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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for some good, reliable players for Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, or Deathwatch in my area near Williamsport, PA. Hit me up on here oremail me at jollyman247@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  2. The coolness factor for throwing people back from the force of the blast is mostly used in the Critical Effects table, where people are blown about from severe damage. I think that is also the Hollywood cool effect because usually in the movies bad guys getting shot and thrown around are dead. For normal shots (i.e., still have Wounds left) and such before Critical effects then I would say no due to excess paperwork as well as causing players to have to worry about standing and prone rules. Plus shooting prone enemies is hard so I would let them keep standing and taking it until its time for the Critical Effects to take them out.
  3. Reading some of the novels for Warhammer 40K I notice that the Adeptus Astartes aid Inquisitors when necessary but won't work for them per se. Many, such as the Space Wolves, distrust them and others like the Soul Drinkers are concerned as too what would happen if their background would be found out by them. Also, depending on the Ordo, some Inquisitors already have Space Marines: Malleus has the Grey Knights, Xenos has the Deathwatch (coming soon...WHEEEE!), and the Hereticus has the sisters, which is even a player class. So you could get Space Marines from almost any Chapter for some missions.
  4. I like that rule. I will have to add that to my games.
  5. I would like to see Squats and ogryns and such as the races. I know they are considered abhumans but you never know. Are there beastmen in 40K? I thought I heard of them being in an Imperial guard codex or something but I thought they were Chaos?
  6. Thanks to everyone for the input on this. i appreciate the help. I was reading one of the novels here recently and it mentioned the Navigator being locked in a chamber to pilot the ship through the warp for the journey. Is this true or can she do other things while the ship travels through the warp, like shipboard adventures?
  7. Hey guys, I have made the entire gaming group happy when we started playing Rogue Trader and it has been the only rpg that the group has continuosly enjoyed playing for weeks if not months on end. But asome of the games rules are still frustrating me and have me asking questions as well as my players.... 1. Why are there five rolls for the Navigator to make it to a destination? Our Navigator is frustrated because not only did a recent errata make some of the skills she build up worthless now, but the multiple tests raises her chance of failing one of the rolls. Is there something I can do to help alleviate this probllem and possibly take so much pressure off her dice rolling. I wiould like to keep as much of the system the way it is as long as it doesn't drive our ship prow first into something. 2. I noticed the long distance voyage rules in the game but I am not sure how long it should really take to get across the Koronus Expanse. She it be a few weeks to places like Solcae Encarmine or a few days? What about the Rifts of Heccatone? The book says things like from one end of asection to another is a week or two I think (no book handy), but how long is the Koronus Expanse?
  8. Does anyone know if they are working on any errata for the game? So far, I have not read too much that needed errata other than references for charts that don't exist or are numbered differently. I was just wondering if some may show up later.
  9. I did the street thing and I also used it to help the players get some of the info from the insert page about the planet by talking to locals. Also, how would you describe a duskdog and what would you price them at? Also, how the fight in the alley turned out, helped determine the Inquiry roll bonuses and/or negatives, depending on who they talked to.
  10. I had a guy who wanted to play a "Russian-born" character and, thanks to your many aids on another post, was able to help him get an idea started, but he wanted nothing more than to kill and destroy and pillage. When he first came to me, he gave me a quick alias background story but never ran with it in the game. Later, he insulted aplayer cause he was a former ganger, forgetting that his player had started as a Dross hound. he was soon targeting for destruction by other players when, as combat got thick, he actually lost 2 Wounds, first injury the whole chronicle. He turned tell and fled. he was an Imperial Guardsmen and a friend informed me later he should have been executed for desertion and, when I told him, his reply: "I would have liked to see them try!" Obviously he is no longer playing, and, unfortunately, we will soon be losing Dark Heresy due to lack of players.
  11. Blasphemous uses of an Emperor's Tarot, such as being used for card games. And/or using the Emperor's Tarot if you are a nonsanctioned psyker for scrying purposes as youare tainting a holy item with Warp taint. What about blaspheming or just speaking poorly of saints?
  12. I know if you look on Wikipedia and do a search for Imperial Quotes, you can find a good list, as well as buying a copy of the Infrantryman's Uplifting Primer, which has a few prayers and creeds the PDFs and imperial Guard memorize. (Most along the line of "This is my rifle. There is no other like it and it is mine" kindof thing.) Yes I know I butchered that line
  13. Is or was there a Russian background or planetary culture in the Warhammer 40K world? I know there was a "Russia" in Fantasy and I am interested in knowing if there is any Russian backgrounds in 40K cause a player wants to play a Russian bacground. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. I saw on the errata that the inquisitor's Handbook had a few mistakes in it (less than the mainbook), and it said they would be corrected by the 2nd printing. I was curious on when that might be and if the misprints were so bad it effected the overall content of the book to prevent it from being worth getting. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there any problems with the Disciples of the Dark Gods? I just got it and I wanted to make sure everything was good with it too. Thanks!
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