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  1. Is there any new information? First time I heard from TOME was in May 2015th and it is still in beta, really? At least we have floor rules but still no judge program (shouldn´t it start end of 2015?).
  2. Location means defense zone (front, back). Are there any parts changed on the front or back end of the ship (i.e. power conductors) or is only a more powerfull shield generator installed somewhere which provides more power overall for the shields? In the first case the defense zone should not be changeable, in the second case the zone could probably be changed.
  3. Is the choosen location for the reinforced shield generator fixed during the installation of the attachment (or further mods) or could it be relocated afterwards?
  4. The document actually changes Perception, Discipline and VIGILANCE to career skills.
  5. Once again "Intimidating" does not lower the difficulty (meaning: remove purple dice), it does downgrade the difficulty (meaning: replace red dice with purple dice). "Intimidating" does absolutly nothing if you have no red dices in the dice pool.
  6. I didn´t read all posts but how does the talent "intimidate" influence the whole topic? "Intimidate" only downgrades the difficulty from red dice to purple and is not reducing the difficulty, right?
  7. The next tournament will be held in the Funtainment Munich September the 7th, beginning 11a.m. Probably the monthly tournament (usally the first saturday) for october will be cancelled as the national championship is also in Munich one week later.
  8. I don´t have my rulebook on hand, but changed the value of the back pack really from 3 to 4? It seems that it doesn´t matter if I mark weapons as equipped or not, its value is always added to encumbrance. In the gear section not equipped gear is not included in the encumbrance.
  9. What if the missed opportunity was a disadvantage of the controlling player i.e. the tags for joshua? I thinkg as judge I should give a penalty but is a warning enough in this case especially if the situation happens repeatedly?
  10. Is there anything official how judges should handle forgotten "must"-effects like taking credits for compromised employee? Only remind the players to ensure a correct game state in the future or shall we "correct" the current situation (give the runner one credit)? Does it depend on if the game state was changed significantly or not i.e. if decisions were made in regard to the credit pool of the runner (rezzed ICE or Traces)?
  11. I should have been more precise. Various Master-tier uncorrupted human NPCs I saw had around 35 wounds. I haven´t read their description but I don´t think that all of them have implants, drugs or to much food. If the number of wounds ars caused be anything, why can´t PCs get so tough?
  12. How do you explain that uncorrupted human NPCs (Master) have a number of wounds bigger than 30? That is three times the wounds of a normal NPC. This number is hard to reach even for a Chaos Space Marine PC and requires lots of additional bought wounds. I think the maximum number without mutations is 34 for a Chaos Space Marine and around 20 for a human PC, on the other hand the human Master-tier NPCs in Hand of Corruption have 35 wounds.
  13. For the Devastator the Bolt Pistol might be a better choice to fight hordes in melee than the combat knife or a chainsword. Aim and standard attack (Boltpistol) is a +10 on ballistic skill and causes in most circumstances 2 magnitude damage. An All-out-Attack with a combat knife or chainsword is a +20 on weaponskill but to gain 2 magnitude damage you need to degrees of success. Or use a Hand Flamer with "Cleans and Purify" and "Storm of Iron".
  14. Do you make one damage roll per attack or per hit? I can´t find a clear answer to this in the rules. The rules for damaging hordes implies that different hits of one attack can have different damage values which would need one damage roll per hit.
  15. Where does it say that the Skapulan bolter is of Stalker pattern? Shoudn´t it have a much greater Range then? You know that you need two hands to wield a Relic blade? As a Ultramarine Tactial my most favourite piece of gear are the various special issue ammunition together with my Hesh-pattern bolter. For very few Req-points you get a deadly weapon for nearly all occasions. Against Tyranids for example use a fire-selector (2 Req) with Metal Storm Rounds (15Req) und Hellfire Rounds (for free). The Hesh-bolter even comes with motion predictor, preysense sight, the accurate and reliable qualities for free.
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