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  1. Personally, I agree with the "cold" analogy. Therefore, Gaea is not trying to kill off mankind so much as get rid of the symptoms of man; if man gets wiped out in the process then so be it. The directed attacks are not targeted against people so much as aimed at erasing all of their environmentally destructive creations; of course much of humanity will get erased in the process. Instead of opening with animal attacks (I save those for later), I start with the localized disappearance of all animal life - wild and domestic - which is consistently followed by a catastrophic natural disaster; Gaea sequesters the animals so that they do not suffer the effects of the calamity. The animals are returned later to unleash more precisely targeted attacks against those who return to their polluting ways. During the disaster phase, Gaea will make every effort to cleanse the surface of the Earth - First and foremost by destroying anything that pollutes (factories, power plants, most forms of transportation, etc); next, by destroying everything that covers any portion of ground (cement, asphalt, buildings, etc.) Again, after the initial disaster phase, if a person uses anything that pollutes or is destructive to the environment, they will be dealt with harshly; typically by an animal "hit squad." During the post-apocalyptic phase, survival in the remains of big cities will be virtually impossible; Gaea's wrath will remain in full force until the cities are erased from the face of the earth. Some small groups might try to continue to hope to find shelter in the ruins but most survivors will quickly realize that it is not worth the risk. However, even groups that live outside of the cities will realize the need to raid cities for supplies. This is mainly because even those groups will have to learn to subsist without offending Gaea; at first by gathering and then by small, organic farming; after many years, perhaps some hunting if it is done in a respectful manner (think nose-to-tail). Another good analogy might be a dog with fleas: the dog doesn't really try to kill the flea - it's just trying to stop the irritation.
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