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  1. Like i said i was new to the rules just not rpg games in general. Thanks
  2. As I read the book the lines are never too clear on how to work with pistols in close quarter combat can they be fired at all or be only used as a club? Now I may be new to the 40k warhammer but I am not new to role playing since I have played Rifts, D&D all the way through and still play 4.0 and some 3.0 from time to time. You guys may have had the answers to this question in version 1 for all i know but it just seems to be a little unclear in version 3 so far for me. And when I get a chance I try to go online and play mostly Neverwinter Nights. Casba69 The Dwarf that loves to smash big hairy toes.......
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