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  1. I am sure that this has been asked before, but a search on the forums hasn't come up with this topic. I have almost all the expansions to Eldrich Horror and am getting a bit overwhelmed by all the cards/tokens, etc. I feel like I should be able to mix them together, but other than the sideboards and Elder cards, what can I and can't I mix together into one big collection? Thanks!!
  2. Terrific work-- I'd love to know when this becomes available for purchase!
  3. They should be. The minis are ok, but yes, I was expecting more. That said, they're far better than Descent 1st ed, but that was a number of years ago when the baseline of quality for these games wasn't as high as it is today.
  4. Another quick question-- can the 1st edition expansions be used with the 2nd edition base game?
  5. Thanks! That's odd, though. There's a place on the FFG website for "Game Tools"; I wonder why it isn't available there.
  6. I'm looking to download the app for MoM2 for my Mac, yet links I've seen say to visit fantasyflightgames.com, but I can't find the app on the website. Any help?
  7. Since it is a ground combat tactic card, it most certainly is limited to whichever ships you have participating in the space theater part of the combat. If you have no ship with an effective red die attack (i.e., rebel transport), you cannot use this card.
  8. We found the combat to move very quickly, and was very straightforward. As I learned one turn when I moved my leader away from a combat area (was playing Imperial), without the aid of defensive tactic cards that come from your leader's presence, the Rebels overran a more powerful ground force and took control of the planet. Fits in quite nicely for the logic, and theme.
  9. True, for the original post. Yet, it would reason that there should be a mechanic for culling down the probe deck from all known impossible locations. Part of the game for the Imp player is that they need to balance between exploring and getting probe cards. Or I should say they need to do both and at times it will be redundant. If every time the Imperial player went to a planet they got the probe card for that planet, the game would be much shorter. By putting those cards back in the deck, the Imperial player has to decide between leaving units around, or building a Force for the base. Additionally, the cards the Rebel player draws are not revealed, so the Imp player would have no idea which ones do have units and which ones don't. Not quite what I was intending. This isn't an action done continuously through the gameplay. Rather, like initial setup, it is only to establish for the Imperial player which locations are not the rebel base when the player decides to relocate. It's only triggered when the rebel player acts to reestablish the base.
  10. True, for the original post. Yet, it would reason that there should be a mechanic for culling down the probe deck from all known impossible locations.
  11. Ah yes-- examining the carbonate card resolves that question, since it is attempted against a captured leader. And thanks for #2-- missed that. Going back to #1, yes-- the Imp player gets the card for the system. But they also know what systems the rebel player could not have gone to-- why keep those planets buried in the probe droid deck? Just to populate the deck with known false cards?
  12. Also, here's the board, after we agreed to stop the game for the day. Instructional games are always slow, and never seem to finish in time! And yes, if you haven't yet played, the game board is massive.
  13. First of all, this has got to be one of the best, most exciting board games I've ever played (and we have a lot in the closet!) During our first game, a couple things came up... 1) During initial setup, the planets that contain rebel, imperial, and subjugated systems have their probe droid cards discarded to the game box. If the rebel player decides to use their ability to relocate the rebel base, does the imperial player get the probe cards for all systems that are currently occupied by ground troops or are loyal (as indicated under the "Revealing the Rebel Base" section of the rules reference?) 2) If not, what does the Rebel player do if they try to establish a new base, and the four (or 8) cards they draw are all currently held by the opposing Imperial player(s) as above? Extra question: 3) Can the Imperial player both capture one leader and carbonate another, since there are two rings for each?
  14. Great explanation, friends. So, does this mean that in *any* attack, not just the one I described, that you can only ever get one faceup damage card? I imagine that the second attack, from a different zone, could give a player a second face up damage card, but that's because it's an entirely new attack...
  15. So we were playing this today. My friend took Admiral Screed, a Gladiator 1 with APT. He did a close attack from the right quarter. He rolls two crit/dam, a dam, and a blank. He uses Screed's ability to toss the blank and make the dam into a crit/dam, effectively giving him 3 of the same dice. So he then did three faceup damage cards to my ship, then we resolved the three damage against shields as normal. We both looked up after the smoke cleared, and we thought "this can't be right". Was this correctly done?
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