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  1. looks like you had a great honeymoon yes as much as you wanted FF to send your copy of MH to you as a gift, i was hoping to get mine back just after my uni results. You took some great pics
  2. Im currently not reading anything, so im happy to give the novel a try and see what the author is like and get the ally card as a nice bonus the card will be come a collectors item one day
  3. Depending on what country you are from $15 isnt a lot for an expansion. Partly comes down to your disposable income and how strong your countries currency is. Hopefully it has been worked out to be sustainable, the method of print will ensure that market is never flooded with excess product, but would anyone feel that it could become collectors items in years to come?
  4. ive pre ordered MH, so im hoping it will arrive during the middle of a week, so i can then organise a game with friends for that weekend, who cares what is meant to happen.
  5. silonce

    AH Lite?

    The older i get and the busier my life is becoming I think once i get this, that it will be situation when i choose to play this more often than my much loved AH purely due to time allocated Possibly also looking for successful games when life after AH comes either way it will be good
  6. When you drink Wiskey and still pick up an insanity
  7. Im in the process of building a house, the dinning room has been made long and wide enough to cater for a 12 seating table. Going to get it custom made to ensure its wide enough to fit the board and character sheets. When you incorporate parts of Arkham into your ceremony
  8. I would hope so, im expecting that ill get the upgrade on the iphone before my copy of MH comes into the country
  9. Your at a nightclub and the lights come on to signify closing time, terror level goes up as the fight for cabs begin or you have had one drink to many and you wake up in the morning and roll over to make a terror check cause of what is beside you
  10. I wonder how big the box would have to be to fit everything The cost would be to great, possibly a collectors of the original box with maybe mini's of the base AO's but box space is limited, as it needs to fit on store shelf nice idea but sadly not practical
  11. Also remember that they are from Another Time
  12. It would be awesome for it to happen, the opportunity to use them in AH in MoM and also in the roleplay But the cost, would certainly IMO have to be tied into some game
  13. Yes i also always use them now, regardless if using the IH board or not. I feel they add that extra element to the game, like relationship cards Another thing to make you think about whilst playing, another simple but added complexiy
  14. The baby is a drool monster. I was in a store in Melbourne Australia and it had a copy. I just cant afford it till next year
  15. If they actually did the figures in different colours id be highly tempted to get rid of my copy and buy a new one. A very enjoyable 2 player game, cant wait
  16. Im lucky to be able to play AH once a month, Id like to play a few times more, but so is life The other issue i find is when playing at other peoples houses and they dont have a wide enough table to allow it all to fit. Cause i dont feel i should have to put such an awesome game on the floor. Its like dropping the nations flag
  17. Once you start getting the expansions, id suggest holding off 3 months between getting a new one, to allow you the most enjoyment out of each new expansion
  18. Dont have Dunwich either My friend has it so i didnt want to have the exact same, to allow for a different experience when playing with my set. Im in the process of purchasing them all from newest to oldest. wish Miskatonic would hurry up
  19. The app is def a great starting point, and no doubt from good feedback in using it in future games many ideas will come to mind in improving it. I can see why they havent allowed for multi investigator tracking, but yes it would be nice. Id also like that since ive bought all the large expansions, that they be available on ipad, iphone and itouch. also consider bringing out a version of AH for the playstation network and xbox live would be snapped up by many imagine it with online multiplayer ability, the amount of new players we could all tap into
  20. im looking forward to this revised edition as a relative new arkham player, (2yrs) using a friends box, i went out on my own and have been snapping up the expansions in reverse order so when reading about the plans for cotdpr made me happy
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