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  1. Control said: It's up to the GM based on what the wall is made of and how thick it is, then what kind of tools you are using or what type of explosives in this case. A krak grenade may have better luck making a dent in that 12 inch solid rock wall than a frag. And here I was hoping that I'm just missing some important page, because there are items definitely aimed at destroying objects (melta gel, melta cutter) in the books. Dictator said: You may use the following rule:"Each successful hit against cover that deals Damage in excess of the Armour Points it provides will reduce the cover’s Armour Points by 1. For example, a bolter shot that penetrates a light wooden door would reduce the door’s AP to 3." So, to tear down the whole wall character must reduce its AP from 16 to 0. But even single damage over 16 points will crack a hole. Then the difference between krak grenade and melta bomb will be in the amount of Penetration they have, not the damage they deal, right? That's probably the way to go. Or, alternatively, I can assume that an object has as many 'wounds' as it has AP.
  2. Good Day! I have a quick and rather simple question, which was probably answered not only on the forums, but hopefully in the rulebooks, but I can't find it. Is there any structure points other than AP of the objects? If a character is wiling to tear down the wall with explosives, how much damage does he has to do to the said wall? Thanks in advance.
  3. Is it me, or the form is malfunctioning?
  4. Brother Praetus said: There is. Ask for an official clarification on the matter from the Developers. Of course, realize that the staffers are all out of office until Tuesday and that you may have to wait until Wednesday for a response. When all else fails, and more than one party has a reasonable interpretation to the rules, ask the Devs what was intended. Embarrased to ask, but how do you ask them? Plain PM or is there a form to be filled in?
  5. And what about Swift/Lightning Attack? Can I make 2/3 attacks with melee weapon and make full-auto shot with auto-pistol, for example?
  6. Sorry if this question was already asked and answered, Can't get a hold of Search engine properly - it won't show me anything The question is about firing two ranged weapons in other then single shot mode. Dark Heresy Corebook says you can make full-auto (for example) shots wielding two weapons (p 197, firing two-weapons in different modes). But errata says on p 11 that wielding two weapons, you can make a single attack with each as a full action. This "single attack" is a single shot or a single attack in ane mode?
  7. thanks for all the links - both tables and this Eoris, now I just have to put it to good use!
  8. Ysalaine said: And, remember, there are no rolls for damages... the result of attack-defense gives you a % of your weapon base damages, and in the best case, it's already calculated on your character sheet. Yeah, keep forgetting about that... And it's quite new to me also
  9. llsoth said: Rogue Traders are retired high lords, lord inquisitors, etc. Major powerhouses of the imperium. They are allowed to do pretty much what they want, trade for xeno tech, etc because it is assumed to be in the interests of the imperium. In BFG they could even have xeno ships AND imperial navy ships in their fleets. At least that is the way it used to be. All of them? That seems unlikely to me...
  10. Great news! First of all, thats a release schedule! The exact dates may shift, but at least we know that there are something to look forward to, instead of just sitting and waiting if anything shows up. Radicals and Ascention are my favourite so far... But I want make any bets until I get the books. Bad news - still no "Tome of Corruption" and "Guide to Calixis Sector" for me
  11. I remember someone did a pretty good job of porting it to a d10 system. The high numbers were probably influenced by Anime. If you look at ccgs coming out of Japan such as Pokomon and Yu-Gi-Oh, you'll see that they all deal in high numbers. It makes sense - we all love to rank the character up to 99 level and make 9999-point-damage attack Ysalaine said: If you want to divide everything by 10 you can. Your players only need to raise their competences 10 points by 10 points. It's not a big deal to convert. Maybe for fumbles, as they work on 01, 02, 03 ? Fumbles will be one thing, the other - numbers like 45, which are abundant, if I get everything right, when we roll for damage.
  12. Thanks for the answers! The game looks much easier this way One more question - how necessary are hundreds? Almost all values deal in tens - 50, 60, 70 - or fives - 45, 55, 65. So, what the point of rollind d100 instead of d10? (I know thats more of a question to the game designers, but still )
  13. It's always frightening when the rulebook says that you'll need a calculator to play the game What bothers me is the amount of tables and charts. So, I calculate Final Attack, roll it, compare to the result chart, then go to the other chart, then roll again, the go to damage chart... How do you cope with that? PS: yeah, fixing fumbles was my first idea. The second was to correct Saves roll, stating that "you don't have to roll a save if your save value is higher than the difficulty" and not "higher by 50 points" - well, for obvious reasons
  14. Being essentially a "WH40K Roleplay", Dark Heresy is heavily inspired by all manner of cannon creatures - xenos, daemons, sorcerers and so on. It seems the most logical move - if we make a game about WH40K, there should be WH40K stuff in it. On the same side, we have lots of new xenos, the whole upcoming Creatures Anathema are not about eldar, okr ana tyranids only. It goes not only with xenos, but all other manner of thing. Even the Calixis Sector is brand new for DH. That is also quite easy to explain - making a game in a setting so huge and (at times) controversial in sourcebooks, it's better to start anew, especially if the game is played not only by Warhammer 40K fans, but by players new to the setting, who haven't read all that codi and fiction, don't have a 3000 point worth army in the closet and so on. So, there is a mix of "good old things" like daemons, eldar, nurglings and the like, and new ones. Keeping in mind that the best is always in the middle, and extremes tend to get... well... extreme, I want to ask - what do you prefer? The old canon stuff or the new one?
  15. I've been a fan of Anima Universe for some time now and when the game wasa finally translated onto English I was keen to buy a copy. But what I saw under the cover puzzled a lot... Apart from beautiful illustration, colourful seting and the like, the game mechanic itself gives me creeps. The only question that spring to my mind is: "is the game playable at all?" Do all these rules like "checking to get the result, checking for the severity of the result, checking for the result itself" are nesessary? To my mind a cinematic game (which Anima states to be) should have simple, dynamic rules, so that you don't have to flip a hundred of pages each time your character got hit. And Anima is one of the most mechanic-heavy games I've ever seen. To make it clear - I don't want just ti criticise the game pr drag about this and that being bad. I want to run an Anima campaign, but the sheer amount of rules disturbs me to the point of abandonning the game. Does anyone has similar problems? Maybe there are some house rules to lighten the mechanic? (A few modifications did come to my mind during reading)
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