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  1. Well I'll give you a shout sometime, right now I'm just trying to get cards XD. I was in Roseville the others day and I didn't see the stores anywhere we went. We were near Barnes and Noble, Hollywood Video, and Cub.
  2. I just have MSN, Aim hates my computer
  3. I keep hearing a lot about battling online and I was wondering how that works... I mean is it video, or just people saying what they put out Sorry to be noobish but I'm trying to get the hang of this place
  4. Well anyone know where to buy cards? Target and Wal-mart don't have them. The only place I've been able to get cards is Barnes and Noble, and they only have the Kingdom pack, and Character Pack. Anyone know of anywhere?
  5. Eagan, about 15 mins away from Rosemount. And 10-20 mins from the Twin Cities
  6. The source? Whats that, Sorry if I'm slightly confused I'm new.
  7. It sounds similar to D&D but I wasn't sure, I might consider buying it but I don't want to risk not liking it. Is there a Dugeon Master type person driving the RP or what? Could someone explain a bit more?
  8. Yay! Me and my friends live near the Twin Cities but we don't know anyone who likes KH TCG so where do you hold these tournaments?
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