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  1. Finally I received, and bought, my copy of Dead Stars. After read it, and the comments of this forum, it seems that the return of Haarlock can be good or bad. But, personally, as GMs, what do you think? If Haarlock can return, are you going to play it as good or as bad? I asked it because I'm undecided. I think that I will play it as neutral with its own agenda. Neither good or bad, unless that you are in its way. Kinai.
  2. Hi. After read the RT Core Book I have a doubt about the transfer of DH characters in RT campaigns. Let me explain myself. Suppose that you and your friends are playing a DH campaign. After a lot of sessions you and your friends achieve 15.000 XP and finish your DH career paths. Then your master thinks that you can continue the campaign toward RT with the same characters, only that your characters have to change to a RT career path. The doubt is, could the players buy the characteristic advances of their new careers if they already bought the characteristic advances of their old careers? Thanks. Kinai.
  3. Cifer said: Jaded can be a two-edged sword, especially if you don't already have the insanity points to get immunity to Fear 1. Well, I don't know if I'm too lenient as a master, or they had a lot of luck but I don't think that anyone has more than 10 insanity points. One of my players spent XP to low his insanity points. I suppose that they had bad memories of Ctuhulhu. Thanks for your comments, I will advise them to buy drugs the next session. Kinai.
  4. Cynical Cat said: That said, failing a Fear Test usually has fairly minor results unless you fail by a lot and then roll badly when checking severity. That's when you use Fate Point rerolls. Funny that you comment this. Do you remember the first encounter with a Dark Eldar in that adventure? With the Terrorfex grenade one of the guardsmen PC, the one specializing in Close Combat Weapons, blew it (97). His total in the Table was the "attack the nearest person". So this combat was Astarte vs Dark Eldar, 1PC vs 2PC. Kinai.
  5. Hi. I'm directing a game of Dark Heresy to a small group of my friends, only three players. By now they has played the Demo Adventure, the Core Book adventure and the first of the Purge the Unclean. They are two guardsmen and one scum of four-five level. The last weekend we played the first session of Shades on Twilight. After the game I asked them his opinion, I ever do this to know if I can improve something. His unanimous answer was: There were too much Fear Tests, and they were too easy to miss one. I only asked for the fear tests that the adventure asked. I thought to lower the penalizations because they are a small group, but I would like if anyone could give me his opinion in this respect. Thanks. Kinai.
  6. Zearoth Kilrathle said: Yeah, I didn't feature Brother Agamorr, the group has their own Astartes PC who's growing more pragmatic as time goes. He did lift objections to what was done, but is sworm both to secrecy and to serve the Inquisitor; if the information leaks I bet he'll be the culprit. How is it posible that your group have a Astartes PC? Kinai.
  7. The Baron said: The group that I co-GMed the House of Dust and Ash with had 16 people in it. They took on 3 waves of Wreckers and essentially were fully capable of brute forcing their way through everything. Enough said. I'm more interested to know how you can control a group of SIXTEEN players , than how this group finished the House of Dust and Ash. Kinai.
  8. Kruniac said: Righteous Fury is for everyone in my games. This isn't D&D. This isn't fair. You die in this game. You lose characters. It's -fun-. Nothing like an Ork with a Power Klaw rolling a big fat 10 on the damage. Instant decapitation. I mean unfair for the NPCs. I directed Warhammer Fantasy before, and I repeated the 6 for everybody, so... Kinai.
  9. I am directing a campaign of Dark Heresy. Recently one of my players has bought the basic manual of Dark Heresy and, after read it, he complained because there is an optional rule that NPCs couldn't repeat the "10", and I repeat each and every "10" that they draw. After read this rule, I thought that it was unfair, that is the reason because I didn't use it. But I would like to know if other masters repeat the NPCs' "10" or not. Thanks. Kinai.
  10. Hi. I think that the search option don't like me, because I don't find anything. Can you add the mono property to a power weapon? I suppose that you can, but I would like to know your opinion. Thanks. Kinai.
  11. Cifer said: That kinda sucked when while dodging a bolt round I rolled first the die for the tens and it came up 00 and I went "Yay!" and then the stupid ones die came up 0 too... Well, as a DM, I rolled a 100 in a strength contest against one of my players. What was the NPC? Why, the demon that appear in the adventure of the Dark Heresy Basic Book. Kinai.
  12. Thanks. You have answered all my doubts. Really I didn't check the Errata, because I didn't think that the answer could be there. Thanks again. Kinai.
  13. Hi. I searched the forum but I didn't find anything. So... One of my players has swift attack and, he wants to get two-weapon wielder, so... Will he have four attacks? Will he have six attacks if he gets lighting attack? Anyone can help me? What did you do in your sessions? Thanks. Kinai.
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