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  1. Still in Pre-Order in Amazon... Estimation is August. It is closing! I hope it is no hoax.
  2. I am also looking for this... Want to move Rogue Trader to DH2 rules set!
  3. Its quite late post reply, but i am buying tilesets from roll20.net that are downloadable and can be used freely outside of the platform. One of my favorite artists for 40k related tiles and others is Gabriel Pickard. The tiles are so detailed and high-resolution that you can make one that is 30x30 on 60x60 without losing the detail. https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/search?keywords=&sortby=popular&type=all&genre=all&author=Gabriel Pickard
  4. As a person who owns quite a lot of books for L5R RPG 4th edition and having a THREE game sessions (so sad), i welcome "reboot", since I will have fresh start and the ability to introduce single book to my gaming group.
  5. Valyar

    3rd Printing

    The amount of errata is no problem, if you have the FFG version of the book. I was DM'ing a short campaign that took 3 months and a half real time, and to be honest, at the end of the first month we all had memorized the errata. Because the changes are almost intuitive. And me and my group didn't have much experience with the rules and mechanics when we started. I think that third edition of the Dark Heresy is not necessary, Rather a REVISED one, as well as updated rules for weapon and armor (I feel DH lacking equipment (in case you don't use some unofficial fan-made appendixes), updated career tables and etc.
  6. What exactly is the problem? Be more specific, please. You can't load the file onto printer? Are you using some ancient device? I have printed it with no problems on Canon LaserBase MF3220.
  7. Maybe he is talking about Garret, the main protagonist in Thief games.
  8. Since I have Inquisitor's Handbook implemented with the first errata, my group wanders if same thing will happen to the core DH book.. Long story short, I ask if there is planned a second print of the rulebook, with implemented errata and advancement tables fix? Also, at the moment Inquisitor's handbook is out of stock, do you guys (pointing to the people who are from FFG RPG team) plan to reprting and implement the new errata? Like third print for Inquisitor's handbook?
  9. I was always fascinated by the post-apocalyptic genre and all kind of science fiction themes (Foundation by Azimov for example), and too bad the masses prefer some generic fantasy. Is there some .pdf on that Waste World, so I can check it out?
  10. I always prefer actual numbers instead such vague statistic.
  11. I have Two Weapon Wielder and Dual shot talents, and no penalty reducing talent as Ambidexterous or Gunslinger. When I use Full round action to use Dual Shot, i make single attack and if i hit, i do damage as both shots but reduce the Toughness bonus once. So far so good. I need some clarification here. The question is: do I get -20 penalty on the roll? My rule at the moment is that player, that use this talent in combat gets -20 penalty. Is that correct?
  12. Darkkami, I really liked your idea! I am playing D&D most of the time, but from time to time L5R and Dark Hersy. I will try to put here and there some small encounters to hook them and make them smile, then approach them with already made heroes (because I know nobody likes to read 1000 pages just to try one session) and suggest them to give it a try. I think your idea will fit perfectly into a modern game (using True20 ruleset or even Cortex ruleset!
  13. Replicant253 said: As far as I am aware the FFG 2nd printing contains the initial first errata changes, but does not include the more extensive and quite lengthy 2nd errata changes. This is correct. There is no printing so far that includes the second part of the errata. There is second printing of Inquisitor's handbook that contains all corresponding errata.
  14. I like the one below the colored green ork. The last one give me some mid `80 sci-fi feel, very nice! What you use for the drawings? Pencil?
  15. I also think that two separate forums are a bit much. One dedicated to that fan-"fiction, art and etc" would be enough.
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