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  1. WOOO APRIL!!! Only 9 months after announcement! ...SUPER Lame roll out FFG.
  2. I smell price gougers emerging from the swamps of Dagobah...
  3. I would recommend posing this question in the X-Wing forums as well, because you're very likely to get a lot of bias opinions on either game. X-wing is out now, has a lot of ships and varieties to choose from. Armada is taking forever and a day to be released and like X-wing, will take several YEARS before it will have as much diversity. X-wing is not without its faults, but there is VERY little actually known about Armada and is mostly just speculation. I have played both; Armada shortly at GenCon 14'. I liked both quite a bit as one satisfies an itch. the other cannot. with X-Wing, if you don't care for 100 point death matches (I really don't), the many scenarios are a great way to alleviate that. X-wing IMHO, is meant for 3 ships vs. 3-4 ships max on a 3x3 mat. Otherwise it seems to just get crowded, fat and sloggy. Armada will suffer from the same problem as it appeared to be tough to move pieces around the measuring stick and the many fighter squads strewn about. And like all FFG games, you will have phases, within rounds, within turns, and so on that will slow it down. I love the scale of Armada though, and it looks like a gorgeous game. However, for all that flash, you can put lipstick on a pig, and its is still a pig. That being said...I will own Armada...if it ever gets released.
  4. Everyone's patience is wearing thin, but there's nothing we can do. Maybe they just need to come out and say there were some production issues. I've been waiting on this game since GenCon 14'.
  5. ...this is good, I guess...but can we have the game this year? Or is this now a GenCon 2015 release?
  6. I was on board at GenCon, but I figured it would be out by November. If I knew it was 7-8 months away at that point I would have been p*ssed. Why would FFG reveal a game ALMOST A YEAR away. That's like a Star Wars trailer a full year before the movie's release! I think I also answered my own rant.
  7. I agree with Jimmy. I also hope for Mini-Campaigns like in the Descent Small Box expansions. It lets us play an entire campaign, or at least feasibly possible to play an entire campaign in a single sitting. Personally, I plan to combine IA with Armada on a small scale for a few fast battles. a few squads and the CR90 makes for exciting blockade runs for some of those story and side missions. X-Wing seems to be too fat lately, but I admit the models are way cooler and they have freighters.
  8. As a fan of Descent, a gamer in his mid-thirties with a family who wishes he had time for a 600 page RPG experience, fan of the WEG and SAGA versions of the SW RPG (prior to family), this is probably the best thing that could happen. These plug and play pseudo-rpg's like Descent are just awesome for gamers who are getting older and have meaningful lives. To people like me (and there are a lot of us) this is more than a Tactical Miniatures Game, they are a window into something we wish we could still do, but simply cannot devote the time anymore. I say thanks FFG!
  9. They will likely have some tomorrow and the day after. that's my experience from previous FFG GenCons, there's a daily allotment
  10. Get in touch with me if you wanna play Descent! I'm lugging my stuff down Thursday night.
  11. Just like the title says...does making a ranged attack exhaust the unit making the ranged attack, or can that unit attack in the subsequent combat phase?
  12. I might actually just get VoI. The more I read, the more it looks like I get more Story for my money.
  13. Thanks for the tip everyone. I have reordered...for a 4th time...LotR. I will slowly recollect everything I imagine in the long run, but just wanted to jump in with HoN and VoI. I will play on EASY Mode with no Shadow Cards. I may only be playing half a game to some people, but like I said, I'm not a sadist gamer. I enjoy the experience and the adventure rather than the sabremetrics of deck building. I should be able to build whatever deck I want with Elenor and still have a chance to win!! haha.
  14. Yes, I would get the whole cycle with HoN and then VoI
  15. Well...I still get crushed on EASY mode some times. I'm just a casual player. It's easy mode that brought me back to the game at all. I hated it the first time I owned it. This is owning number three believe it or not. I have owned the previous two cycles and I was terrible at it. But I see these great stories being put into the game since HoN that I have come back and maybe I just play those cycles
  16. So your philosophy is get the whole game or don't get into it at all? As a consumer that makes no sense to me why a company would make a core product give you a bunch of options but say it's broken unless you buy the entire line of products. I would call that a rip off. So I have two "don't waste your time" and one "go for it!"
  17. Great. Yes, I would get the corresponding deluxe expansion for the cycle is goes with, I just want to skip Shadows of Mirkwood and the Dwerrodwelf cycles and KD expansion.
  18. Hey Guys, I have the Core Set. I'm only interested in the two sets with strong narratives beginning with eh Heirs of Numenor. So can I just go right into that expansion and skip Khazad Dum and the two previous adventure cycles? also, I only play on EASY mode. I just like playing through the adventures and having fun, in stead of losing every time, which to me is NOT fun. Losing once or even twice is okay...just not 9/10 times. haha. Yes, I also play solo. Thoughts??
  19. I'm hoping for....maybe just a REPRINT of the 2E if no new edition is coming. I can't even afford to pick up a copy.
  20. To be fair, I should add that I also never see anyone ever playing LotR: LCG either. But I do love that game. Thanks to EASY mode!
  21. I was super pumped for the SW LCG... until they switched to PvP. I detest what that game became, but looks like there's a strong market for it, though I never see anyone playing it at LGS's in Chicago.
  22. Honestly, it just sounds lame to me. I assume it probably meant to be mass marketed. I see this showing up at Target soon. Something simple for the kids. I'm out, but I totally understand the business strategy behind it. More power to FFG.
  23. No, I never noticed that before? Thanks for pointing that out, I will definitely not be buying the book now! Thanks for saving me money!
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