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  1. I doubt you will find anyone selling them as it just isn't profitable. Lets look at the math. I buy a core set for $34. Add in tax were now at $37. I break it up into 7 sets (one for each clan). I need to sell each clan for $5.29 just to break even. However, I'm going to have ship the item to the buyer. The postage is going to run you around $2.15 so now we are up to $7.35. E-bay is going to take 10% of the sale price and Paypal is going to take another 3%. So now we are up to $8.45 just to break even and only if I sell all 7 packs. I also need to add a few bucks to each pack to make it worth my time and we are up to about $11 a clan pack. Are people really going to pay a third the price of a core for a seventh of the cards? I can tell you when I attempted to do this with AGoT2.0, the answer is no and I ended up taking a loss. If we break a core into 8 sets (7 clans plus neutrals). The prices will change a little. Each set will be $4.63. If we double the cost of the neutrals (because thats what everyone really wants), you can sell the neutral set for $9 and and each clan set for $4. After adding in shipping, fees, and profit, your price becomes $15 for the neutrals and $10 for the clans. Again, you probably sell the neutrals and be left with the clans because people don't need them.
  2. Its still cheaper than a CCG and is still technically an LCG model. There are no rarities and every card in the box is fixed. As for cost, if you buy everything you are looking at $190 (3 cores and 6 dynasty packs). If you were to get a full playset of one of the CCG base sets (gold, ivory, etc) you would have to spend easily $400 (3 booster boxes for $130 each) or more and then you still aren't assured a full playset of every card. I'll finish by repeating what I said earlier in this thread. 120 cards at one time and 3-6 months to enjoy that meta is much better than 20 cards at a time and 2-3 weeks to enjoy that meta. With the way they've released their other LCGs, you are always looking ahead at the cards that are coming out soon and never really get a chance to look at what you have now.
  3. I would actually like for this to become the norm, provided they start the six week release process every 3-6 months. That way I feel you get the best of both worlds. You get the low cost of entry ($120 every 6 months is the same as $20 a month) while also getting to enjoy a meta. My problem with the current LCG model is once I start to enjoy my deck there's a new pack that changes everything. I would much rather get that hit all at once and get a few months to enjoy it.
  4. Assume they do a pack a week. That would have the entire first cycle out by the end of the year. When do they start the second cycle? April when would have been if it was month per pack? January? Maybe FFG is trying to go to more CCG release schedule while still being an LCG. Two to three 120 card sets a year (released over 6 weeks) vs twelve 20 cards sets released a year
  5. The key is if your clan votes right you will have the choice between a keeper and a seeker when building your deck. That way those keeper only cards or seeker only cards can still be used.
  6. To just add a bit more. 3 cores will give you 1 playset of all clan cards, 2 playsets of all neutral cards, and 3 playsets of the following cards (Seppun Guard, Miya Mystic, Otomo Courtier, Wandering Ronin, all provinces, roles, and strongholds).
  7. Actually yes. Oni no Pekkle and other infiltrators have to care about their honor and or dishonor. For the Shadowlands Denizens that don't care about honor, they get 0 glory like every other character in the game that doesn't care about honor or dishonor Again, this makes perfect sense for Pekkle no Oni and other shadowlands infiltrators. They appear in court all the time. So you give them a '-' in politics like the other character cards that have no business in court I think they work perfectly fine. I'm not saying they are going to ever be one, but I'd say that they have just as much as an equal chance as any other faction that isn't currently in the game.
  8. By that logic it would be a mistake not to include the shadowlands as a faction. They've been teased more than the mantis have. The Mantis have what, a passing remark in the initial crane fiction and a confirmation in an interview that they exist in the setting? The shadowlands have actually shown up in the crab intro fiction, have had passing remarks in the most recent fiction, alluded to in the Meishodo fiction (ruby of iuchiban), and appear to have a card in the first dynasty pack.
  9. I think the only thing they should have printed to go in the game box is the appendices from the RRG. If not the full appendices, then at least the part that shows when all of the action windows are.
  10. Yeah, Cool stuff inc. I think they were 33.99 each. After tax and my discount I think I paid 105 for my 3 core.
  11. Cool Stuff is now taking preorders for L5R. I just preordered my 3 copies.
  12. In AGOT2.0, there was a card that was limited to 1 per deck. They still have you 3 copies in the chapter pack. They would also always give you 3 of any new plot even though those were limited to 1 or 2 per deck
  13. Remember, Outwit requires a courtier. I'd have to go back through the lists, but I don't think the other clans have enough courtiers (outside of scorpion probably).
  14. kolat informer had 30/30 print and play decks for each of the previewed clans http://kolatinformant.com/2017/07/l5r-lcg-print-and-play-demo-decks/
  15. Still of the belief that Meisheido equals maho .... In that vein, GIVE IT TO ALL THE CLANS!!!
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