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  1. No, there's needs to be a Star WArs board version with the mechanics of Runebound or Arkham horror. And RPG Board Game, played in Modules for new adventures to be released. Make it almost a completely expansion based game, and each module/expansion to come out could involve new adventure/s to be had in different star wars systems. The Outer Rim or the Core, or just even the Tatooine system. Endless Possibilities! A sure money maker....however, the capital to acquire such a license could be monumental to wrestle from the hands of HASBRO.
  2. Having trouble interpreting what "players can activate each viper any number of times during a players turn" means. Does this means a player can use the same viper over and over again in a single turn? How do you know when to stop using a viper? Or does this mean a player can activate each non-piloted viper on the board each time? What the frak? My question should really be, in combat, what can a player, not piloting a viper do with a viper or viperS that has been launched or is in space already? Thanks!! Any news on Expansions???
  3. When a player draws a Cylon Attack Crisis Card, and there are already ships on the board from say, the beginning of the game or previous attack card, does this new crisis stack, or do I simply re-arrange the pieces to reflect the current crisis card drawn's set-up?? Is there any word about Expansions being released for this game? It only goes up to Kobol?
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