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  1. This question arose during yesterdays game: are you allowed to use an investigate action if there are no clue tokens left (or even if there have never been any) at your location? For example to allow you to play cards dependant on that particular action, or, in this case, to activate an asset (Scavenging).
  2. I would love to see a smartphone/pad app where you input the required info and it outputs the AIs reaction!
  3. Much success today with these two, just alot of fun flying! N'Dru got Stealth Device because he always seems to die before getting a shot off, this made a big difference! N'Dru Suhlak ----- Lone Wolf "Hot Shot" Blaster Stealth Device Palob Godalhi ----- Recon Specialist Blaster Turret Calculation Engine Upgrade Moldy Crow
  4. Interesting that mostly everyone takes doubles of the same ship and upgrades, I feel there are some missed opportunities for fun synergies between different ships and pilots when doubling up. Double phantoms could be interesting to face though!
  5. As per the title, we've tried some games with two small ships and 60 points. Usually with alot of terrain, like two sets of asteroid all over the board.This seems to generate alot of fun pairings and unexpected card combos just for the fun of trying stuff out. This was fun: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel%20Alliance&d=v3!c=60!1:-1,78:-1:-1:;47:106,37,75:3:-1: What kinda list would you fly with those limitations?
  6. I have tried on several occasions to get some use out of these guys, but it seems they are just too hindered by move/attack restrictions to actually do anything worthwhile, even with officers backing them up. Has anyone had any luck with them?
  7. Agreed, Rancor on a 2x3 base for S&V, hopefully with a mobile Jabba (one of the few interesting additions to digital edits) and some Jawa thrown in as cheap troopers.
  8. A co-op system for campaign play similar to descent 2 so everyone around the table can work together!
  9. We played through the print on demand expansion House of Fears today. It was very enjoyable and a great thematic experience, however there are some questions that came to mind: Are the Lost Souls meant to be ghosts or insane but still physical former actors? There is also an option in setup about where the Lost Souls are heading, for example the dinner room, but then there doesn't seem to be a purpose to deciding where they are moving to? There are no rules that say they have to move towards there when activated through the Keeper card abilities. And no explanation why they are moving there? Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?
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