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  1. I like the Catachan because of the vietnam/ desperation feel about them. fighting in a dense and dangerous jungle against unseen foes. But may be I like the old deathworld rules even better: No Commissars: What do you mean the commissar killed our sarge because we are retreating? Nobody touches our sarge. Raagh
  2. Some threats are hard to eradicate (like Orks and tyranids). I could think that they may use a planet that ones was invaded as their base of opperation just to keep the xenos in check. Also some xenos can be contained easier than others. eldar and Tau may try to escape the confines, this could lead to some serious trouble if their kin realises what has happened. Deathwatch has the Hunting Grounds on Watch fortress Erioch. These are chambers with different environments to fight against xenos from the prisons. (See Rites of Battle)
  3. A teleportarium is mainly a device to transport your marines. Since they are extremely rare I would not use them much. As such it is mostly a GM tool to get the marines at the place you want (a storytelling tool). I would not let it up to chance to have it destroy the whole story. If I want some freak accident with the teleporter then it is part of the story. Another note: too much use of the teleportarium has a too much Star Trek feel to it. In 40K the quick entry is the drop pod, otherwise the thunderhawk or sotrmraven is used.
  4. As a GM I like to get the characters out of their comfort zones. A Raven guard on a stealth mission is easy. But how do they fare when they are confronted with am ission where they have to attack or defend a castle? Or they have to lead Imperial guard troops against a Tyranid invasion? One of the first mission my marines got was a diplomatic mission (similar to the first mission in Emperor's protects). It created great role play as they tried to convince the local leaders to join in the defense of the planet, without smashing their heads in. I also think that a DW Kill team should be able to adapt to the situation. I do not think that these teams are focused on one style of approach and thus only suitable for one type of mission. From a roleplay opinion it would make it rather dull if you start your 10th scouting mission.
  5. I am not sure why you want to fix things. I find that the Ultramarines have their distinctive features . Are they arrogant? Off course they are. they are seen as the best of the best and that has seeped in. It makes them arrogant, but they are still seen as THE example of what a space marine should be. All others have their flaws or are derived from their stock. Off course that makes them arrogant. But from a role playing point of view I have no problems with that. Natural born leaders? Yes. Ultramarines are trained to work with others. While Space Wolves, Imperial FIst and even Blood angels are focus on their own chapter the Ultramarines tend to work well with others. It makes them natural leaders. they know the strengths and weaknesses of others and are able to use them. The codex is a tome written by a tactical genius. So while they are sometimes seen as arrogant everyone listens when these guys speak. From a roleplaying point of view I must agree that playing the other chapters seems more fun (each have their flaws), but actually they are easy to play. Playing an Ideal is far more challanging. I do not think the Ultramarines need a fix. If you can combine the arrogance with the ability to be a leader you can play a good Ultramarine in my opinion.
  6. Some notes ruleswise. If the team works well, they will use squad modes to the fullest. Against master type creatures with a high rate of attacks the shared reactions mode works very well. My own team uses this and is rather succesful with it (sometimes it annoys me as GM. ). Another important lesson is what happens before. Do they still have all their rerolls from their fate points. Are they wounded? etc. This will also have impact on how they apporach the final boss. Also I thought the servo harnass is only available at higher renown levels. A beginning team does not have the renown for it?
  7. I do not give the xp or renown values they get before the mission, only in the debreiefing after the mission is over. Also I usually send the players the mission briefing via email before the game. This gives them time to read through with the setting (planet etc) but also with the objectives and think on how they want to go about to accomplish the goals. I usually do not tell them how to do the things they need to do, only what should be the outcome. Example: On their current mission they are ordered to assist the crusade in conquering a planet. They must capture and hold a communications array. But alos to assist the vanguard assault as best they can. How they should conquer the array I left up to them. and they were quite resourceful as they used jump packs to enter the compound and as such leave most of the defences in tact for them to use later.
  8. As others said. If the story demands it go for it. In each mission its the trying to accomplish the objectives that should bring the challenge, not a single encounter. And unlike a D&D game here a chaos marine can be scary (and kill you) even if you are at rank 8. Also another thing to remember is the difference between troops, elites and masters. While troops and elites are seen fairly often its the masters they should be scared of. they are the end of level nasties. Since chaos marines (at least the generic ones) are fairly common . Especially in the Acheros salient, its not that uncommon to encounter some.
  9. Let us first state that there are no scouts in the deathwatch. Why not? the same reason as that there are no tactical marines in the deathwatch. Being a devastator, assualt, tactical or scout was what you were before you took the oaths. A deathwatch marine is required to be adaptive and change his style based on the mission. So when the mission requires brute slaughter the marines will take their power armour or even terminator. If it requires stealth they take the scout armour. It all depends on the mission and how they plan to succeed. you can have specialists, but in the end each marine must be able to do what is required. Secondly I want every one to remind them that becoming a deathwatch marine requires being a hero in his own right. So deathwatch marines have seen many years as a battle brother before they are even considered for the post.
  10. I let them roll as a group for all the characteristics. Then each may assign the stats as they see fit. This will give each character the same kind of stats.
  11. Nothing wrong with some extra gear for a librarian, but consider this: A librarian starts better than all the rest. He has his psychic powers (Smite is still a killer) and a Force weapon that can kill anything that he hits. So gear is not the main focus of a Librarian. To get similar results as a Librarian in combat other specialties need their gear.
  12. Not to throw too much sand in themachine, but I want to make some additions to Walt. I have seen that Troops in a horde of 30 to 40 magnitude are a challenge for one marine. So a an Elite with two hordes of Troops would make a fine encounter for a kill team of three marines. Masters is a whole different story. there are two kinds of masters. 1. The big monster. They are capable of killing a marine in one stroke and killing it requires some good teamwork to accomplish. Notable examples are Tyranid big boys like the Hive Tyrant or Carnifex. 2. The puppet master. while not good fighters on their own and some may not even be able to kill a marine, they have their minions to the work for them and make them stronger while he is alive. these masters are at the end of a long line of minions and at that moment the marines must be bloodied and hove no rerolls left. It is a good thing to remember that the healing powers in DW are far larger than in WOTC games. An Apothecary can almost always heal a marine to his full health after a fight. So you can send in more encounters. Suppose the first encounter is easy, you can send in more later, and you can build up the danger slowly. First they meet only some troops, then some troops led by an elite, troops with more elites, a group of elites and finally they meet the master, most of the times also flanked by elites.
  13. The Guardsman would be seen as a servant and not one who they would negotiate with. As a matter of fact the Guardsman speaks on behalf of the Kill team. Let the Kill team write down the exact wording of their request and see what they write down. The reaction of the Knights could differ. It depends on their own demeanor and on how well the guardsman can speak for himself. It is a request the kill team did. They cannot command the Knights. The Knights may want to speak with the Kill team. Maybe because they feel offended the kill team sent a servant or because they need more information on the problems and reasoning of the kill team. Either way you could crank up the pressure by having the planet lapse into new problems because the Knights are not there. All actions have consequences so sending the servant may not have been the best.
  14. My first question was to be. Why make him a psyker. But I read the backstory and understand. As he lacks proper training I would not give him psy rating higher than 3. Or you could give him the opportunity to take the psychic powers as a choice with a fixed psy rating. BTW Psy rating 2 is mentioned on level 6 and 7. The One Shot, One Kill option looks like a called shot. You could let him roll on the critical table instead. With either a 1d5 or 1d10 ) depending on how deadly you want to make this option. I suggest to make it a called shot without penalties and a1d5 on the location chosen. As it is a dishonoured knight I would let him be a black shield. And if his past comes out he will lose renown. That could become interesting if he has to work with another Ultramrine. Here is some info on black shields. javascript:void(0);/*1316775946563*/
  15. Its true the core rulebook has only a limited number of foes presented, but there are other books that have stats. A compendium of foes is of course 'Mark of Xenos'. It alos has stats for orks. Others can be found the 'Emperor Protects' adventure You can also take some creatures from the other lines like Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader. For Dark Heresy there is the 'Creatures Anathema' book, which lists some foes. The Dark Heresy Core rulebook has some daemons mentioned, which you could use.
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