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  1. Well it's been long since i've been on here.I came to say,I'm back!!It fells great to be back!But my parents refuse to get me my kingdom hearts cards! oh well at least i'll find them 1 day.*sigh*
  2. Hey hope you have fun here.I'm new too and i don't have my starter set yet but i'm getting it soon and hopefully maybe we can be friends you know well anyway look around who knows whats going to happen.
  3. Hey i'm new too and i haven't got my starter set yet.(lol)but i'm getting it soon.(hopefully)Maybe we can like chat and stuff.
  4. Thanks that really helped me a lot.
  5. Thanks that's all I wanted to know and I know how to play but that was just a question I had.
  6. kingdomhearts12


    Well i'm hopefully getting my starter deck next week and i wanna ask like what cards would, like help me out.Also what kinda deck styles are there you know like speed and etc.any help would be appreceiated.
  7. I found a lot of kingdom hearts cards that have most of the 1 set but have some 2 and 3 set cards hopfully i'll get them here is the list. Base Set 1/91 Sora -Level 1, U, x1 2/91 Sora -Level 2, U, x1 3/91 Sora -Level 3, U, x2 4/91 Donald Duck -Level 1, C, x1 5/91 Donald Duck -Level 2, C, x1 6/91 Donald Duck -Level 3, U, x1 7/91 Goofy -Level 1, C, x2 8/91 Goofy -Level 2, C, x2 9/91 Goofy -Level 3, U, x1 10/91 Aladdin -Level 1, C, x1 11/91 Aladdin -Level 2, U, x1 19/91 Genie -Level 2, U, x2 20/91 Genie -Level 3, U, x1 21/91 Genie -Level 4, R, x1 22/91 Bambi -Level 2, U, x2 23/91 Bambi -Level 3, U, x1 25/91 Dumbo -Level 2, U, x1 26/91 Dumbo -Level 3, U, x1 31/91 Blizzard -Level 2, C, x1 32/91 Blizzara -Level 3, U, x1 33/91 Blizzaga -Level 4, R, x1 34/91 Thunder -Level 2, C, x1 35/91 Thundara -Level 3, U, x1 37/91 Cure -Level 1, C, x2 38/91 Pumpkinhead -Level N/A, C, x2 40/91 Lady Luck -Level N/A, U, x1 41/91 Divine Rose -Level N/A, C, x2 43/91 Shadow -Level 1, C, x3 44/91 Bouncywild -Level 1, C, x2 45/91 Soldier -Level 1, C, x2 46/91 Red Nocturne -Level 2, U, x1 47/91 Blue Rhapsody -Level 2, U, x1 50/91 Barrel Spider -Level 3, C, x2 51/91 Large Body -Level 3, C, x3 52/91 Sea Neon -Level 4, C, x2 53/91 Wight Knight -Level 5, R, x1 54/91 Gargoyle -Level 6, C, x2 55/91 Pirate -Level 6, C, x1 58/91 Traverse Town -Level 3, C, x2 59/91 Traverse Town -Level 1, C, x2 60/91 Traverse Town -Level 2, C, x2 64/91 Halloween Town -Level 1, R, x1 A Darkness Awakened 10/128 Beast -Level 1, C, x1 11/128 Beast -Level 2, U, x1 13/128 Hercules -Level 1, C, x1 19/128 Pluto -Level 0, C, x1 42/128 Gravity -Level 2, C, x1 45/128 Stop -Level 4, C, x1 51/128 Metal Chocobo -Level N/A, U, x1 56/128 Air Soldier -Level 2, C, x1 58/128 Bandit -Level 3, C, x2 59/128 Screwdiver -Level 4, C, x1 64/128 Air Pirate -Level 5, C, x1 65/128 Pot Centipede -Level 5, U, x1 69/128 Darkball -Level 6, C, x1 70/128 Guard Armor (Arm) -Level 5, C, x1 71/128 Guard Armor (Leg) -Level 6, C, x1 72/128 Guard Armor (Body) -Level 7, U, x1 73/128 Defender -Level 7, C, x1 76/128 Queen Of Hearts -Level 8, U, x1 86/128 Wonderland -Level 1, C, x1 89/128 Olympus Coliseum -Level 3, U, x1 92/128 Halloween Town -Level 3, C, x1 93/128 Neverland -Level 1, C, x1 95/128 Hollow Bastion -Level 3, C, x1 Light And Darkness 2/91 Riku -Level 2, U, x1 18/91 Phil -Level 1, U, x1 22/91 Geppetto -Level 0, U, x1 41/91 Magic Carpet -Level N/A, C, x1 44/91 Warhammer -Level N/A, C, x1 45/91 Herc's Shield -Level N/A, C, x1 46/91 Morning Star -Level N/A, C, x1 50/91 Gigant Shadow -Level 1, C, x1 53/91 Creeper Plant -Level 2, C, x1 54/91 Bit Sniper -Level 4, C, x1 59/91 Battleship -Level 8, C, x1 62/91 Olympus Coliseum -Level 1, C, x1
  8. Yeah I could've bought 1 set 3 card pack but I didn't have enough money!Well i'm getting my starter set in like 1 week or so.
  9. My favorite kingdom hearts songs are KH1 intro KH2 intro Sephiroth battle music and the last boss music also roxas's theme and the music when you battle Axel.
  10. Well i've seen how to play kingdom hearts TCG on youtube and i've got a questions.when your player loses all their HP you lose right?Also when you move and your supposed to add a heart point does that increase your player's hp?Also is there another way to lose heart points besides escaping?That's all for now.
  11. Thanks for helping me out.Well i'm getting some thursday if everybody doesn't buy them first.i'm getting my starter deck! Also I would never guess hot topic to have some in tyler there is a mall with gamestop and a hottopic in there.soactually in tyler,there is 4 stores that might have the cards.Also have you seen the new japanese card set for kingdom hearts TCG?You can have oh I think I didn't put this in my posts but i'm a kingdom hearts fanatic!But in the new card set you can have Sephiroth!
  12. Well I live in Grand Saline and i'm hoping to find some cards in tyler,mesquite you know some where.I found them on Brans and nobles and I hope to find them.(I just wish they were as popular as pokemon or any of the top selling TCG's you know)
  13. Well i really wanna get these cards but I can't find them anywhere and my mom and dad won't let me get them online so help me out?
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