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  1. Will the Hardcover be translated and available for german buyers in any way?
  2. The "ouch" rubberband... "ouch"... it hurts, to see it "ouch".. digging into these cards... "ouuuch" But besides that I really like your work. Did something like that for the Elder Sign game.
  3. Can I increase to 1 click at a segment that has a "-" in the chart? Or does a "-" not allow any changes?
  4. Okay, now I understood. Thx for the answers
  5. Oha.. you must discard your whole hand every end of your turn? didn't understood it this way...
  6. In our german forum, there is a discussion about the translation of this quote in the rulebook: If the offense has no encounter cards (attacks, negotiates, or morphs) at the start of his or her turn, the offense must play (if possible) or discard any non-encounter cards, draw eight new cards, and continue his or her turn. Does this mean, that i HAVE TO play any non-encounter cards if I can play them and can only swap my cards if there are no cards left that I can play? Or can I freely chose to swap my cards, even if I could play some of them?
  7. I hope this Thread is not to old to dig it out, but I have to say something regarding the quoted example: I don't agree with this. Given this example we shoot into a melee fight. In case we roll just netto successes: We hit the Target. If we roll netto succs but a dispair: We hit the Target but something bad happens. syrath says, that an ally should be hit now. But that seems too harsh for me. I just wondered what would happen in the next worse case: We roll NO successes AND a dispair! That would be the worst case, but how to top the example above? Hitting two allies? Krit the ally? hit the ally and brake the weapon? Personally I think that the example given by syrath, should only happen in this worst case. We do NOT hit our intended target AND something bad happens. In this case I have the described scene before my eyes: I hit an ally. But when I roll successfull for firing at en enemy, then I should Hit that enemy, because that is, what I rolled for. I do not roll for firing blind into a melee and hoping for a lucky shot. That would mean, I have to roll a success AND a Triumph to successfully hit an enemy while shooting blind into a melee. Back to our example: I aim at an enemy that is in a melee with an ally. I roll successfully and therefore hit my target, the enemy. But something bad happens, and I think there must be a better conclusion that saying, you succeed in hitting your aimed target, but because of the despair-result, I alter the target, that you successfully aimed for. Why not let the enemy targets armor be higher than thought at first sight? So you still hit the intended target.... Or your ally pushes the enemy away just in the moment, he would have been hit? So he gets a smaller amount of damage. But without that unforseen action you would have hit him. You hit the point at wich you aimed, only the target is not there anymore The point is, that there is a possible much worse situation: I could MISS and DESPAIR. And for that case I think hitting the ally should be reserved for. what do you think? sorry for possible bad writing, english is not my native language
  8. dbmeboy said: DarkJamie said: When i use an objective to generate resources, it can't generate resources until the focus tokens are ALL gone, but can the objective cards use their abilities at that time? Or are they blocked until the focus tokens are gone as well Being focused only prevents cards from using abilities that require them to focus, focusing to generate resources, being declared as an attacker, and being declared as a defender (though those last 2 don't really apply to objectives). Where is that stated in the rules? I just found this point: "]A card’s controller may focus a card to perform an ability or take some other action. When doing so, a focus token is placed on the card." There is clearly stated that one must put a focus token on a card to perform an ability. And you must not put a focus token on a card where already focus tokens are present.
  9. Regarding a retreat-result on the dice, the rules say: "If the target was not eliminated when taking hits,…" Does this mean, an unit must take at least one hit to be forced to retreat when the attacker rolls a flag symbol? Or does taking hits even mean that the defender takes 0 hits? Or what when the defender is hit by one die result, but can avoid to lose a figure due to an effect (toughness i.e.). I do not find this rule very clear.
  10. Okay, thank you for the answers. It makes sense at all, I was just wondering, because having the possibility to do just... nothing, did not fit in my experience with AH.
  11. Yep, monsters on the location can be a problem, but imagine nmo monsters on or near the location. The investigator is sitting there in a really safe position. He has not the risk of encounters or monsters (except surges). The only risk is the time running out turn by turn, while he does nothing, wasting actions. But "sitting there on a location, doing nothing?" a "pro-investigator"-rule in Arkham Horror? Come on, you are even forced to buy something in the shops, somehow this investigator-friendly rule makes me nervous ^^ I assume that this is just your opinion and I would like to hear additional statements to have an overview of the common opinion. In my opinion the "may" relays to "he may close or seal the gate", not to "he may close or seal the gate or do nothing". Otherwise a "must" would have been a better choice than "may", in this case.
  12. When an investigator returns from another world and gets an explored-marker. The rules say: "While he remains in the gate’s location, he is no longer drawn through the gate, but may instead try to close or seal the gate" Does "may" mean that he must not either close or seal the gate? Can he simply do nothing at all und just sit there and wait for the perfect time to close/seal the gate? Perhaps waiting for another investigator in the same world or things like that?
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