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  1. Why?? Each year at least 3 of our stores in Quebec(Canada) try to have National for Cthulhu and others LCG. I was TO for Game of Thrones National last year (32 players! How much last week?). This year each store ordered game kit for CoC and others each time! We apply for Regionals and we got one for CoC. The only one for all Canada!!! We know that other store try to have one. Many weeks after one of our TO announce that our canadian distributor found another kit for Regional and send to them.... yeah 2 for Canada, but the second one will be after Gencon ( august 29th). We want National too, but no news from Lion Rampant, the only canadian distributor for FFG in Canada. A couple of months ago, they anounce that they (Lion Rampant) will held National for each LCG in two spot, Vancouver (Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Netrunner, Imperial Assault) and Toronto (Conquest, X-Wing and Cthulhu). Wow Vancouver is to far to go to play AGOT. But I reserved my week-end to go to Toronto. But some weeks ago, without say why, Lion Rampant cancelled CoC National !!!! Ok one of our TO from Laval asked for the kit to held the National anyway... but the response of them....... They never ordered National kit from FFG!!!! How we can keep the game alive?? What I don't know, with the info that I have I can't understand it! I'm a *&&?#??# CoC player right now!
  2. I didn't find my answer in the forum. Yog-Sothoth Ancient One Villainous. Invulnerability. Lower the cost to play Yog-Sothoth by 1 for each Spell card in your discard pile (to a minimum of 1). Unspeakable Ressurrection Spell Action: Choose a character in your discard pile with cost X or lower. Put that character into play. If I have Yog-Sothot in my discard pile, with ex. 6 spells card. Can I use Unspeakable Ressurection with 2 cost to bring Yog-Sothoth in play. Unspeakable Resurrection say cost, not printed cost? Thanks
  3. Il y a un groupe Facebook Warhammer pour Montréal et un également pour l'Outaouais
  4. If I play follower of the Two Gods in a conquest deck, Greyjoy as out of house. Did he have prized 1 if it is killed?? Text say "instead put it on the bottom of your deck" he is not killed... Right?
  5. I'm in contact with the store manager. I'll post here as soon as I have detail for Nationals
  6. Yesterday in a SC we have ( as TO ) to answer a question in a match. A players trigger an effect who target an unique Greyjoy character, I don't remeber wich one but the opponent argue that the Maiden's text say a character but not an unique character. We take the good decision we consider Maiden as an unique Greyjoy character.
  7. An extra question for Longship Maiden's Bane. When it is participating, it is a character but is it a unique Greyjoy character ?? Basicly it is a unique Greyjoy location. Why? Can we target it when we use trigger who target Unique character or Greyjoy Charchter??
  8. Seasoned Smuggler : Smuggler, Ally Prized 1. Response: After you win a challenge in which Seasoned Smuggler participated, choose and stand a prized card. Conquest : Text: When you announce your agenda, name a House. Ignore the out-of-House gold penalty when playing cards or placing setup cards with that affiliation. Your out-of-House character and attachment cards with that affiliation gain 'prized 1' while leaving play. Your out-of-House location cards with that affiliation gain 'prized 2' while leaving play. Conquest say that your cards OOH gain Prized when they leave play! Can you stand your OOH charactr with Seasoned Smuggler or not?
  9. 2 little question about new keyword "Prized" and new agenda "Conquest" 1) If I play Conquest agenda and I put in play a out-of-house character with a printed prized 2. He is now Prized 3. Right? Prized is cumulative? 2) The prized from Conquest is gained? If my opponent have the new Doran in play ( sorry no acces to database from work !) and I discard a out-of-house character for intrigue claim. He doesn't claim power for Doran's abilitie? The discarded card isn't prized! The cards gain prized only when they are in play. Right?
  10. If I have 3 "Royal Entourage" in hand or discard, I can trigger them 3. My opponent can play "He calls it thinking" but at the final my 3 Royal Entourage will be in play!
  11. If I trigger response on "Royal Entourage" from my hand after I play a Lord and my opponent cancel it with "He calls it thinking". My "Royal Entourage" go to my discard pile. Right? I can't trigger his response again from my discard pile in the same response. Right? Thanks
  12. You can't marshalling 2 unique character with the same name. If you have one in play the second "Rob" will be a duplicate of the first.
  13. Can I discard a duplicate with my Wintertime marauder? A duplicate is not a unique card? Text: Ironborn, Army If it is Summer and you reveal a plot card,kneel Wintertime Marauders. Response: If it is Winter and you win a challenge in which Wintertime Marauders is participating,choose and discard a non-unique card from play.
  14. I pass through the faq before to go here…. But notreading all just look at. The next time, I'll read before to ask!! thanks
  15. When my opponent choose his attacker and kneel it, they must have the icon for the challenge. But if Locked away is attached to one of these character and I kneel one influence to remove this icon. My opponent have to remove this character from the challenge or the character can continue the challenge because he have the icon before to be kneelin?? Thanks
  16. Hi guys. I'm a fan of this game but the player are rare. I try this year to organize the championship but nobody came! I live in Gatineau but I'm travel to Montreal for the jobs a few days in year. I'm in Montreal next wednesday. I'll go play to new Randolph pub. email me if you want play, I'll bring my deck. I have deck for everybody if you want. I have cards from core set to last asylum..
  17. I search for league play in Outaouais, Quebec, Canada. Or are they somebody ready to enter in a league in Gatineau area, I can suscribe to be a servitor
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