can not use two glyphs in the same turn, so they would need to wait until the next turn to come back to the dungeon. (See page 17/18 Glyphs of transport in dungeons for the details. Page 18 "THE PORTAL" "Beyond the red rune-locked door on each level is a portal leading to the next level. Once a hero steps onto the portal map piece, he is removed from the board and becomes invulnerable to harm. Heroes remain thusly in transit until all of them either enter the portal or move to town, at which point all of the heroes are moved to the next level" Brian
  10. James McMurray said: Yeah, I know. WTF?Silver Beasts Silver Eldritch (purchased at the start of the first week) Lord Merrick Lady Eliza Slaggaroth Focused: Lone Medusa definitely, not sure about the other 3. 1x Gust of Wind and 2x Aim seems likely. Into My Parlor: Usually filled with 2 Dark Charms 1 Trap Treachery: Dark Charm I've got 3 xp left over, which I'll be saving to get a spawn treachery to use in lieutenant encounters (legions of the dead output a lot of damage and clog a lot of space). Though siege engines would also be nice, since it means the three Farrows can siege towns while Slaggaroth chases the heros around. I'll be trying to make sure I've always got 8 handy, so I can grab the Gem of Transport at a moment's notice. I'm sure they'll want to head to the silver legendary area at some point, and having Slaggaroth's Trapmaster nearby would be great. If he's already close enough it could put one of the Farrows there instead. I would actually keep the lone medusa and get rid of something else. As long as the medusa hits it does a stun. Cutting a hero's actions in half is always nice. If it is a master then it gets quickshot. This is true even if you do not upgrade humanoids ever. It is also the only humanoid that has a ranged attack. The only other humanoids that I would keep in this instance are the kobolds for the master's trickery ability, and the beastmen for the leaders command. The command is actually the one I would be more likely to get rid of as by gold level a command 1 is just not that much help. As for the rest of the cards yo are proposing to discard. Gust of wind is almost useless in most rtl dungeons because of the small spaces. The only time I have really used aim is with named monsters, trolls and giants. As both trolls and giants are humanoid then they are both unlikely cards for you to put in your hand and they don't show up to much in the dungeons.For the cards that you keep in "Into My Parlor", I would actually only keep one dark charm handy as it will force the hero's to constantly unequip weapons, and keep something like poison pits instead. The pits are nasty as it starts at 5 poison damage and if a trapmaster is in play then it is 7 damage. Chain it with a crushing block and you could be doing as much as 10-14 damage on one hero when they move. Also remember that Slaggorroth's ability lets him move to their location if within 3 trails, it does not require him to fight them when he gets there. It would actually be to his advantage if they are headed for the legendary area to just stay with them. They then have the choice of constantly having his trapmaster in effect on the dungeons, or taking a turn to attack him directly. I applaud your thought of getting a point of spawn treachery for use in lt encounters, you might want to make it two normal cards though and not the one treachery card. This way they can't get rid of it with wind pact. Also remember that you do not need to choose the specific treachery cards when you buy the treachery unless you have a house rule going that does require it. Otherwise you choose the treachery at the start of each dungeon or lt encounter. Brian
  11. James McMurray said: So, if I'm understanding correctly, there are three types of upgrades: avatar, treachery, and monster. Only the avatar ones are available in the setup stage, and of those lieutenants got nixed by the FAQ? Sorry, couldn't resist. That is correct. This only applies to the 15xp that the OL gets to start with. I think that part of the reason for the lt's being nixed is that having 3 lt's from turn one would be almost impossilbe to stop as they go a sieging. It would only take a couple of turns with all three on the city to start rolling for a raze. The chances of the hero's having enough equipment to take all three down in only one turn is pretty small. Even if they survived the first two lt's the OL obvious trick would be to flee when all of the hero's were badly damaged. If they continued they would be easy to get a TPK with the next lt. As you noted the monster catagory is a non starter as they are all greater than 15xp. Treachery would be available, but one treachery is not going to make much difference to start with. If you are starting at Gold or Silver level, then all of the xp is available to buy any upgrade, including the lt's and treachery. Of course the hero's also get a bigger pot to start out with. Brian
  12. See page 24 of the RTL rule book. The main section is OVERLORD UPGRADES. Under this are three sub areas Avatar Upgrades, Treachery Upgrades, and Monster Upgrades. It is fairly clear that they are seperate upgrades types under the overall heading of OL upgrades. Brian
  13. Parathion said: @ Moneseki: You are missign two points in your calculation: 1) They may make 180 CT in Level 1, but since the deck is almost depleted, they will only have time for one deck (+ a little) in levels 2 and 3. This results in 360 CT maximum, + the 20ish max. they can get from the three levels themselves. Final Battle would never be triggered by that. 2) The OL gets to buy one upgrade before the Final Battle, similar to the final training the heros may buy. Official answer from KW, unfortunately preserved neither in the FAQ, nor in the GLOaQ (am I the only one to remember that one?). I remember the OL getting to buy one upgrade as well. It was an official answer from KW on the last forumn, but the transfer to this forumn did not keep most of those answers. One other point to think about is that the keep would not be copper treasures as the total game CP would be 600 and they would be moved to gold. If the party really wants to do something like this they need to buy a rumor and place it on the way to the Caverns of Thuul. They would then get more cp with the larger bottom level, and hopefully more gold than a regular level. Once they get to the legendary level the game would already be in silver, but the OL would not be able to have bought much as there would only be one chance to upgrade. This would give them 4 levels with silver treasure, plus the market (probably only 2 items there) and all the extra money from the caverns to buy all of the hero's a die upgrade. Overall the Ol will have bought two upgrades (probably avatar ones given what is going on) and the hero's will have some silver equipment going into the keep while probably fighting copper monsters. It is still a pretty cheesy way to try a game the system. Brian
  14. Page 24 of the rtl rule book defines the different type of upgrades available to the overlord. As you can see the upgrades that you are allowed do not include either treachery, or upgrading monsters. In addition there has been a statement by KW that you can not buy additional LT's with the starting 15xp. "Avatar Upgrades Avatar Upgrades are represented by Avatar Upgrade cards. There are 15 generic Avatar Upgrades that any Avatar can be upgraded with. (These say “Any Avatar” on them.) There are also five Avatar Upgrades specific to each Avatar, which can only be purchased when the overlord has chosen that Avatar for the current campaign. Avatar Upgrades can improve the Avatar itself, upgrade a specific type of monster, or bring into play a lieutenant for the overlord to command. The XP cost of each individual Avatar Upgrade card is listed on the card itself, in the upper left corner. Once the cost is paid, the overlord takes the card in question and keeps it faceup on the table during play. Treachery Upgrades The overlord can use XP to increase his treachery. The cost to purchase one point of treachery of a given type, as well as the maximum number of points of each type the overlord can have, vary based on which Avatar the overlord has chosen. Both values are listed on the Avatar sheet. Treachery works best with the rules presented in The Well of Darkness and The Altar of Despair. Players without either of those expansions, however, can use the rules found under “Simplified Treachery,” on this page. Monster Upgrades Each monster has a Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond form. At the start of the campaign, all monsters begin in their Copper form. The overlord can upgrade all of the monsters in one category (humanoid, beast, or eldritch) by spending the XP shown on his Avatar sheet, according to the following rules."
  15. Both the Beastman lord and the Titan have humanoids as thier cheap upgrade group. This group has a problem that they are slow without getting any upgrades to speed the way the beasts and eldritch do. This does make them harder to use in dungeons especially. My vote would be either the Spider Queen for her traps and lt, or the Demon Prince for his lt. The spider queen is weaker in the dungeons as beasts are probably the least used there. She has good damage output with traps, and with In my Parlour she can chain traps together in nastier ways than you might think. I especially like the ability to hit them whenever you want with a couple of traps that you picked at the beginning of the dungeon just for the parties current weakness. Slaggoroth is also a very nasty lt as with the three master spiders going before he attacks he can stay way in the back and hit everybody that has a web token currently. His attacks do good damage (white, green, yellow and two power dice of the level) plus pierce two when he attacks this way, with a battle action this will hurt, and it can get more than one hero at the same time. This is in addition to all the damage that the traps in your hand will be doing. With both trapmaster and the spider queens power at work all traps do +3 damage and -2 cost, which for non treachery traps means 5-7 points each, with most of the damage not being avoidable and the cost of the traps being mostly negated. The Demon Prince is stronger in the dungeons as his creatures are eldritch which are probably seen the most there. In addition his lt gets a demon which is a very powerfull monster to deal with in an encounter. This is especially true if you have bought the upgrade that gives them +1 aura and burn. The nasty part here is with danger you can reinforce with another demon (if there is another non master available) and have two soaring creatures with aura on. If they are silver then they also have fear 2 while gold would have fear 3. The fear makes them much harder to hurt for any non ranged/magic hero's as they don't have the power dice to get the surges probably. This makes the lt very dangerous. He also has cheap event treachery and they cost less so there will be a lot of event cards being played all the time. Overall I think the Spider Queen is stronger on the overland map while the Demon Prince is stronger in dungeons. If it gets to a final battle in the keep, I think that the Demon Prince is stronger by a fairly small margin. The Spider Queen's level is very nasty with the hero's split up. If the OL can get one kill in then there is probably a safe spot to spawn more monsters, which is going to continue the pattern and give a lot of extra conquest before getting the the queen herself. Good luck on whatever you choose. Brian
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