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  1. Those LT's have been "AT THE PRINTER" since the beginning of the year. In other words, they're not showing up anytime soon. You'll have to go to the price gougers if you want them. It's a shame they have never been able to keep the first wave in stock.
  2. Was there any SWLCG news at GenCon?

    This is correct. No LCG news at all. FFG was All L5R, all the time, 24/7. Don't own that game, but already tired of it. haha.
  3. Oracle System?

    Lord of the Rings would also be a big wish, but unlikely as to avoid cannibalism on Fantasy Settings. Likely a Chuthulhu version would appear.
  4. Oracle System?

    Now just make one for Star Wars....I mean Terrinnoth is a great trial ground (see Descent) for great Star Wars Games
  5. Oracle System?

    Should we be familiar with the "Oracle System" or is this something brand new?
  6. The New quests come in plastic clam packs, which is fine by me. But I love the presentation of the Deluxe Expansions in their sturdy, two-piece boxes. New Arkham Horror LCGs, come in flimsy cardboard one-piece and are useless for any component storage. Just like the Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3e Expansions after the Core Box.
  7. I'm looking to buy Khazad Dum again, but wanted to ask if these recent reprints are still the two-piece box? I noticed the Adventure Packs have become the plastic clam shell. But after buying the Dunwich Legacy, I noticed the box was cheap, thin garbage of a box. Can someone confirm that they haven't started doing this with the LotR deluxe expansions??
  8. Expansion Predictions: 2017 edition

    Endor Small Box Expansion: Zuckus & 4 LOM in some "Hunter Scenarios" Scout Troopers, No Speeder Bikes Imperial Army/Naval Troopers Han Solo/General Ally Ewok/Wicket Ally Rebel Ranger Hero Rebel ? Hero
  9. haha! I forgot Ahzag The Slaughterer - Azog the Slaughterer
  10. I loved All GW products and as a 15 year old thought, THIS MATERIAL IS AMAZING! ...Then I read the Lord of the Rings and was like...this is more of a total rip off than dungeons and dragons?! Like, they're not even trying to hide it. haha. Full Disclosure...I do still love it because it reminds me if being 15 again and my friends back then
  11. Meh, I'd probably buy it. WHQ: TACG was good, but was really just a condensed version of the iOS app. Everyone wants to complain about GW's new Fantasy Setting Space Marines...totally warranted...and I agree. Everyone is so fond of the Old World, which was truly just a Black Powder Middlearth meets the Holy Roman Empire... GW is just a 13 year old's playland. Here's some trademark dandy's! GW on the left, ME on the right. Loth Lorien - Athel Loren Mt Gunbad - Mt Gundabad Misty Mountain - Misty Mountains Karak-Dum - Khazad Dum Sylvaneth - Sylvan Elves The Witch King of Naggaroth - The Witch King of Angmar
  12. Uh oh...
  13. Expansions

    Seriously, we are about to enter GenCon Radio Silence mode and there are only 12 products that are not LCG Packs or B.S. accessories for X-wing or Net Runner...colored flight stands? Really? Someone really wanted those? My point is, it's critical time for products to get into the que for a release by GenCon. After that, there usually are no major announcements until GenCon. I give it a another month, but after that, we may not see anything for WHQ until GenCon, then 3-6 months after that. I'm just venting! Gimmie SOMETHING SADLER!! haha.
  14. Expansions

    That all being said, I cannot agree more with the lame updates lately. Even the Star Wars updates have been lame. It's going to quickly get to the point where we will have to wait till GenCon for any major news.
  15. Expansions

    Does anyone think GW paused and also looked at the sales and went, "Maybe WE should reprint/update the game and charge $250 for it!?" It seems like GW is slowly getting back in the business of boardgames with excellent minis...but huge price tags. I'm not talking smack, it's a genuine question. GW is a very strange and greedy company. I can totally see them doing something like that. It's a win, win to me as I like the Cardgame a lot, but would much rather a reprint of the actual game. WHQACG is kind of more related to the IOS Game than it is actual WHQ.