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  1. Hi, I would not worry too much, a lot of what was the original Space Hulk lore has now disappeared. Subsumed into the kiddie friendly marketing world of the modern GW. If you think of the movie Aliens, but put the colonial marines in Starship Trooper (the book) armour you cannot go far wrong - after all that is were GW got their inspiration from. The background fluff adds colour but is not necessary to enjoy the game - If anything in this case it might be hindrance when some fan boy keeps interrupting to announce that just would not happen (in his favouritesci fi/fantasy game) and throws his toys out of the pram - still another cheap deal on eBay? WilyC
  2. As mentioned, not for organised play, but for friendly games no real problems. You will need to sleeve the cards as the backs are different, and some of the mechanics such as Day and Night have not yet introduced into the lcg, Suppose it depends on where and who you are playing. WilyC
  3. I see where you are coming from, but in all honesty one of the plusses for battlelore is that it is not Warhammer lite. Now the game is under the FFG name hopefully we will see the development of more races and a coherent fantasy background (although as a light medieval game it is excellent). See Richard Borg's comments and desires in his post on this forum. To be honest I get an urge to develop the historical aspect to early pike and shot, using commercial figures, the C&C systems are that user friendly. Returning to the topic, race specific cards and lore would (IMO) lead to the trap Warhammer and that other GW game fall into, the never ending arms race that means you have to have the latest models/codex(army list) to be competative. In the end GW turns what was enjoyable games into money sinks. I would far rather have a few race specific rules to get the flavour of a force, thereby keeping the abstract simplicity of the original design. I have been a keen Warhammer player, but to be fair Battlelore and other "C&C" games (TIde of Iron is slowly reeling me in) get more play than the armies gathering dust on my shelves. Whatever you play it has to be fun, after all they are only games. WilyC
  4. I would suggest that you look for some of the Magic the Gathering sleeves, although not clear rather than plain backs many have "fantasy" type artwork. they are not that cheap but I think are more durable than many other sleeves on the market. At the other end try Ultra Pro Platinums for a clear, reasonably tough sleeve (Ultra pro also supply nice cheap deck boxes for a good storage solution WilyC
  5. Hi, I to have used Citadel primer, but remember to was the figures first in warm soapy water and dry before starting to spray. It gets rid of the "gunk" left after moulding and paint will take better. I use a technique similar to dipping but a little less messy, After undercoating I paint the basic block colours on each miniature and then after these are dry paint over them using the excellent "super shaders" from Coat d'armes. The dark brown is excellent for nearly everyone and the black used for the armoured stuff. It is quick and gives a really impressive look to your figures. After this has dried seal with a good matte or gloss varnish dependent on your taste. If you do take the painting step then you really need to invest in good storage (soft plastics will flake quickly if just thrown in the box). Hunt down any number of relatively good alternatives at your local DiY shop, or Craft outlets. WilyC
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