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    GalaxyUC reacted to Darth Sanguis in Where is all the stock?   
    It's this. 

    Empire Games of Anderson South Carolina is an amazon seller they bought up 30+ of the Arquittens and sold every single one at $39.99 

    Which is usually a $19.95 expansion. 

    It's one thing if some lucky gamer finds one while they're out of print and turns it around at double MSRP, but when a"FLGS" turns around and scalps the reprints, they're ******* scum. 

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    GalaxyUC reacted to Blail Blerg in The Eclipse Super Star Destroyer in Duel of the Fates   
    We coulda had a story! 
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    GalaxyUC reacted to samh5621 in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    If you don't think Team Covenant didn't know this was coming you're fooling yourself.  TC is hand in glove with FFG.  They got playtest cards before releases and then would go to tournaments and compete with weeks or months more of prep-time than anyone else.
    As for coolstuffinc - it definitely did make me do a double-take when their weekly sale was 50% off destiny singles a day before destiny dies - but I think if they'd known beforehand it would've been last weeks sale or even earlier - though they've been divesting themselves of destiny for quite a while.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Otakuon in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    Now if only they could keep certain ships in stock (looking at you Imperial Light Cruisers)
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    GalaxyUC reacted to KrisWall in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    Coop LCGs tend to have a lot of legs.  The LotR LCG has been going forever and still has new product in the pipeline.  The Arkham Horror LCG shows no sign of slowing down.  Marvel Champions will likely be the same way.  I'd be ecstatic if they announced a coop LCG for Star Wars.
    Competitive CCGs are a tough sell.  Most fail sooner than later.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Bobmc in Destiny has now met its destiny, FFG has just killed the game off   
    They're just learning the same lesson Disney is, you can't just slap 'Star Wars' on crap and expect money to rain from the sky.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to TasteTheRainbow in New Picture of Massive Fleet - Rise of Skywalker   
    Anybody see any squadron reprints in there?
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Rikalonius in How did FFG get away with it.   
    In some ways I'm glad it stopped.  I know that's not popular.  I think Skirmish was causing all kind of problems.  The main people who are concerned about FFG ending IA are people who just want more plastic to regularly change the meta.  That is a process I find abhorrent.  It leads to power creep, and massive changes in the mechanics that are not necessary, except for skirmish.  I wish IA had closed out better.  I wish there would have been less Rebels (the TV show) figures and more OT figures to round out the time period, but c'est la vie.  At least I can add my own cards to the pile knowing what the final rule set is.  The unfortunate thing for those of use who are primarily campaign players is that non-skirmish games are more niche.  Which is why IA was abandoned for their new shiny toy, Legion.  Legion will sell a bunch of plastic, and as they are already are showing, they can branch outside the OT, and not have to worry about making anything work inside the more complicated campaign system.  More pew pew, less RPG.  People still play games like Hero Quest, so I think IA will exist for a long time among dungeon crawl players like me.  
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    GalaxyUC got a reaction from Darth Sanguis in RePrint Status?   
    Can you PM the info so I can call them?
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    GalaxyUC got a reaction from BrobaFett in RePrint Status?   
    Southern California is bone dry for older items that aren't Neb B's or CR90's....like in its entirety within 150 miles of Los Angeles.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Fourtytwo in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    I find it pretty lame if some people constantly have to sneak in suggestions into their comments that people are dumb, strange or other negative stuff because they might like something the author of the comment does not. It looks weak and insecure, because it comes across like a very strong need to constantly self-validate one's opinions.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to ClassicalMoser in Andrew Navaro Q&A   
    It’s only as much a children’s show as The Clone Wars is. Personally I find it the single most compelling cast and story arc in the Star Wars universe, even more so than the Skywalker saga.
     I definitely wouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. Though Tyrants of Lothal leaves something to be desired.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to jocke01 in We are talking the elephant in the room, discuss cheating and part 2 of painting minis.   
    So much drama over grown men playing with plastic toy soldiers.
    I Always use a bag and frown om People who don't and Always Keep an extra bag to offer My opponent. It's weird that yoy have to look out for cheating in these kind of games.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to chrisdk in Descent 2.0 - too much of a step down for newbies?   
    Generally speaking I would not want to return to Descent 2nd Edition. The main reason for this, apart from me preferring the theme, is the incredibly improved mission/quest design and Antagonist player attractiveness.

    Descent 2nd Ed still had a considerable number of "Gotcha" cards available for the Overlord player that tended to make things less fun for the players.
    Also in Descent the vast majority of individual quests seemed to be "race" type things that got stale for us over time. All too often it felt like actually attacking something was usually a bad choice, whereas IA forces you to balance combat vs movement in nearly all missions. Particularly later campaigns and missions got a lot better at bringing thematic tweaks into play that I was missing in Descent.

    In terms of straight up rules differences I would say that IA is a considerable improvement and refinement. Particularly the LoS and big figure movements stuck in my mind as things that I vastly prefer. 
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Barbacuo in Can't take the outer rim from me...   
    Seems a little bit pricey for the content to me. Guess the last drops of milk of the cash cow are more expensive.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to subtrendy2 in Will Sequel Trilogy Ever make it to this game.   
    I mean, we're all adults here.
    Can we have a single thread about the Sequel Trilogy that doesn't end with someone bringing in their wholly unoriginal take on why they don't like it?
    Like, good lord, we've heard it all before. Move on.
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    GalaxyUC got a reaction from Finch204 in New to this world   
    Hopefully another one is in the works, because this whole concept was amazing. Glad I found a copy.
    Needs to be converted to Star Wars too!! Or Lord of the Rings
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Number16 in You should be ashamed!   
    What a shockingly bad app.
    Do you really have such little regard for X-Wing players that you foist this drivel on them?
    I assume that you are happy to take our cash but not to provide a working version of the software that you say we need to play the game that now has points only via the app or website.
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    GalaxyUC got a reaction from Emilius in iPad/IOS Release for LotR LCG?   
    I haven't been following the Beta stuff too well, and I noticed in the articles that it has not come up. But...has anyone heard if this will come out for iPad? It's kind of my preferred system. I'm not too familiar with Steam, other than I have problems getting to work on my Mac Book, and it is not available as an option on Ipad.
    Would be great to be able to carry this around instead of sitting at a computer
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Holland64 in New to this world   
    I have a great love of RPGs and have played many over the decades.   I find Legacy of Dragonholt utterly unique, and awesome.   Sadly infirmity has limited me to a world of solo gaming it has not dimmed my love of storytelling, and the experience of be part of the story.   Your game is amazing, your character archetypes are so rich, they scream, "More Please!"
    Maybe a similar style to Dragoholt done to another of the Free Cities? a quest/adventure book in dwarf, elf, orc, or gnome lands.   Could not the faithful lovers of this game not get a pdf adventure book once a year?   I am aware there are other smaller companies doing print on demand and pdf downloads.   I know I am willing to pay to download an adventure book.    This is a rich world and deserves to be shared.   
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    GalaxyUC reacted to splad in Like, Is this thing EVER Coming Out?!?   
    This is a massive jerk of with none of the associate pleasure. A ridiculous waste of people's time. It is a fantastic game with plenty of ready players and support but the lumbering ffg obviously is the one legged man at an **** kicking contest. This game is very obviously not a major concern for them and or the by product of pissing a portion of their fan base either. On the boat....my **** it is...
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    GalaxyUC reacted to archon777 in no love for the D6   
    SICK OF WAITING!!!! nuff said
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    GalaxyUC reacted to archon777 in Like, Is this thing EVER Coming Out?!?   
    well i have not gotten any kind of response on this and im unable to cancel my order. i NEVER use my bank/credit card online. i use pre paid cards for the security. but that card was used over a year ago and discarded. so if orders are being dropped im out 60 bucks? this is no way to run a business of this size...or any size
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Redsavina in Need more content   
    Dont worry,
    As soon as you acquire everything currently produced for the game (which is what I did last month) they will release v2 of Imperial Assault, where there will be more app based missions, but then you have to buy the $150 conversion kit.
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    GalaxyUC reacted to Pirateyoho in On the boat for 3 months?   
    I saw that pre-orders were being canceled by FFG and its distributors.  I think this was all a publicity stunt and they are not actually going to produce anything, and we are dumb enough to keep buying there stuff.
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