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  1. So, last thing…and I think I got this…what is the point of moving within CLOSE Range? What does it matter?
  2. I get lost when I hear that Speed 1 ship can spend to manuevers to get from Close to Short…what about short to medium, and medium to long? Can a ship at Speed 1 no travel those distances at all?? It's so vague, but so simple…What about escaping??
  3. Yeah, I guess at the end of day to be more specific, it's the FLY/DRIVE Manuever that is just so incredibly confusing to me. The Speed vs. Range Band movement, relative to other ships. Like if a TIE is going at Speed 5, the Freighter is going at Speed 2, how does the Freighter over take the TIE…It can't right?? The TIE can just hover at Medium Range and the Freighter would never catch it?? I feel like the Speed and Range Band and Fly Manuever really needs more elaboration. This is the last piece of the game for me to grip. Thank you for the sample above though! Also, the WEG system was also terrible.
  4. Guys… I have read the Beginner Game Cover to Cover…and I have also read most of the BETA version of EotE. I still do not understand Starship Combat. I'm a veteran GM of ALL of the Star Wars RPG systems made to date, and a veteran GM of WHFRPG 3rd Etd. Space combat always seems like an afterthought in these games, yet it is why everyone I personally know loves Star Wars, the dog fights and dramatic space battles/escapes! For some bad reason, I just cannot wrap my head around this space combat system. I wish there was an extended example of a space fight! Say a YT-1300 vs. like 2 TIE Fighters would be fine. I know asking for a round by round recreation seems like a lot, but I feel it's the only way I can get it. Speed and range bands and manuevers is where this system loses me. It may be simple, but for some reason I cannot grasp it. Can anyone provide some insight? I think I just need to hear it in a different way.
  5. Really i have just a few questions…and oif course would like opinions on what they think of this first expansion. I own DE2, but have been waiting to play it, because I'm thinking it's going to continue to fill out. I also know my group pretty well, and we'll only play Shadowrune Campaign maybe only one time. when I saw that Lair of the Wyrm is more of an Augmentation to the existing game than a new campaign, I was a bit let down. Then, I saw that there is actually very little to bolster the existing game as far as Shop Cards and Search Cards, I was a little let down by that as well. However, side quests and rumors was a big redeemer and got me looking forward to this expansion. But then I have to ask, is the Lair of The Wyrm quests meant to REPLACE some Shadowrune quests? That's what I thought I read. For example, in Act 1, if you complete 1 Shadowrune Quests and 2 Lair of the Wyrm Quests then you move right on to the Interlude? So you miss out some of the Shadowrune Campaign? I don't understand how these 'side quest' work, or are they called Advanced Quests? I did see that FFG made a Lair of the Wyrm campaign, which I thought was cool. How do you guys like it thus far?
  6. I am a very casual player. I play maybe once every month if I'm lucky. I bought this game to play solo. However, playing solo means one of two things, if you want to be a DL 7, you need two hands or just quit, because it cannot be done. I have many Kazad Dum and 1.5 Cycles of adventures…I REALLy wish there was scaleability, because I can barely beat the DL-1 in the core set. BARELY!!! This game is HARD. i have logged 8+ plays of the game so far and have beaten DL-1 from the Core like, twice. I play this game for it's story and the great art. I wish I could play casually without having to cheat…too much ;-)
  7. Wait, so what in the hell does this mean?? I know Amazon messes up a lot. Man, I wish someone at FFG cared at all to say something. The last two expansion just creeped out and we only knew they were out by word of mouth.
  8. So how does a party get from one planet to another? And also, what is the point of the pilot skill? Sadly, the coolest thing about the 40k'verse is the Gothic ships, but Rogue Trader is just too immense to get my head around roleplay wise. I would have to play as thousands of npc's in a singles session….that's an exaggeration but you get the idea. Can you use Rogue Trader rules for Dark Heresy?
  9. Hey guys, I have read and own Rogue Trader, but then I started to take a look at this game and thought maybe this is more on the scale that I'm looking for. I just have a free questions for you experts; 1 can players use starships? The main draw of rogue trader to us initially was the use of the gothic ships. Are there books that have stats and rules for space combat and ships? Or is this just not an option or how dark heresy plays? I know there won't be any Star Wars or firefly freighters, but I am interested in slumming in a ship with a crew of, I don't know, a modest 200!! Haha. 2 We like fighting Orks and Eldar in addition to cults. Do books and supplements contain these ad well? 3. Is the Haarlock Trilogy good? Does the trilogy come in a single book or slip case?
  10. To answer your question, no, I definitely would NOT pay $60 for the Gathering Storm, a mediocre campaign at, best. The only thing that really made it worth it was some extra standee we were shorted in the Core Boxed Set. On the flip side, do I think Core Boxed Set and Adventurer's Toolkit were worth the amount I paid for them? Absolutely. I paid full price. I only paid $20 for a sealed copy of the Gathering Storm sitting on a shelf at my LGS. And I really think that's all it was worth.
  11. To answer your question, no, I definitely would NOT pay $60 for the Gathering Storm, a mediocre campaign at, best. The only thing that really made it worth it was some extra standee we were shorted in the Core Boxed Set. On the flip side, do I think Core Boxed Set and Adventurer's Toolkit were worth the amount I paid for them? Absolutely. I paid full price. I only paid $20 for a sealed copy of the Gathering Storm sitting on a shelf at my LGS. And I really think that's all it was worth.
  12. I just want a nice box…realy…or atleast give me a hardbound book if you're going to give me another crappy box. Just want my money's worth.
  13. Any of the adventures centered around the Minos Cluster, alla Galaxy Guide 7: Tramp Freighters (D6), best supplment for ANY Star Wars system EVER!
  14. Any of the adventures centered around the Minos Cluster, alla Galaxy Guide 7: Tram Freighters (D6), best supplment for ANY Star Wars system EVER!
  15. $60…seriously? I mean, I'm okay with it, as long as the production quality meets the price. I'm a little behind on any talk about the content. I have never played TEW, but I recognize that it is said to be one of the greatest campaigns ever written, for ANY rpg, not just Warhammer. My group and I have been very excited about it's 3rd Quar-….er…eventual release for quite some time. So, here is what I am hoping for for $60. You guys let me know if this has already been discussed ad nauseum. But, do you think we'll be getting a good box? I know that's petty, but please, no more flimsy boxes that tear and crease. The Core Set and the Adventurer's Toolkit I thought would be the standard and I thought that was awesome. However, that did not appear to last very long. Are we getting a two-piece box for this set? Handouts, I have noticed that we are getting fewer and fewer with each boxed set. I love them! I think they add a lot and are handy for reference. I'm sure tons of people make their own, but I like official stuff. One-book or will it be like 3 separate books? Something..ANYTHING for my Wood Elf player…he is STARVING!!! for information. Thanks Guy!
  16. Hey there, I'm just waiting on the final release of this game before diving in. But I'm always checking in to see if there have been any changes made to Starship Combat yet, if there has been at all? Are you Beta Testers satisfied with the Space Combat thus far? Is it fast enough? In my opinion, and I have likely said this before here, no SW RPG system has really gotten Starship Combat right, or atleast fast and exciting. SAGA comes close, but there are still a lot of moving parts to keep an eye on. When I say ship combat, I mean X-wing vs. a TIE or of course…a Freighter vs. 2+ TIE fighters. Thoughts? We play WH RPG 3rd, and thus far, I am REALLY liking the stream-lined rules system used in SW. Very excited to see the final product and will be buying the starter boxed set… I wish the intended to release a Collector's Edition, like the 40K games. Sad… Thanks Guys!
  17. I own this game…in fact, I own a collector's edition of the core book. I keep picking this game up, getting into it, and then realizing that the scope for it is insanely epic. There is SO much information to absorb, one would have to have an amazing group of player that are in LOVE with the canon. This game appears to me that it was never meant for a casual player. There also seems to be a lot of inventory tracking and numbers crunching? Is this true? I keep trying to get into this game, but keep getting ovewhelmed…and this is just the Core book. I've always been a casual fan of WH40K, but I've never read one of the lengthy novels, or have I actually even played the tabletop game. But, I have played Epic 40K and Battlefleet Gothic. We have also played WH RPG 3rd edition also by FFG. I guess I just dont' get this game…but I want to.
  18. to beat the Dol Guldur scenario Solo? Oh, what's that?…oh, you say it can't be done? Oh… If this is the case, that totally blows. Does anyone have a deck I could use to beat the Dol Guldor, maybe atleast give me a 50/50 shot? I read some other posts about this and the consensus is that it's a 2 player scenario, end of story.
  19. Shaun in Chicago. Played and ran every single version of SW RPG there has been.
  20. I'm really just trying to get an idea of is Starship Combat feasibly fast? can you have a small ship encounters in under an hour (assuming players are familiar with the system? I have a good understanding of personal combat, that's fine. No one seems to be talking about Starship and Vehicle Combat. If this has been discuessed ad nauseum elsewhere, just send me in that direction. haha. Seriously though, yeah previous commenter, X-wing is a sweet game and hope to be able to use those minis.
  21. I see, so having players with WHRPG3E experience will certainly be an advantage then. That's great to hear about the minions/henchman/boss mechanic that they kept from the WH system. I think that's a good one to retain. Now…having players READY!!!! with their dice pools I'm sure will be an continuing problem, but that's not the system's fault. haha. I'm mainly concerned about starship combat. I have always wanted this to work so bad and have always wanted my PC's to eventually get small tramp fleets, rocking it out like Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters, the greatest single Star Wars WEG product and possibly all SW RPG products ever written!! Shamelss Plug, but I bet a LOT of peeps agree with me.
  22. I have played/ran every incarnation of Star Wars RPG. From West End to Saga's end. I have also played/ran the Warhammer Roleplaying Game 3rd Edition extensively, and own nearly every supplement currrently out. I have played Rogue Trader and am familiar with the rules. I am a fan of Fast combat systems. To me, Star Wars should be a fast game, because there always seems to be so much going on all around the characters. There many are heavly populated areas and stuff flying around the PC's at all times. Elevations can change in a instant and vehicles at the PC's disposal pretty much all around. And Cover, always lots of cover. I was stoked to hear FFG picked up the SW brand. But, having played WHRPG 3E, I have watched it slowly bloat like a corpse with it's "optional" rules with each supplement and TONS and TONS of chits and cards. Table space Real Estate has now come to a head and become a major problem, only half-way into Ranks. I have just a few concerns about Star Wars I hope someone can answer. Nothing specific, just give me an idea Starship Combat…in my opinion, there is where nearly every system ever made has fallen somewhat flat. I think the Saga Edition of this game got pretty close to being a fast and balanced system. For those who have read the Beta, do you think that the system will be condusive to high speed space chases, i.e. out running TIE fighters in your freighter or having multiple players in fighters batting other fighters?? Or, (GASP) will we perhaps be able to fighter larger ships to ship combats. Second, could all of this be done in under and hour?? What I means is, could ship combat, say a Freighter vs. 3 TIE's (or any fighter) be accomplised in a reasonably short amount of time?? Or, are we looking at Rogue Trader'ish combat system, where one entire game session may be Starship Combat Can you see Starship Combat tying into the X-Wing miniatures game somehow? Is there any relation? Vehicle Combat, i.e., say Walkers vs. Speeders, or Speeder vs. Speeders, is it a clear system?? Finally, player combat. How long would an encounter with a Squad of Stormtroopers last? say 3 PC's vs. 3 Storms? Thank You in advance!!
  23. I had this near same experience in a FIVE player (yes, I know 4 is the limit) game with this same scenario. I was wondering the same exact thing. I wanted to make sure that I could summon INDEFINITE amount of Cultists, so long as I had enough threat! Now, my other question though is, could I summon X amount of cultist and then IMMEDIATELY sacrifice them to make them Zombies or Hounds of Tindalos, etc. in THE SAME TURN??? so long as I had the threat to use the Keeper Card?? I'm thinking, yes, but I would like to make sure. thanks!!
  24. It IS pretty awesome! It's my Fav. FFG Boardgame. I used to have Arkham, but I like the zoomed in aspect of MoM. A superior game of story telling and so many RPG elements that make it great.
  25. In my group of 5 PC's, 6 games deep, We have a Grey Wizard and a Priest of Sigmar. Supported by a Wood Elf Waywatcher, Trollslayer and Thief/now Agent
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