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  1. Further more....does anyone have the skinny on Town/Travel Events? Am I one of the few that played WHQ as kind of an RPG??
  2. Here's another thing that seems to get overlooked; granted it's a product of its era, it still was a rather sexist game. Not a SINGLE female hero. Not one. A direct reprint in this day and age would be well...incredibly sexist. Atleast the card game mixes it up a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I love to rescue me some damsels every now and again, but times they are a changin'. Horseman, sometimes you just cannot reason with a fanatic. Would actually love to hear more about your time with GW in the mid 1990's, as that was my GW hey-day...until I saw the light...and the frivolous lawsuits...and hyper aggressive IP litigation...and the price creep...and the revisions....etc. haha.
  3. I agree with everything that Horseman had to say, though he was a little condescending, I think he's 100% accurate as to why there is no reprint. It's like asking someone to reprint HeroQuest. In today's market it would have to sell for hundreds of dollars for the company to make money. Making games, even by FFG costs so much. And I don't know if you check FFG's job postings, but they certainly don't pay very much in case you think this company is making money hand over fist. Those I think it is a great producer of quality games. I think the references to TSR is a very good analogy to what people THINK they know. That being said, if there's not Town/Travel Event Cards in this game, I'm going to be p*ssed. Horseman, I think you have sound logic.
  4. I think the title likely says it all. I'm in Woodland Hills, well into my 30's and am looking for a weeknight or weekend night game fest for some LOTR LCG!!
  5. Completely agree about flexibility. I'm a new dad myself and over 30+, which is why Descent vs. D&D is so attractive to me. I'm just trying to get a once a month thing at best going.
  6. I am having the absolute worst time trying to find a group of people to play Descent for more than one evening. I have lived in Chicago and now I live in Northwestern Los Angeles (The Valley). Every store I ever go into, it's 40K, Warmachine and Magic. No one wants to play, let alone has ever heard of Descent. Then, I will see it sitting on their shelf, and they say, "oh yeah. Well, why not just play D&D?" Granted, that's a fair question. As a former DM/GM, I can tell you that the biggest draw to Descent is that it's a plug and play RPG-Lite esstentially where the DM is an active player and the tells a good little campaign story regardless of who wins. What's not to love there. Anyway, I have posted on boards, talked to Gamers at Game Stores in Chicago and LA now over the past 2 years. I have posted Demo opportunities on number MEETUP's and Game Store Boards. No one is interested in ever playing. I thought I would jump on here and ask, how do you guy find your groups? Is geography just not my friend for this game? How did you all find people and get a campaign going?? Or we all just collecting this game for..."Someday!" Also, even games of Imperial Assault have been tough to get going. Though the Star Wars label help coax people more. IA is fun, but again, it's SO hard to keep a group going in a campaign. So again, what have you all done to keep it going with and finding groups!
  7. Anyone wanna get a game going?? Trying to get something started up here. I have all the materials and some expansions. Hit me up or reply and let's see if we can get a meet-up happening
  8. Anyone wanna start playing near Chatsworth or Woodland Hills?? I have been GMing for a while back in Chicago, but I just moved to CA a few months ago.
  9. Three years of going to GenCon, I can tell you that they will have it out there. They may even have the Hired Guns packs available in limited quantity. They will also likely announce a big box expansion. The question is really how long Twin Shadows will lag behind for everyone else and how will that dictate a rules release.
  10. Anyone know when we might see the rules for Twin Shadows? Usually release a week before the game comes out. We're a week away from GenCon when everything will get released, so when do you you Guys think?
  11. ****, would have been better as a hero alternative.
  12. Hype! Marketing! Star Wars! GenCon! Working!
  13. I'm going to agree with the OP, this will be a special release at GenCon in "limited quantity" and the those who cannot attend GenCon will have to wait another month or so. I see the Hound's Tooth and that wave of ships getting released there as well. This will be in addition to the Star Wars Imp Assault Expansions. Good luck spending half your day in that booth line. It's great hype.
  14. By GenCon likely means AFTER GenCon for everyone else. With it almost being June and no Boat Status, I think it's a safe assumption. I mean holy geez, the X-Wing Imperial Raider was announced back in friggin' December. Star Wars Orgy at the FFG booth this year.
  15. For those that might NOT be going to GenCon, will the new Twin Suns expansions and hero packs be out before? Or do you guys think FFG is going to hold back on any new Star Wars products so they can have a big release party at GenCon and people can wait in line for their booth for a few hours? I love GenCon. I think it's too big for where and what it is, but I still enjoy the people and atmosphere. I probably can't make it this year, but was hoping all these cool new Star Wars products would be out by before then. I mean, if I was FFG, I would probably plan to release at and after GenCon, so I get it. just wanted you all to opine. Sincerely, Sour Grapes
  16. If they can tell me how to fix it with my limited skills, I would be okay with that.
  17. Yes, I believe it has been glued in the wrong position, but is there anyway to fix that without breaking the female dowel? I will contact FFG, but I don't have much hope because A.) I did not buy it, I traded for it on BGG, and B.) I have disposed of the box already before I mounted it.
  18. I traded for a sealed CR90. I was very pumped about this ship for a while. I traded Armada for this ship, only to discover that the rear hull dowel/female stand peg, is VERY crooked. It set listing to the left, while the front is straight, so the ship does not sit flat! It stands, but looks precarious. I don't blame the person that traded, as it was a sealed product...but what do I do now? Is there a way to fix this? I'm afraid if I try to move it I'm going to snap the dowel's end off. Is the a common problem? I think I might be screwed.
  19. I'm already out and sold my copy of the game, getting back into X-Wing. A.) it's kind of an overrated to system to me. B.) Its just taking forever for materials and for the Core Set. Then when the core set arrived, I just wasn't all that impressed. The production quality was a true let down, warped TIE Fighters and Bad Paint Jobs, for $100 !!! I feel like I paid $50 more for the Star Wars name. that's just me, a lot of guys like slow, multi-faceted tactical games. Maybe I'll come around again in a couple years. Good luck to all you players! Peace and love!
  20. 2 more after the Raider...that should about do it for the OT era. Then...why not move into the prequels.
  21. I agree, likely a GenCon release...that will sell out before we can get to it that morning. But, here's hoping for the outside chance it comes out earlier and we find out the next big box expansion at GenCon instead.
  22. We all love to watch and obsess over release dates. But is Twin Shadows so secret that...it doesn't even appear on the "Upcoming Page", is it just kind of going to, show up in Early Summer/Gen-Con? Anyone know why it was announced but never entered development? also surprised they haven't announced Wave 2 for Armada. Is this all part of the new FFG info slow down, perhaps in an attempt to calm us rabid fans down? haha. I know that updates have become less frequent since the update to the webpage. Didn't know if Star Wars related products are now elite status. ;-)
  23. I hear you loud and clear. I think we're just old. I personally love scenarios for games like X-wing, Imp Assault and even the old Axis and Allies miniatures game. I like to just hang out and play a themed game, rather than looking for some loop hole where I can team up Han and Darth Vader against Luke and Boba Fett...I mean come on. On the flip side, I'm glad that kids are still gaming and getting out. I once felt we were a dying breed (not entirely convinced yet), but I see that games are still getting a draw.
  24. I wonder why they haven't updated the page in over a week. Seems odd. Lots of the "Shipping" items have been "Available Now" for several days/week
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