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  1. "Oh my god, this fu**ing white borders make me sick ! "
  2. Urban : Thank you very much for quoting this officiel answer. This answer is quite rough but apparently due to the fact that FFG is bored to receive lot of complains. People that play to Call Of Cthulhu really loves this game and don't want to stop playing. This people that supports the game and bring it alive just say what is the best for it (in their opinion). Uberursine : I don't say old things / the past are always better. I'm for the best, nevermind if it's old or new. For exemple, living card game format is a very good thing for both : - players : they are sure to have all cards with 3 packs, - and FFG : they are quite sure that each player buys 3 packs every month. Please continue to leave us your opinion and comments.
  3. In my point of view, white borders kill the atmosphere, the impact of illustrations and of the overall game. We can understand that white borders and poor quality pasteboard and printing permit to Fantasy Flight Games to lower costs but if that decision kill the game itself it's not the good way. I prefer pay 1 or 2 $ more for each Asylum pack but keeping the pleasure of diving into this so special and so dark atmosphere, keeping the pleasure of having so beautifull cards with high quality of printing and touch. If you want to promote the game you must create desire in (new) player's mind. I don't think it will be possible with a living card game that looks like and fells like a really cheap 52 cards poker games. Please tell us you opinion. Thank you very much.
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