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  1. Hello to those that have played through this game, maybe once or twice. I had an idea I thought would be pretty fun. I have a sizable collection of Dwarven Forge pieces and Dungone Tiles...I was wondering are there any situations in the game that take place in dungeons or caverns? And if so, would be be possible to build a map to move pieces through as you progress in the story?

    I think this would add a cool element to group play to be able to see something as you move along. Maybe it would be too spoiler'y but I thought it might be cool.

    This would also require for someone to give me a map without giving too much of the story away. Of course, I could always play through solo and have an idea.

    Please let me know.

  2. 3 hours ago, Darth Sanguis said:

    You may wanna check with your local game store to see if the distributor has any. If you're in the US, a call to Empire Game Center in streetsboro Ohio may be beneficial, the owner may be willing to ship something out to you or sell through his site. I know we have the fighter packs and I think most stuff in stock.  

    Southern California is bone dry for older items that aren't Neb B's or CR90's....like in its entirety within 150 miles of Los Angeles.

  3. Hi,

    Anyone have a line on if they have heard any restock/reprint info about earlier ships? New player here trying to get Imp Light Cruisers and early Fighter Squadrons for retail and not triple price. Luckly found a Raider but stocks do not seem to be replenishing. Not having those Fighter Packs available seems like a big let down.


  4. Looking to trade X-Wing 2e ships for Star Wars Armada Ships. All x-Wing ships are opened and punched. Only missing a few number stands, but there are more than enough included. Also willing to pay Retail.


    Base Game Complete
    TIE Reaper
    Slave I
    Lando’s Millennium Falcon 
    Saw’s Renegades


    Imperial Light Cruiser
    Imperial Raider
    Gladiator Class Star Destroyer 
    Rebel & Imperial Fighter Packs 1 & 2

  5. I totally agree. But take a look at how those Stormtrooper can Move 3 to Attack....it doesn't make sense. In the end, it's such a small thing, but I think it's an error in the app. 

    Really, I just wanted to know what to do about the lame Stormtrooper/Ranged attack actions and if I was doing it right and if there were alternatives. Sounds like House Rules are where it's at.

  6. Yes, just played it again, and the only way they can make their moves is to have 2 out of three move THROUGH the impassible terrain/red squares. The first one can make the move if it moves diagonally through Impassible Terrain corners...can this be done, even in regular rules?


    Seems like a better idea to house rule it. Thanks for that. Seems dumb to just have them be a merry-go-round of laughing shooters at PB Range. Plus, it makes "Engage" action seem unnecessary because everyone is going to do it anyway. I guess the difference being, engaged opponents hang around.

  7. So... for those of us just getting into this game, are we out of luck on ever getting Novellas for RETAIL PRICE)? Seems odd that something incredibly successful is cancelled because Star Wars. Has anyone heard if they will ever come back? I have investigators of Arkham Horror, but those stories contradict the Novellas.

  8. So, I have IA and the LoA App. I have started the App twice now to try and get a feel for how the game operates with the app. I have to say I'm a little confused out of the gate in the first tutorial that assumes you have played the game before. Am I wrong, but it seems like the initial stormtrooper's movement does not make any sense. Am I seeing this wrong or are those trooper jumping over the Red Lines (Impassible Terrain) and then moving back over it when they are done. It's a little confusing. I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing that.

    Also, so most of the time, the Stormtroopers and most Ranged Weapon Opponents are going to run up to be adjacent to my heroes, shoot them at point blank range for their first action, then run away for their second action. Is this correct? I mean, that's fine, but just seems dumb AI. So, am I also doing this wrong? I would think they would stay in cover and fire from at least a space or two away.


    Thank you for any insight!!

  9. I haven't been following the Beta stuff too well, and I noticed in the articles that it has not come up. But...has anyone heard if this will come out for iPad? It's kind of my preferred system. I'm not too familiar with Steam, other than I have problems getting to work on my Mac Book, and it is not available as an option on Ipad.


    Would be great to be able to carry this around instead of sitting at a computer

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