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  1. In the full campaign mode, starting equipment isn't quite as bad as that, is it? The first encounter is always First Blood, and it doesn't matter if you win or lose. The goal for the heroes is to hit those search tokens and get enough gold to buy the proper weapons they need. Even if that doesn't pan out, a hero shouldn't really be without their favored equipment for more than a quest.
  2. At one point on New Caprica, I seriously considered executing myself to get out of the Brig. The card just says 'choose a character in the Brig...'
  3. Chiisaiakai said: BeriAlpha, as far as card colors I was thinking green and red as well, but also adding Engenering as positive to try and make it a little more even between the Cylons and the Humans. I still think Syragar was correct with using 2pts for every human and ship left behind because this would be a huge disadvantage and deterrent to the Cylon players who are limited to the amount of cards they can play during checks. I disagree, for the reason you stated - making it 2x would be a huge disadvantage and deterrent to the Cylon players. This is a valid strategy for the Cylons - wait until New Caprica, then jump the fleet too soon. The problem isn't that this strategy is possible, it's that it is automatic. Making it a difficulty 20+ check means that a Cylon admiral is forced to play loyally, lowering the difficulty until you get to the point where it's probably a good idea for a human to jump anyway. Ultimately, it shouldn't be the difficulty of the check that prevents the jump - it should be the other players. My concern with my own plan is that a loyal Admiral could get bad Cylons and a bad Destiny draw, and fail to jump the fleet. It could potentially mean an entire pass around the table before he can attempt to launch again. But hopefully someone has an EO in their hand. Engineering's probably a good add, though.
  4. I see the problem - it hasn't occurred to our group yet, but we haven't had a Cylon Admiral while playing Pegasus. If I do see the problem, I think I'm going to implement a skill check to jump the fleet, but I don't think it needs to be 2 * the remainder. My thinking is difficulty = the maximum number of human players on New Caprica (the maximum Morale loss, in other words) + the number of civilian ships still on New Caprica. That should give a difficulty somewhere around 5-7 for a loyal admiral, or as high as 12+ for a treacherous Cylon. The intent, of course, is not just to rely on the difficulty and Destiny to stop him - if the admiral tries to jump the fleet in an obviously suicidal move, the human players will band together to prevent it from happening. Right now I'm thinking Leadership and Piloting positive, everything else negative. (Politics, strategy, repairs, and treachery will all mire Galactica in indecision, and make the rescue take longer. Aggressive leadership and skilled piloting will make the escape succeed.)
  5. I wish I could take them down to just general statements. I guess they would be: "I have crippled an opponent." "I have a significant hold on Mecatol Rex." "I control a huge amount of territory." But I need to assign more quantifiable goals to those.
  6. I've been having some trouble with Secret Objectives in my games lately. I realized that maybe the thing to do would be to reduce the number of objectives down to 3. You see, I like the Secret Objectives - I like bluffing your opponents, saying 'oh, I'm not going to attack you', or 'just let me move in here for a second'. But I've found some of the objectives unbalanced, or just weird. So, with that said, I feel like the three categories of objectives are: attacking other players, controlling Mecatol Rex, and controlling territory. What would be your perfect objective for each of these categories? What three objectives would you suggest are equal in difficulty in most games? (Don't feel you need to limit yourself to in-the-box objectives, either.)
  7. Cool, thanks for the comprehensive answer! I guess the big issue isn't really mechanics, but dilution. It seems like the only thing I -need- to separate out is the Mythos deck - the rest just depends on how much I want a particular expansion's theme to come through.
  8. I'm sorting through the AH cards, and I was wondering: What cards are expansion-specific? In other words, you must be using that expansion to use them. For example, the cards in the Dunwich Horror Mythos deck are definitely specific to that expansion, because they reference locations that would not otherwise be on the board. On the other hand, it looks like all the cards in the Other Worlds decks aren't expansion-specific: you just use 'Other' if you're not in that location, and none of them seem to require elements from a specific expansion. Also, there are decks like the Exhibit Deck that are obviously expansion-specific. (Although even then, they're dependent on Encounters to cause you to draw cards.) Those are the decks I've looked through. What other cards are expansion-specific, where I -have- to make sure I pull them out if I'm not using the major elements of that expansion?
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